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24 Jul 2017 12:33:20
Reports saying Sanchez hasn't asked to leave! Then let's start signing some player to convince him to stay.

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24 Jul 2017 13:52:39
Getting fed up hearing about Alexis this summer. Is anyone else?

24 Jul 2017 14:03:35
I know mate I'm actually praying for another benzema or higuin gate again.

24 Jul 2017 14:41:59
I'm happy to let him go - to an overseas side. I'm a little bored by his on field tantrums, and I would prefer players on the pitch who are committed to the team and not themselves.

24 Jul 2017 15:08:24
Urban will we even be able to field a team.

24 Jul 2017 17:22:06
Agree D, t would be hard.

24 Jul 2017 17:43:32
As long as we're not linked to someone worth talking about, expect the media to hound Sanchez to move on. Wishful thinking but the fact Sanchez has apparently not asked to leave could mean he's trying to force movement in regards to top talent coming in, basically forcing his ambition onto the club.

24 Jul 2017 17:50:37
d16 - I now what you mean, but if we signed Lemar and Carvalho and maybe A. N. Other, I wouldn't see us being undermanned without Sanchez. I certainly would not sell him to a domestic rival - and we don't have to.

24 Jul 2017 19:11:15
Yeah he is not asked leave but he ain't signing a contract extension either. I think he will sit it out this season and sign for City as free agent. If PSG or City are willing to offer 60Mill plus then yeah I would take it without hesitation but they ain't stupid and will offer 35mill max knowing he is on his final year. We will not accept that offer so it's stalemate. Maybe wenger thinks he can still convince him to stay further if we win the league but that is more hope than expectation.

24 Jul 2017 19:33:31
Man City have spent £120m on full backs in the last 10 days. ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY MILLION. ONE FULL BACKS. And we won't spent 30m on a talented young midfielder like Leon Goretzka. I understand we're not as rich as Man City. But we're Arsenal, not bloody Burnley!

24 Jul 2017 16:33:21
You might be fed up but it's happening and we need to address it.

24 Jul 2017 22:15:35
Granted yes but not 5 times a day 😂.

24 Jul 2017 23:24:14
Yeah that is true Ryan, he's certainly keeping his options open and if he does go for free end of next season with City or anyone else, he can get those 450/ 500 k wages just as Ibra did at United.

25 Jul 2017 12:45:45
D16 so the mahrez and lemar 15 rumours a days is fine lol I am half and half keep him or let him go, as long as we spend we will be fine.

25 Jul 2017 15:05:48
lol oh come on the mahrez and lemar rumours are Nowhere near as frequent. For me tho I say just let him go and put his money towards a cb and dm. Won't happen but 2 class players there will do more good then Alexis.

26 Jul 2017 13:50:58
Round and round the rules rumours go where he lands nobody knows :-)
Only a few more weeks to wait and find out :-)

24 Jul 2017 10:57:48
Thought I'd push my luck seeing as Ed002 has been kind enough to answer a few lately. No worries if not tho. I saw on the Liverpool page few weeks ago that arsenal wanted further discussions with Southampton regarding van dijk. Was wondering if anything came if this seeing as he has been left out of there tour. I'd expect if he moves it'll be to Liverpool but thought I'd ask.

{Ed002's Note - Neither Arsenal nor Chelsea has had any further discussions as they have been told he is not for sale. If that changes, Southampton know of the interest.}

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23 Jul 2017 09:56:06
Lots of conflicting info out there at the moment and its hard to siphon through the bs with regards to our club.
Someone is showing serious interest in Sanchez one minute, the next Wenger is moving to say he's going nowhere. Next minute he's looking for one hundred thousand per week extra on top of the already obscene amount he's been quoted as seeking and then finally its reported he was never in discussions and is still in Chile. I mean how do you begin to believe any of it, not least Wengers comments of him not being sold to anyone with his track record in the past.
Ox is similar, he's moving to Liverpool, he's moving to city (to presumably play carling cup) or he's moving to chelsea to warm their bench.
So ed 002 I have a different question for you and its this; allowing for the fact that vermin agents will leak misinfo and certain clubs like ourselves are wide open to click bait and hysteria surrounding fake transfer news, how is it that sports journalists can continue to operate at this level whereby there no longer has to be a link between the integrity of signing their name off on something and legitimate honest reporting not centred around insighting the masses of a certain club and absolute downright lies?
The media label it silly season and they should know, theyv made it so. I get the competitivness between rival outlets and the almost drug addict need they have to have an 'exclusive' but there's none of them with a shred of credibility at this stage, how has this replaced good journalism and if people like you and the other eds can relay sound information, even if it doesn't always develop into signed contracts at the end, then why can't these absolute frauds do their jobs and hope that their work is good enough to stand up on its own instead of all this contrived bullshit and double meaning headlines with nothing relevant in the article. Sick of it.

