02 May 2021 16:26:13
Nice win today

Martinelli is only going to get better and better.

1.) 02 May 2021
02 May 2021 16:50:53
Martinelli Teirny Saka ERS are the future mate, so much genuine young quality at one time is a very rare thing.

2.) 02 May 2021
02 May 2021 16:58:02
He’s Duracell isn’t he! Effort is 110% everytime! He should be getting a lot more game time then he is in my view, but maybe behind closed doors he’s getting nursed in slowly but surely.
He’s got the ability to be a superstar that’s fo sure.

3.) 02 May 2021
02 May 2021 17:32:12
Slowly for me, let’s not rush him.

4.) 02 May 2021
02 May 2021 18:15:33
As much as arteta gets stick for not playing him enough I do think it's wise not to rush him after all these little and one big injury. Far too many players we could name who had potential at arsenal who became injury prone.

5.) 02 May 2021
02 May 2021 18:28:29
I agree D

Look how Wenger brought in jack, Theo and Ramsey too early. They had nothing but injury problems.

6.) 02 May 2021
02 May 2021 20:29:07
Great result and well played Martinelli. Where was Balogun? Hopefully Martinelli starts Thursday with Saka at leftbsck.

Was it Wenger’s fault the utd player busted Jack’s ankle - McNair Nothing to answer for. Walcott wasn’t so bad except for Cruciate Ligament Rupture but was that Wenger’s fault also? Did he really overplay Rambo - he had some thigh and hammy issues. Something was up with Rambo, agreed but not sure if it was over playing him. Wenger overplayed Henry especially when we went 1 up front.

All 3 had serious injuries when they were young. plenty youngsters play plenty games and need to train, recover and treat their bodies properly.

7.) 02 May 2021
02 May 2021 21:26:32
Just one question, why was Martinelli less likely to get injured today than he would have been last Thursday when we were so short of forwards?

Our results with Martinelli and ESR are so much better than without them so why not use them when it matters most?
I just don't understand it myself.

8.) 02 May 2021
02 May 2021 22:39:26
We aren't the club physios 62 so who knows the answer to that one. Can't say one way or the other. Sometimes players just don't feel 100%, I know that's happened to me before even though I wasn't injured. Arteta came out pretty strongly in today's presser for Gabi so you can tell he likes him a lot.

9.) 02 May 2021
02 May 2021 22:42:42
This is the one big positive for me, the youngsters, and I think Arteta should run with it. Get Willock back, keep Pepe, sign Max Aaron’s ( assuming Bellerin is going) plus another couple of young promising players and go for it as a young team driving us forward with a higher tempo game. I really think he would get more leeway from the fans s well.

10.) 02 May 2021
02 May 2021 23:16:37
Hi Wire mate, I don't think the club physios are picking who plays where and when, are they? It would explain at lot if that's what's been happening all along 😎😁😀😁😂😃.

11.) 03 May 2021
02 May 2021 23:56:04
62 I remember Wenger talking about balancing players with their injury thresholds and how physios put players in 'zones' that reflected their fatigue and injury rates.

EG I agree completely. I would be chuffed if we could retain Odegaard too. Give me a team of Martinelli, Saka, Pepe, ESR, Odegaard, Tierney, Gabriel, bring back Saliba and Willock (and maybe even Guendouzi) , promote Balogun and Azeez. Keep some older experienced players like Partey, Mari, Xhaka, maybe Laca for the experience. I'd watch them all day long and twice on Sundays.

12.) 03 May 2021
03 May 2021 13:26:16
Wouldn’t take martinelli as the future yet lads, soon as a Spanish/ Italian team comes sniffing I think he’ll be off. Shame as it would be good to see him flourish in the prem.