17 Aug 2019 13:35:26
Liverpool will be licking their lips at the thoughts of getting at our defence next week.
We absolutely have to improve if we are to progress as a team rather than just as individuals.

1.) 17 Aug 2019
17 Aug 2019 14:46:41
Liverpool’s defense hasn’t look so strong either. Should be a very exciting match next week.

Ozil going to have a very difficult time getting in the side with Ceballos here.

2.) 17 Aug 2019
17 Aug 2019 17:22:44
If we are not blown away in the first 20 minutes at Anfield next week it will be an improvement, if we get to half time and still haven't crumbled it will be brilliant and if somehow we can go into the last 10 minutes still in the game I will be very very impressed, getting anything out of the game is currently beyond my wildest imagination.