11 Nov 2019 18:34:28
So just to cheer everyone up I thought I'd mention the latest about our great club.

Torriera is apparently having discussions about his future at Arsenal, Lacazette and Aubameyang are looking at options and Bayern are interested in Leno.

Xhaka says he wants to stay and loves playing for Arsenal.

Best of all Emery appears to be going nowhere.

So it's not all doom and gloom. 😂😂.

1.) 11 Nov 2019
11 Nov 2019 18:52:09
Hence, why we need an immediate change of manager. Now is a good time, with an international break and the January window fast approaching.
I believe we need an experienced manager and the two that spring to mind and are available are Allegri and Mourinho. If Allegri speaks English.
If we don’t change our manager we stand to lose our better players, as I don’t believe Emery can recover from the damage inflicted recently.

2.) 11 Nov 2019
11 Nov 2019 18:56:03
I think the biggest disappointment is the decision is only to come once it's to late to change our season.
Once we are 12 points adrift with 25 or less games left to pull it back it will be pointless changing as far as this season is concerned, but of course that looks likely to be when it happens, nuts.
Anyone up for more Europa league football next season? Can't see Auba putting his hand up and the best of the rest won't won't find the prospect very exciting either.

3.) 11 Nov 2019
11 Nov 2019 19:04:12
Come on Chaps, Dick was never going to be sacked it’s far too early, and as I’ve previously said our star players won’t stick around - this could be disastrous and I’m not exaggerating.

4.) 11 Nov 2019
11 Nov 2019 19:36:54
On the bright side even if our better players do say enough is enough and want out we will still have a lot of young exciting players left and an opportunity to get the best out those who have struggled under Emery, Pepe Ozil Luis.
Klopp didn't inherit the finished article he's had to fix and mend along the way to where he and Liverpool are now, they have the best fullback paring in Europe who cost less than 500k for the pair plus as well as VAN and Allison who were big money buys.
It's not always who you inherit but about what you do with your inheritance, Jordan Henderson? N Nobody's most wanted list but is such an important clog in Klopps fantastic machine.

5.) 12 Nov 2019
12 Nov 2019 08:33:16
Thanks, Stoner mate I feel better now.

6.) 12 Nov 2019
12 Nov 2019 17:25:20
Hey MKD you’re welcome mate and the other thing I meant to mention was in his interview after the game how Chambers was talking as if we were the little team.

So at least we know the players have the right mentality, not! 🤷‍♂️😂.

7.) 12 Nov 2019
12 Nov 2019 19:08:59
According to one of many many stories Emery has 6 games to save his job, I'm not sure what that means, does he have to win all 6 or half of them or 1 of them? Who knows but if there is any truth in it what's the point?
If he fails during this period then our season will definitely be over so any action would be purely costume jewellery action rather than purposeful action for all the right reasons.
We have a clear choice do what gives us our best chance of saving our season or be seen to be really lovely club who only made the nasty horrible decision after exhausting every possible option.

8.) 13 Nov 2019
13 Nov 2019 07:13:13
You’d think United would have been a shining example of how not to do things after Fergie left yet here we are matching them stride for stride in inept leadership from the top.

Why is it that billionaire business who buy football clubs seem to lose everything that made them successful in their own field and become so hopeless in this one.

Would Apple keep employing someone who was destroying their brand. Would they even have employed this clown with his bang average CV.

Yet here we are keeping him in a job and telling him he’s doing a great job and patting him on the back WT actual F are they thinking.

9.) 13 Nov 2019
13 Nov 2019 09:52:14
It is difficult to understand why the club is so willing to accept the very highly probable outcome of standing by Emery (Europa league football) rather than gamble when there is absolutely nothing to lose by doing so.
We have to pay both Emery and Fredies wages for this season no matter what so financially it makes no odds who is manager of the two.
Would Fredie get us into the top 4? Probably not, will Emery? Almost certainly not! The players obviously aren't responding to Emerys personality and methods at all, would they respond to Fredies? We just don't know! Fredie of course would be a long shot to get us into the top 4 but Emery doesn't appear to have any chance left at all.
Long shot or no chance? It doesn't appear to be a difficult choice to me.