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18 Jan 2018 15:36:07
Anyone know if Aubameyang agent has flown to London? A few rumours around suggesting he’s in London.


1.) 18 Jan 2018 22:29:48
I think maybe he was recently on some other engagement.



16 Jan 2018 18:28:37
Personally I think the Aubameyang is just a smoke screen and we are after someone else like draxler or Lemar.


1.) 16 Jan 2018 20:11:46
would settle for any of those 3 mate.

2.) 17 Jan 2018 18:12:59
Why would we need a smokescreen for two players we are regularly linked with?



14 Jan 2018 19:11:48
Rumour mill Malcom to be done tomorrow.


1.) 14 Jan 2018 19:20:47
Big bloody deal we get him for 44million? He has an average of a goal every 4 games in France bloody great how many young players does Wenger buy and fail? Too many, it doesn’t work.

2.) 14 Jan 2018 20:00:05
From what I’ve seen he’s a very capable player so for 44 million i would take that. You think Arsenal can still attract the world class players. I think buying players who are young but have world class potential is the best we can do. Or take bench players from big clubs.

{Ed001's Note - he is a winger and scores goals, the lad is quality and is likely to go to the World Cup with Brazil. Malcom would be a class above the rest of the players in the current Arsenal team, without Ozil and Sanchez. Not that that is saying much admittedly.}

3.) 14 Jan 2018 20:00:06
Playing at a team who sit bottom of the French league. give the kid a chance! You don’t get linked with top clubs for no reason and others, more appealing too have showed their interest! I’ll still be Wenger out but if we get Malcom and possibly Mkhitaryan then that with Lacazette if a decent enough front 3! Just need to sort out other areas too and sharpish!

4.) 14 Jan 2018 20:54:55
Hes supposed to be a 5ft 7 tricky winger, that " needs to work harder off the ball" he would not be a sanchez replacement. Mikytarian and malcom would make us very light weight with one being untried and the other not hacking it in the prem. Not really sorting the mess we find ourselves in. Malcom for the future but we need a massive injection to attemt to save the season.

{Ed002's Note - Malcom would be a Walcott replacement.}

5.) 14 Jan 2018 21:10:09
Theo was quality


Le Coq

Are you seriously telling me we should spend 40 mill on a player and give him a chance dream on. If he was that good he would have gone to a top club, currently we are NOT a top club . far from it.

6.) 14 Jan 2018 21:11:08
Then a bloody expensive replacement. how can he be a replacement for someone who doesn’t play lol.

7.) 14 Jan 2018 21:33:35
Banbury you're slagging off players who we could sign before they even kick a ball. I'm so thankful fans like you are a small minority.

8.) 14 Jan 2018 21:43:06
It’s the price for someone who has done nothing a goal every 4 games in a poor league . Name me our success stories when buying young players they are few and far between

40,000,000 come off it.

{Ed002's Note - He is not a striker.}

9.) 14 Jan 2018 21:59:40
D get real, he isn't slagging him off, he's making a valid point. Every player signed is a punt but the younger and less experienced is more of a punt. I want this malcom but he isn't going to dig us out of a hole this season, he ain't superman. We need far more than just a promising young player.

10.) 14 Jan 2018 22:08:38
Ed02 if malcom replaces Walcott then you would know who will replace Sanchez? Can u tell a name please thanks.

{Ed002's Note - I have explained where there is interest in the likes of Lemar and Lorenzo.}

11.) 14 Jan 2018 22:20:46
At last cheers Steve. this Malcolm boy will take a while to settle

D16 I love your 20 year plan lol.

12.) 14 Jan 2018 22:56:16
Who do you think the Sanchez replacement could be? If you know anything that would be great.

13.) 14 Jan 2018 23:14:02
Is Malcom likely to come? And has nothing changed from Lemar?

14.) 14 Jan 2018 22:33:58
I’m not slating your opinion on malcom. I agree he is young and not a big name but from what I have seen he looks a real player. My question to you is do you think we can attract the world class talent you are saying we need. My answer to that would be not at the moment. The club aren’t In a good situation and we don’t pay excessive wages so it will be very difficult to do so. So if I means taking a punt on young players who can potentially be quality then so be it. There isn’t many other options available.