{Ed002's Note - It is a good question to ask and perhaps I can offer an example of "unsubstantiated journalism" this morning.

The true sports journalist is still out there - they will have good relationships with certain clubs and with many of the intermediaries (agents/representatives) that there are out there. Often they will get on well with certain players. These folks will not always get it right, but they should be able to more often than not confirm where there is interest in players and broadly what progress is being made toward agreeing any sort of contract that can see a transfer happen. However, with the world changing due to social media, Twitter, Blogs, Facebook and a whole host of new and often transient web sites that provide up to the minute breaking news and blow-by-blow accounts. The true sports journalist will take this with a pinch of salt, but others (I would never use the term but oft referred to as the writers of “lazy journalism” do). And the example is indeed Arsenal related (well sort of). A player who Arsenal were expected to make an offer for this summer, Naby Keita, has been reported as being subject to an agreement to join Liverpool for £74.5M overnight Friday/Saturday with the news breaking last night. The report has been picked up and is being repeated from the original source (Winner Sports) with compelling headlines from the Star and the Express. I am not a reader of the papers, well not the English press, and I had not heard of Winner Sports. So a quick check of their web site and it seems to provide links to gambling we sites, which seemed odd - just as odd as providing a price in GBP as opposed to Euros. So, where are they based? A quick check of their address of "22 Fleet St London EC4Y 1AA" (ignoring their" contact address) and suddenly there is a hint: Ye Olde Cock Tavern on Fleet Street – how apt. As an aside Arsenal don’t see the value in Naby Keita at anything like the figures being thrown around.
So as you suggest, there is a blight out there and this blight exists with the new style of reporting that is coming out of social media – the purpose of which really seems to be a place where you can keep in contact with old school chums, chaps you were incarcerated with and sharing photographs of your breakfast. Many football supporters are desperate for transfer news and will follow the slightest hint of their club buying a player like lemmings, believing every word they read. Where rumours persist of a player potentially leaving the club we get screams of “unsellable”, “he’s worth £100M” and “let him rot in the reserves”.

So what you need to do is find the remaining true sports journalists who won’t give blow-by-blow accounts but will be able to tell you, in most cases, where there is interest in a player. They won’t always be right, they won’t always have the sensational headlines; but they do offer up decent information.}

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23 Jul 2017 10:39:46
Outstanding reply Ed.

23 Jul 2017 11:18:37
Which is why this site is my first stop each morning and why I particularly enjoy reading through the other clubs pages.
To be honest i'm not obsessed with my football club spending obscene amounts of money on players just for the sake of it, what concerns me more, and has done for years is the day to day management of this club and how slow they seem to be with identifying and dealing with any problems unless money related, but that's a whole other conversation with many talking points.
I get that there are and have to be some good writers and reporter's out there who live off their reputation and integrity in order to get where they are or want to be but it seems so many now refer to unsubstantiated or second hand accounts from sources with agendas that don't necessarily lend themselves to honest reporting. if i'm honest it seems editors are encouraging this war of misinformation and sensationalism to just purely drive whatever medium it is their peddling it through and its creating an unhealthy understanding and realism for anyone willing to buy into and then debate it, I sense youv had a few of these debates yourself when having to answer to idiots second guessing things you or other eds have been good enough to relay.
Would you and your fellow eds not be better served writing your pieces in another form that is more informative than responsive to the likes of myself and fellow readers whereby youd be less susceptible to the opinion of ungrateful idiots deliberately trying to provoke a reaction and where you could gain a larger following? . as I've noticed before some bloke has even dedicated a facebook page in your honour previously. just a thought as this site must be time consuming as it is so would another platform not serve you eds better to get the points across and in turn create a base of loyal readers and followers as opposed to these trolls who only need one second to have the info were looking to hear restricted? . not trying to do away with the site we all love so if you get what i'm asking then alternatively do any of you write elsewhere in detail?

{Ed002's Note - I really don't want to get into answering such questions. I had forgotten about the Facebook page.}

23 Jul 2017 12:57:06
Great question and great answer.

Well done Shambo and Ed002.

23 Jul 2017 13:16:05
Wonderfully inciteful read Ed! I don't suppose you would be inclined to recommend any reputable journalists, who are actually worth the time of reading? Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - My great buddy Greg Palast is certainly a reputable journalist.}

23 Jul 2017 14:55:14
cool, i will keep an eye out for his articles, he writes for the guardian?

{Ed002's Note - He certainly used to - and Newsnighte - and some great books. Always buy the English versions as the US versions are censored.}

23 Jul 2017 15:17:28
cheers ed, i will have a look for them.

23 Jul 2017 15:42:35
So, on the back of the above - any truth in the Marco Asensio interest from us and potential big bud or just paper trash again.

