13 Aug 2021 13:12:26
Edoo2 are we in talks with Madrid to sign Martin odegard "spelling "?

{Ed002's Note - It is not quite like that but efforts are being made.}

1.) 13 Aug 2021
13 Aug 2021 14:24:52
"It's not quite like that" was in reference to the spelling of Odegaard :D:D haha.

2.) 13 Aug 2021
13 Aug 2021 15:12:23
Is it £42m they want for a player who can’t even get a squad number at Madrid? Didn’t exactly pull up any trees when he was with us before. madness.

3.) 13 Aug 2021
13 Aug 2021 15:30:07
While Willock won player of the month.

4.) 13 Aug 2021
13 Aug 2021 14:36:55
Thanks for the reply.

5.) 13 Aug 2021
13 Aug 2021 16:41:38
Exactly Arsenalex mate.
The guys done exactly what your supposed to do on a loan n more, haven’t seen stats but he was probly one of the best AM’s in the league second half of season, yet he gets sold by the club he loves.
He must be gutted the lad.

For a club that’s financially not in the best state we’re making some pretty ridiculous moves right now.

6.) 13 Aug 2021
13 Aug 2021 17:12:05
Not good enough for possession based football Je and Alex, doesn’t suit the system we play, why keep hold of him? £25m for a player that will probably never be good enough seems like a good deal to me.

7.) 13 Aug 2021
13 Aug 2021 17:57:59
Odegaard seemed very passive to me while here.
Doesn’t exactly grab a game by the scruff and I absolutely don’t trust Artetas judgement when it comes to identifying players to do certain jobs.
But maybe there’s a player there 🤷🏼‍♂️.

8.) 13 Aug 2021
13 Aug 2021 18:30:18
It might well be a good deal in the end. AMN wasn't sold when we had the chance and now we have no takers.

9.) 16 Aug 2021
16 Aug 2021 18:38:50
Heard Odegaards agents were in London yesterday thrashing out a 1 year loan with option to buy.