15.) 14 Jan 2018 22:36:45
Some of you lot are hilarious. Moan when he does nothing and moan even more when he does 😂 And you said it perfectly, Walcott WAS quality. Malcom is a darn sight better than Wolly Walcott so don’t play him down before he’s even done anything! Hardly anyone knew of Asensio, Casemiro, Sergio Roberto, Rabiot and now they’ve all come in to big clubs and proved their worth! 💯.

16.) 14 Jan 2018 22:44:27
Haha Banbury what are you smoking. Too many fans are shooting down rumoured signings I see it on here loads. My 20 year plan. Just because I feel we'd be lucky to get Malcolm. No he won't be enough and we need more but he'd be a good signing. And you're talking about how many goals he has scored like he's a striker. Do some proper research then slag him off for how many goals he has scored. Apologises if I'm reading it wrong just seemed like a moan he isn't good enough before he had started.

On another note haven't we got new people sorting and looking for the players to bring in. Maybe things will change. So I keep telling myself lol.

17.) 14 Jan 2018 23:14:33
if malcom is replacing walcott that is a great start imo. massive upgrade.

18.) 14 Jan 2018 23:16:10
Lorenzo Insigne? Can't see Napoli letting him leave mid season fighting for the Serie A title and all that.

19.) 15 Jan 2018 04:00:17
His stats for the season are very similar to Theo’s which isn’t inspiring apart from he has played over 1000 minutes more .

I’m not saying he’s crap I’m saying he isn’t the answer and we need a bloody quick fix . Not sure anyone can see this but we are getting worse each season you can argue who is at fault all day long but we are miles away from CL football through finishing in the top 4. Other clubs are spending money on proven players we are gambling, someone else in a post threw names into a post . so bloody what, they weren’t at Arsenal were they, AW has not got a good record with youngsters in recent years .

{Ed001's Note - if you are judging by stats then you are wasting everyone's time discussing him. He is a young lad playing for a side with a complete lack of quality throughout that has much less possession of the ball than Arsenal and are coming up against comparatively stronger teams than them every week. Perhaps you should wind your neck in and try actually watching him play before you criticise him? If you did you would see why he is hot property, the lad has quality oozing out of him.

Admittedly he is not the answer, but only because you have 11 players on the pitch (unless Sanchez and Ozil are playing) who are not good enough. You all masturbate over Jack 'Loose Touch' Wilshere every week when he is not a Premier League quality player. He bumbles the ball about and gets plaudits even when he has had no control over the ball at all. Cech looks like he has forgotten how to play. Don't even get me started on Iwobi! If Maitland-Niles is a fullback then the world is flat and only made by aliens a week last Tuesday.}

20.) 15 Jan 2018 04:01:24

Just for the record I’m not slagging this lad off but why is he an upgrade what are you basing that on?

21.) 15 Jan 2018 07:38:47
Seriously ed001 reply of the week, this season is already over for us, top 4 forget about it and with the way and purpose we are playing EL soon we will be kicked out. So get malcom in grt him used a little to the PL now and have him ready for next season. A quick fix never going to happen especially with wenger in charge. For a quick fix you need a whole new defence and ship Iwobi and welbs as soon as possible.
Watch the kid he is way better than theo. State are misleading mate.

{Ed001's Note - thank you mate.}

22.) 15 Jan 2018 08:06:41
Really loved that reply ed. I've only seen him a handful of times but you can see he can be a star and I hope we get him. We do need more but least It'll be a step in direction. And as for your summary of a few of our players spot on. It baffles me every game I watch how they completely love everything Wilshire does. We must replace cech and how iwobi gets in the team I dunno. I could go on for ages with each player as I'm sure you could too.

