29 Apr 2021 11:45:39
Good luck to the boss and the lads tonight

Do us proud.

1.) 29 Apr 2021
29 Apr 2021 12:12:02
Looking forward to the game tonight.

Been counting the days down like a kid - it’s a huge game and it’s so nice to feel like it’s a super important game, a competitive game, a game that matters. I’ve missed that as genuinely the epl hasn’t mattered for years due to our standards.

I’m pumped! Come on boss, come on Boys! Come on Luiz if you are playing - I’m behind all of you for the badge! Screw who owns the club or the manager situation - it’s about the 🏆 🏆 - COYG.

2.) 29 Apr 2021
29 Apr 2021 12:21:48
Well said sy4.

3.) 29 Apr 2021
29 Apr 2021 13:00:09
Only way it should be! Well said COYG.

4.) 29 Apr 2021
29 Apr 2021 18:03:04
It's a no lose situation from where I'm sitting.

How can it be a bad thing for the fans to see their team to play in a final and possibly achieve champions league football for those fans to watch next season?

Equally how can it be a bad thing if we lose the semi final, resulting in no champions league money next season and that makes the Kronkee's even 1% more likely to listen to the consortium headed by an Arsenal fan, also if we lose the semi final it would leave a 10th place manager totaly exposed with nothing to camouflage his failings and brings about a change of manager under either the Kronkee's or better still the consortium.

For me it's a win if we win and a step closer to a bigger win if we lose.

5.) 29 Apr 2021
29 Apr 2021 19:52:56
Oh G62 you’re just dreaming, hoping and waiting for the day MA is in the dugout no more.

Looks like we maybe setup for a counterattacking game tonight. Interesting with Pepe up front looking forward to it.