27 Jan 2022 20:24:15
Chambers gone

Thank god.

1.) 27 Jan 2022
27 Jan 2022 20:36:54
Didn't even hear rumours of this transfer happening. Kinda gives me hope of incomings now. As for Chambers, i am glad he's gone. Never really did much and it's another one of the wage bill.

2.) 27 Jan 2022
27 Jan 2022 20:50:35
Does any one know how much we got.

3.) 27 Jan 2022
27 Jan 2022 20:59:33
Bit harsh - he was a professional and did alright for us. Don’t understand people jumping on players just because they leave.

4.) 27 Jan 2022
27 Jan 2022 21:31:11
Would of rather kept chambers as back up to Tomi than Cedric. good luck to the lad, always professional and did a job when asked.

5.) 28 Jan 2022
27 Jan 2022 22:21:37
We got 2m for him.

6.) 28 Jan 2022
27 Jan 2022 22:52:15
Yep better than Cedric all day long But no one wants to buy Cedric I guess - figure that one out we’re left with the worse player hmmmm! COYG.

7.) 28 Jan 2022
28 Jan 2022 10:24:14
Must admit I really don't get the "thank god" comment.

I understand he was never a regular starter, but he always gave his best for the club, never embarrassed us, never complained, always played with a smile, and seemed to always get us out of a hole when he was called upon during injuries etc.

and much prefer him to Cedric.

wish him all the best at the villa, I'm not sure he will get much more playing time tho, but deserves respect from arsenal fans surely.

8.) 28 Jan 2022
28 Jan 2022 12:34:41
Well I cannot say that I am dissapointed .

9.) 28 Jan 2022
28 Jan 2022 18:39:42
I thought he was a good guy, always available, always tried his best and didn't cause problems. I'm going to miss him in the squad.

10.) 28 Jan 2022
28 Jan 2022 20:24:05
People do need to understand teams need a squad? Would I want him starting away to Man City. No, but then again whoever we pick we would lose anyway. As much as we would all like a squad of 22 world class players, it ain’t going to happen. Even if we were some kind of super rich club, for me, Any player not in the starting XI, by definition is not world class, as if they were they would be in the starting XI, or they are world class in their own mind, but are now majorly peed off and will quickly become troublesome when not picked. I think you need a squad of about 15 top top players, with other good players to back them up. Chambers and Elneny fit that template. They are not world class, but good players who know their place. No toys being thrown out the pram when not picked, but professional to the best of their ability when played. So am I happy seeing a squad that still contains Xhaka and PEA while Chambers goes, absolutely not.

11.) 28 Jan 2022
28 Jan 2022 22:12:51
Good luck to Chambers at Villa he only going ever be a a bit part player for us and has never really nailed down a primary position between RB and CB, jack of of all master of none situation which happens to a lot of players really. A good pro sure but we have held onto these types of players for too long in my view to detriment of us and the player really so time to move on and free up space and wages. If Saliba comes back (hope he is given a proper chance as being doing well at Marsille) we have 4 Cb's anyway so we covered there with Holding, White and Gabby assuming Mari will be sold at season end.