26 Oct 2020 20:09:43
It doesn't seem 5 minutes since Mikel was the bees knees. Surely things couldn't turn around this quickly?

1.) 26 Oct 2020
26 Oct 2020 20:25:01
We have no choice but to give him time Sally but I think the Ozil debacle doesn’t look good on MA, the PEA debate isn’t helping especially when we aren’t scoring - he had to get things right and soon.

2.) 26 Oct 2020
26 Oct 2020 20:45:11
4 points of the top of the league. Played city and Liverpool away

Crisis lol.

3.) 26 Oct 2020
26 Oct 2020 20:47:26
I'm happy to give Mikel time Oxfordshire, just hope others are too .

4.) 26 Oct 2020
26 Oct 2020 21:10:09
Next Sunday is huge, win at old Trafford and the mood will lighten but lose or even draw and play poorly and the pressure will really mount on Mikel.
People are quite rightly comparing him to Emery, why? Very repetitive poor performances he seems in cable of changing, it's not as though people didn't welcome him with open arms but Mikel is most definitely in danger of losing the fans and very possibly the players too.
If he has it in him to change he needs to do so quickly.

5.) 26 Oct 2020
26 Oct 2020 21:16:36
Thing is Malaga, despite the points, we all have eyes, and none of us can see any difference in our set up and style versus the previous incumbents.

What we can see is a manager sticking with players who cost the previous managers their jobs, but also a manager that has now got the players he wants, and addressed previous weaknesses. So fingers crossed he gets it right, and I really hope he will.

I think the difference with Arteta is that we can finally agree that performances are down to him, not down to the owners not spending, and not down to Mustaphi in defence or Xhaka in midfield etc.

6.) 26 Oct 2020
26 Oct 2020 21:40:13
I agree Epping, I get what Mals saying but we could be bottom and he’d spin it .

Huge pressure on MA for Sunday, defeat and he will have some questions to answer

Man U to win 1-0 with a penalty, what’s the betting.

7.) 26 Oct 2020
26 Oct 2020 21:43:20
More than happy to give him time but I’m more interested in seeing his vision, his starting 11, his style of play, his favoured set up. at present performance is more important than results, learning from mistakes and seeing constant improvement
My concern is - I don’t see him learning nor know his starting 11 or formation. as a result - performances are poor.
Results will follow
Clock is ticking but the quicker he gets a settled side and performance means more time.

8.) 27 Oct 2020
26 Oct 2020 22:20:44
Points per game we are on target for exactly 57 points and as much as we've played Liverpool and City away we've also played Leicester West Ham Sheffield United at home and whipping boys Fulham away.
We can spin it which ever way we like positive or negative but what is, is there for all to see.

9.) 27 Oct 2020
26 Oct 2020 23:21:27
I don't think fans are turning on mikel but he is not doing himself any favors. I do think most fans are supportive of mikel over the ozil debate but what irked most arsenal fans is the fact that we play such boring stale football.

Most arsenal fans are used to an attractive style of football under wenger. A lot of fans seems to be having an issue with that. Another issue has been the Saliba debacle. I believe most arsenal fans believe that it was a strange and wrong decision.

finally, another issue that majority of the arsenal fans I meet seem to complain about is playing players out of positions to accommodate inferior ones. Majority feel like Auba is wasted on the wing.

10.) 27 Oct 2020
26 Oct 2020 23:33:22
Arteta vs Emery after 26 Premier League games
Wins | Arteta (12) | Emery (15)

Draws | Arteta (6) | Emery (5)

Losses | Arteta (8) | Emery (6)

Win % | Arteta (46%) | Emery (58%)

Goals scored | Arteta (43) | Emery (53)

Goals conceded | Arteta (28) | Emery (37)

Shots | Arteta (247) | Emery (317)

Possession % | Arteta (52.1%) | Emery (57.6%)

Arteta might be up on tinkering.

11.) 27 Oct 2020
27 Oct 2020 01:39:39
As of the other day, Arteta had a 66% win percentage. We are dreadful from an attacking sense but everyone has said over and over again that conceding less was the first order for his job. I hope that this weekend was a wake up call for MA and we will start seeing more movement in the final third but things are hardly in terrible shape.

12.) 27 Oct 2020
27 Oct 2020 05:30:51
I like ma but just think we're boring to watch as do decent build up or pass and moving just hope it changes soon.