30 Jan 2019 22:02:41
I see Rowe Smith is going out on loan to get some first team under his belt.

1.) 30 Jan 2019
30 Jan 2019 22:18:04
Great move for him and arsenal.

2.) 31 Jan 2019
31 Jan 2019 08:03:44
Excellent, I'm a huge fan players going abroad on loan rather than the lower leagues in Britain or worse still playing under 23 football where they don't seem to learn or progress much at all.
It's got to be much more exciting for them learning different things rather than Just gouge through the motions day after day after day doing the same old stuff.

3.) 31 Jan 2019
31 Jan 2019 09:02:36
Good little player and a great move for him. Keep him on his toes with some decent first team football and bring him back in for pre-season. If he copes well with it, him and Nelson could well be forcing their way in to the squad next season. I wouldn't be against Smith-Rowe having a full season abroad either though.

4.) 31 Jan 2019
31 Jan 2019 09:56:45
Good to see young players getting first team experience in a top league.