{Ed002's Note - It is not new that Arsenal are keen on Marco Asensio but interested sides have been told he is not for sale - although there is a chance he may be heading elsewhere.}

23 Jul 2017 16:41:57
Thank you Ed.

23 Jul 2017 18:21:22
Does this mean as in Madrid would consider using him as a bargaining chip in exchange for someone like Dybala or lewandowski ed?

{Ed002's Note - Not them but that is a question they need to think about.}

23 Jul 2017 20:23:08
Ah, iv got you ed. were talking about Mbappe to Real with Asencio plus 70M to Monaco, and Real will then except our 70M bid for Benzema, it will just be a matter of agreeing personal terms and then offloading Gibbs, Chambers, Debuchy, Walcott, Giroud for the inevitable arrival of Mahrez as a second option to Lemar who won't be sold. Gotcha.

{Ed002's Note - I don't know - perhaps the "other" page.}

23 Jul 2017 20:53:45
Thank you ed, lovin your work.

24 Jul 2017 16:26:38
Ha ha. the Cock Tavern on Fleet Street is one of my lunch time locals. next time i'm in i will look out for the 'Winner sports' table! To be honest all the lies don't really matter when you realize its just the football pages, but the real worry is that those same lying scum are also doing it on their front pages.

25 Jul 2017 07:51:25
@ED002 the only Greg Palast I can find is a US political/ investigative journalist.

{Ed002's Note - Yep.}

23 Jul 2017 01:14:20
Ed02 any latest regarding a center defender signing for Arsenal? Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - I don't see that the club are any closer to finding someone.}

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23 Jul 2017 10:04:36
Bite the bullet and buy Van Dijk and offer Chambers as part of deal.

23 Jul 2017 14:58:24
we were heavily linked with him before he left celtic, how come nothing came of it then? did we think he needed to be proven in a tougher league? shame we didn't do what it took to get either him or manolas when we were linked and their prices were reasonable.

23 Jul 2017 03:25:48
Hi Ed. do you have any info on why the Gibbs deal was not accepted?

{Ed001's Note - Arsenal want more money for him.}

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23 Jul 2017 08:20:47
I hope W. Brom make another bid. I think Gibbs can get his form back under Pulis. Any thoughts on where Wiltshire will end up. THANKS.

{Ed001's Note - difficult one as there is not much interest. I know he is being pushed at the Hammers but Bilic is not keen. The owners are though I have no idea why, so they might decide to buy him late in the window regardless of the manager.}

23 Jul 2017 10:03:06
I live in Swansea. they will never buy, perhaps loan with a view to buy if Sigi goes to Everton.

23 Jul 2017 15:02:43
is bilic's job still under threat? seemed like he was getting a lot of stick, even having done quite well in a tough job and the payet saga.

{Ed001's Note - his job will always be under threat with those owners. They meddle constantly and it is the source of constant friction.}

23 Jul 2017 15:22:17
yeh i'm not keen on west ham, all the money available in football and they managed to swindle the deal of the century for their stadium. although its more the olympic commitees fault for not getting a better deal, can't really blame west ham for getting the best deal for the club, but i do! lol.

25 Jul 2017 01:46:30
From outplaying Xavi head to head, to rejected by West Ham. Ouch.

22 Jul 2017 23:40:37
Sanchez now asking for £500,000 a week from psg. At this rate by the time the window closes it will be a million a week. I do wonder a little because the same report said Sanchez was in Paris on Friday with his begging bowl, when he was actually in Chile, No doubt darning his socks because he needs the money.

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23 Jul 2017 00:18:15
As reported, if Neymar goes to PSG on £600k per week, Sanchez won't settle for a paltry £400k.

Maybe, as part of the transfer, we make up the other £200k 😁.

23 Jul 2017 15:06:59
and here we were all thinking it was just about him wanting to win trothies! asked too much for bayern, might ask too much for psg, maybe he is pushing to leave man city as the only option, but both you would think would be better options for guaranteed trophies than city.

23 Jul 2017 15:25:45
Or it could be absolute B. S. Eden.

22 Jul 2017 11:15:47
Ed. Is there any chance of Sanchez to PSG?

{Ed002's Note - Absolutely.}

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22 Jul 2017 11:45:14
Thanks for coming back Ed002. Do you think if a deal for Sanchez goes through it will be a straight cash deal or will PSG include some players in the transfer i. e. Aurier, Matuidi, Rabiot? Any response is appreciated.