{Ed001's Note - I really do not get the Wilshere love-in either. He is one of the weak links in a very weak side, but everything he does is greeted by paroxysms of delight by the commentators and fans. He gave the ball away and it was 'wonderful vision', despite it only being a 5 yard pass straight ahead that he messed up. I am not sure how much vision is required to see 5 yards, but I am extremely short-sighted and would still back myself to have seen that pass without my glasses on! He passed it 5 yards sideways and the commentator called it a 'lovely touch'. He bumbled the ball through their defence on the edge of the box, miscontrolling it and it bouncing around to ricochet through, but that was a 'fantastic piece of skill' according to Townsend. Sometimes you just wonder what people are watching!}

23.) 15 Jan 2018 10:26:29
Exactly ed. Is it because he is English and their was so much hope and potential for him. I agree with the bad touch. It's that reason I believe is why he gets injured so much. Bad touch then a crunching 50/ 50. Arsenal are in such a terrible state and of we're relying on players like Wilshire it's going to get worse.

{Ed001's Note - his first touch is appalling. He controls the ball so loosely that he is always overstretching himself when he has the ball. It is little wonder he picks up injuries when he is right at his limits of flexibility at the point of contact. He probably should have been sent to train in something like Karate to work on his flexibility, but football clubs very rarely think like that at the professional level. Though Man Utd are having to do so now, they even send youngsters to train in how to fall without hurting themselves because kids today no longer learn it through playing outside. You don't fall over sat on your arse on a games console!}

24.) 15 Jan 2018 12:10:40
Not going to go into depth, but completely disagree about Wilshere. He has a way of receiving the ball that turns his first touch into beating his man. Without Cazorla or Rosicky (or a top quality replacement, which we should really have gotten anyway, but that's another matter) Wilshere is the best ball carrier we have.

{Ed001's Note - no he doesn't. He has a poor touch that rebounds too far away from his body. I am talking about generally, especially when he is running with the ball. He lets it get away from him. God I wish I could get a pair of them Jack Wheelchair specs you lot wear all the time! You even manage to make his crap touch into an asset and suggest it is meant!

25.) 15 Jan 2018 12:23:29
Your a joker Banbury, you actually seen the kid play, or do you just go off that opta stat bull? A centre half who plays sideways 3 yrd passes, sign him up, he's the bollox! get outta here joker.

26.) 15 Jan 2018 12:54:01
Like Wire said Ed, I think you may have a personal vendetta against jack. Never seen you write so much hate about a single player. :D. Jack certainly stretches for balls he over hits which no doubt opens him up for injuries, but he’s very attack, direct minded like Sanchez which is class as putting the opposite team under instant pressure opens up gaps and brings on mistakes plus I think he just hasn’t had the game time yet to play the way his mind believes he can. Most players fighting for their place may play at times frantic and try do to much but he’s playing for a manager who doesn’t discipline a player for staying out late or rewards playing poorly with little quality like iwobi with more game time. We have a striker who could not stop scoring with both feet in the French league playing with little confidence, a shadow of himself. Basically what I’m getting at is I think jack is a quality player like a few other in our side (not world class) but just being managed by a manager who couldn’t teach a new dog tricks.

{Ed001's Note - hate? I don't hate him, just don't rate him. You lot are just so far up his arse for no reason that it is insane. So now you are making excuses for Wilshere being unprofessional because it is the manager's fault for treating him like an adult? Perhaps he should try acting professional because it is his career and he is an adult. No one to blame but himself for the fact he drinks and smokes too much.}

27.) 15 Jan 2018 15:08:20
I don’t think I like the tone of this thread. I’m struggling enough with the dross been served up and now my poor little jack is getting a bashing . Where’s the emoji with fingers in ears and lalala out the mouth 😂.



14 Jan 2018 19:08:15
I am giving Wenger till the end of the month to pull something out of the bag or its WENGER OUT for me.


1.) 15 Jan 2018 00:54:01
Tough one for me Jelfy. I'll never come out and say Wenger Out because of what he's done for us, but I slept through the Bournemouth game and checked my phone to see the score and felt nothing. I've barely even watched this season, have no attachment to a lot of these players.

{Ed0333's Note - I feel your pain mate I felt like that when Hodgson was our manager. Sometimes I even forgot we were playing things were so bad.

