10 Sep 2019 15:41:30
Hello Ed's, any idea if arsenal are going to go back for Dayot Upamacano in January?

{Ed002's Note - I would not think there is any chance - I explained the cost.}

1.) 03 Sep 2019
03 Sep 2019 12:30:49
Hey Jim, 3 @ the back, Tor and Guen in front of them and 3 up front. That's only 8 outfield players, maybe I'm missing something. I too have run out of patience with Xhaka, I know he's supposed to protect the back line but maybe when our back line is more competent, our defensive mids will be able to do a better job. Who would want be goalie in this set up.

2.) 03 Sep 2019
03 Sep 2019 13:21:29
I totally agree Jim 3 4 3 is the sensible way forward given the players available at the moment.
Make sure you always start will 11 players by dropping Xhaka permanently.
Play 3 4 3 in every single game until Belerin and Tierney are both 100% fit and see if the players benefit from having a settled formation.
Decide your best 11 from currently available players and give them 4 or 5 games together and see what happens.
If you win 5 out of 5 leave well alone don't tinker fiddle or play about simply relax and enjoy.

3.) 10 Sep 2019
10 Sep 2019 21:58:08
Thanks ed.

{Ed002's Note - You are welcome man.}

4.) 11 Sep 2019
11 Sep 2019 09:12:11
That went off topic, but yeah, forget this 3 at the back total italia 90 nonsense, the only reason that came back was cos Conte went to that setup after we gave em a tonking. COYG.

5.) 12 Sep 2019
12 Sep 2019 00:57:03
3 st the back: totally whack.

6.) 12 Sep 2019
12 Sep 2019 14:55:51
I am also not a fan of the 3 at the back, because we still play two wingbacks not wide midfielders as part of the 4, so its a con, its not 3-4-3 at all, its 5-2-3. What you end up with is 3 central defenders still playing narrow and effectively marking just one center-forward, with a midfield two in front getting completely dominated and overun, which is exactly what our problem is. Also play 3-4-3 and you might as well send Cabellos back to RM, as he won't start in that formation? Much prefer the extra midfielder in a 4-3-3 with Ceballos mixed in with Torr and Willock/ Guen.