22 Jul 2015 12:01:50
Eds Any truth in szczesny going to Roma on loan?

{Ed002's Note - Roma have said they are interested.}

1.) 22 Jul 2015
22 Jul 2015 13:48:14
Talksh!t are reporting that it could even be a 2 year loan deal, which would make a lot of sense to me.

2.) 22 Jul 2015
22 Jul 2015 13:54:11
Surely this will all depend on whether Ospina is ok with being Cech's number 2 as if not, and he pushes for a move out of the Emirates we'll need Woeful to hang around...

3.) 22 Jul 2015
22 Jul 2015 15:45:40
Easy gav, he was signed in the knowledge he'd be number 2, challenging for the number 1 jersey. He will still be doing that if he stays.

4.) 22 Jul 2015
22 Jul 2015 15:55:19
Haha Ed, very good :) If we could only use concrete stories from credible sources, this site would be almost redundant. This whole rumour could have come from the fact that Szczesny followed Roma on Tw*tter and all we can do is discuss the hypothetical effects it has on us as if it were all true.

{Ed002's Note - I have no idea what your problem is with my answer. If you don't like it, then skip over the posts. Idiot.}

5.) 23 Jul 2015
22 Jul 2015 20:26:16
It must be a luxury ed02 to be that blunt. Some of my blunter replys get edited.

Oh the perks of been an ed

{Ed002's Note - That would be because most of your posts are rubbish, nothing to do with being blunt.}

6.) 23 Jul 2015
23 Jul 2015 09:03:03
hi ed, do you know if it is arsenal preference to let opsina go due to shezza home grown status or is arsenal happy to do business for either keeper?

{Ed002's Note - I don't know what the club want to do but there is interest in both.}

7.) 23 Jul 2015
23 Jul 2015 11:31:15
I must admit Perfect I'm a bit confused by your post too mate? OK I know confusing me isn't the most difficult thing in the world but what have I missed about Eds answer that you seem to have picked up on?

8.) 23 Jul 2015
23 Jul 2015 16:14:03
Haha ed fair enough. It's hard to post without some level of biased and delusion 😜