29 Nov 2019 20:57:59
Vieira, wo oh oh oh
Vieira, wo oh oh oh
He comes from Senegal
To manage Arsenal

Bring in Patrick, with Denis and Freddie to assist, and why not get in Tony and Martin to teach the defenders to - ahem - defend!

What could possibly go wrong?

1.) 29 Nov 2019
29 Nov 2019 21:10:07
Yeah give Vieria a a shot why not. I think we need somebody who understands the Arsenal DNA cause I think we have lost that identity.

2.) 29 Nov 2019
29 Nov 2019 21:52:11
Big Tony would certainly stop anyone missing Emery :-) I remember his interviews pre and post match when he was Portsmouth manager! What is Tony talking about? Was always the question on everyone's lips at the time, everything he said we like a cryptic crossword puzzle clue :-)

3.) 29 Nov 2019
29 Nov 2019 22:53:20
The only slight issue may be that he is not actually a good manager, based on the performance of teams he has managed and the current league position of his club, which I believe is just outside the relegation places?

4.) 29 Nov 2019
29 Nov 2019 23:05:31
Great players don’t necessarily make great managers, sentiment is nice but we are in danger of being a mid table side - experiments with novice managers isn’t what I’d be doing.

5.) 30 Nov 2019
30 Nov 2019 09:37:47
Bellerin socs holding/ luiz Tierney
Torreira luiz/ guendouzi
Pepe. Lacca Pea.