{Ed002's Note - They may consider discussing players at the same time but Arsenal would have no interest in discussing players they are not looking to.}

22 Jul 2017 12:02:41
Thanks Ed, I thought we would have an interest in Matuidi but obviously not. PSG will have an incredible team if the manage to sign both Neymar and Sanchez.

{Ed002's Note - Sure but PSG has a lot of players they are moving on and if Arsenal agree to a discussion they will not want to complicate matters.}

22 Jul 2017 12:09:49
Ed not trying to push my luck here but while your available could I ask you if PSG securing Sanchez would in effect end their interest in Benzema and cut our competion for his signature down to just the Milan clubs? And do you think the lack of CL football would make Benzema less likely to consider us at all from what youv gathered? I know youv eluded to the fact that Real won't even consider his sale unless they secure Mbappe or Lewandowski but do you feel Benzema would be interested in joining Arsenal regardless as I find it a little bit of a stretch imagining he'd fancy the change of scenery.

{Ed002's Note - PSG want a "well known" French player and several fit the bill - MBappe, Benzema, Griezmann, etc.. Out of the options available and with other plans I suspect, with the baggage, KB is the least likely of these.}

22 Jul 2017 12:10:00
According to sky sports they will make a 35m bid next week. I hope we just laugh at them as we reject it. Last year in his contract or not I feel he's worth more.

22 Jul 2017 13:17:02
Ed002! Glad you're back!

22 Jul 2017 13:31:11
He's worth more to us. I feel he's going to stay.

22 Jul 2017 15:41:08
Anything around the 60Mill mark from PSG and would accept it tbh it is clear Sanchez wants to move on and being in his final year of his contract it is silly to lose out on such a fee and risk losing to a PL rival in City for free for the sake of one season when we are not in the Champions league anyway. I think keeping Shanchez against his wish will be bad for the team balance and I think he will get too greedy and selfish on the ball trying to sell himself too much.

22 Jul 2017 15:42:35
Sanchez or Ed002?

23 Jul 2017 00:27:30
id take krychowiak and cash.

22 Jul 2017 08:48:29
Any news on Leon Goretzka Edds?

{Ed002's Note - Leon Goretzka was of interest to Southampton but Schalke said they had intention of selling in the short-term but he has been reluctant to listen to offers of a new contract and they are now willing to listen to offers. Juventus are struggling to get their first choice option in midfield for this summer and are thought that they may be returning to Leon Goretzka - but have not made approaches to his club or agent. Arsenal might well look to him if they cannot get their preferred target. Spurs, Manchester City and Bayern Munich are also looking to Goretzka as a possible option.}

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22 Jul 2017 09:07:26
Do you know who arsenals preferred target is ed?

{Ed002's Note - We have been through all of this, Sergej Milinkovic-Savic.}

22 Jul 2017 09:07:59
Ed002, welcome back and thanks for the info.

22 Jul 2017 09:15:05
Sorry ed002, I must have missed that.

22 Jul 2017 09:28:26
Thank you very much Ed.

22 Jul 2017 10:29:31
Let's hope they don't get the first target then.

22 Jul 2017 10:49:59
Sorry Ed 002 but didn't Serjev only recently sign an extension with Lazio til 2022?

{Ed002's Note - Yes he did.}

25 Jul 2017 01:55:32
Goretzka is good enough to be the future of the Germany midfield. I don't know anything about Sergej but dubious whether he's actually better.

21 Jul 2017 22:51:55
PSG are ready to bid £70m for Alexis Sanchez and are prepared to meet his £400k-a-week wage demands.

PSG chairman Nasser al-Khelaifi believes his club have the upper hand in the Alexis race as Arsenal refuse to sell to Man City.

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21 Jul 2017 23:32:28
Can they do that without our; No my permission.

{Ed033's Note - When Emirates is ashes..., then you have my permission to sell.

21 Jul 2017 23:59:23
Ed 😁😁😁.

21 Jul 2017 22:23:57
Sky sports: Chelsea to make move for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain next week. Arsenal midfielder has told Wenger he will not sign new deal currently on offer.

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21 Jul 2017 23:36:30
Straight swap with hazard then.

22 Jul 2017 01:52:38
Feel that's fair Steve considering what they have both achieved internationally.

22 Jul 2017 02:17:35
You can keep him.

22 Jul 2017 05:29:57
If Sanchez is leaving, I think it makes it more important we keep Ox. Why would we sell him to a rival but not sell sanchez to city?

22 Jul 2017 15:22:32
well there is quite a difference in their quality!

22 Jul 2017 22:17:23
We would be helping city and skinning chelski.


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