03 Apr 2021 21:57:17
So pissed off with this 1 step forward and 2 steps back.
Getting nowhere.

1.) 03 Apr 2021
03 Apr 2021 22:23:55
Very poor performance far too submissive and deep and let take Liverpool take control and never able to get out of that hole that we dug ourselves in then. Liverpool makeshift back Cb's not tested one little bit.

Arteta needs to decide of as stable first choice CB pair for me atm, that would be Luiz and Mari as first choice. Not perfect but the best we have right now. Garbriel for me is often too aggressive and tries to win the ball back when its simply not on so still has things to learn, but he is young and can be a top player in future. Holding Just don't think he is up to it and and chambers is not right back we need a new one as Bellerin ain't the answer either

Out midfield is often too passive and needs more power and aggression, we are still looking for our new Vieria that can grabs the game by the scruff of the neck and get the team going forward.

2.) 03 Apr 2021
03 Apr 2021 22:33:50
1 forward 21 back.