2.) 15 Jan 2018 12:37:14
The team he set out against bournemouth is a complete joke, this total italia bullshit formation ain't working, you got one centre half and two headless chickens running around him in chambers and holding.
worst thing is, this squad is an accumulative effort for the past 20+ years, and it's an absolute disgrace.

When we got lacazette, i thought we'd revert to the 4-2-3-1, naaaaahhhh forget that, let's just play some young wingers/ midefielders into wingbacks

how many times did moses turn him inside out at the bridge?



08 Jan 2018 23:23:27
Is le coq on the move to west ham?


1.) 09 Jan 2018 02:07:44
Valencia looking likely too. Good luck to the lad, I love Coq.

2.) 09 Jan 2018 08:23:54
I don't think you should be sharing that kind of information on here wire. Damn man! Keep it yourself, haha.

3.) 09 Jan 2018 09:58:13
I guess that did sound kind of lewd. What I meant to say was that I enjoy watching Coq, especially when he puts in rough tackles from behind. Definitely a really penetrative player on his day. Letting him go will be a mistake if we don't replace him, in fact I wouldn't even mind seeing two of him on the pitch so we concede less. Two Coqs at the same time would do me I reckon.




Jelfy's banter posts with other poster's replies to Jelfy's banter posts


14 Jan 2018 20:14:33
I know most of you have been Wenger out for years, I am now fed up a bit and think we need a change, it feels like I’ve cheated on my mrs I feel gutted.


1.) 14 Jan 2018 20:56:12
If you need to talk mate, message Steve.

He'll cheer you up 😊.

2.) 14 Jan 2018 22:04:43
Wenger makes me feel like my mrs cheated on me.

3.) 14 Jan 2018 22:45:23
Everything comes to an end jelfy. This happens to every club 👍🏻.

4.) 14 Jan 2018 22:48:34
Agree jelfy. I still feel some things I read from our fans are a bit extreme. But my faith has gone. I honestly believe he is an excellent coach and one of the finest to sit in our dugout. But football has changed and he has not moved with the times. Same reason I worry bout anchelloti. We need someone young with fresh modern ideas.



14 Jan 2018 19:04:22
How many times are we going to lose out on draxler?


1.) 14 Jan 2018 19:39:12
How many times have we actually bid for Draxler?

2.) 14 Jan 2018 19:48:27



13 Jan 2018 13:32:56
If Sanchez doesn’t leave does that mean we won’t do any deals this window?




10 Jan 2018 19:52:23
Weak team in the fa cup and puts a stronger team out tonite has he got the cups mixed up?




09 Jan 2018 23:04:42
Anyone think the new kid will start tomorrow can’t be any worse than the other cbs.


1.) 10 Jan 2018 00:57:24
I think the under twelves would be better than that lot.

2.) 10 Jan 2018 07:57:59
Has he left on loan yet. Or is about to. Can't see him playing.




Jelfy's rumour replies


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16 Jan 2018 18:24:11
Giroud plus cash for Aubameyang the rumour.




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14 Jan 2018 22:56:16
Who do you think the Sanchez replacement could be? If you know anything that would be great.




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14 Jan 2018 19:51:00
If he is utd bound martial better be coming our way.




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14 Jan 2018 19:05:44
Who do U think that player is steve be nice if it’s lemar or draxler.




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10 Jan 2018 17:29:11
He's injured.





Jelfy's banter replies


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18 Jan 2018 20:35:32
Looks like Wenger May have cocked pea up with his comments bvd chairman isn’t happy with his comments.




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17 Jan 2018 16:36:47
Yeah I know Alex but was just wondering what party didn’t want Aubameyang and what side does.




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17 Jan 2018 13:19:05
Who are the ones that don't want Aubameyang and who does? I am guessing Wenger doesn't and the two new backroom staff do?




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16 Jan 2018 21:03:33
The only way Wenger could save his job is to win the Europa league and Mickey Mouse cup, and that’s not personally that’s what I think would happen if he didn’t win anything and we are out of the top 4 I think he will walk.




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16 Jan 2018 21:02:04
kane will be gone in the next two years because you don’t win anything. never have never will fella.