29 Nov 2021 17:44:00
I said at the start of the season that scoring goals is going to be a problem and it’s proving that way - PEA surely needs dropping now I’ve said that watch him have a blinder Thursday

Not too concerned about what we have conceded as 9 were in the first 3 games and we have improved since then for sure.

1.) 29 Nov 2021
29 Nov 2021 19:30:55
Think Laca should be starting, much better outlet, and by far the better 9 of the two. Not too mention he links play a lot better.

2.) 29 Nov 2021
29 Nov 2021 19:53:03
Let Martanelli run at them through the middle, better to go for it with a guts or glory approach rather than simply melt into invisibility with Auba playing the part of the invisible man.

Up the Arsenal ?????.

3.) 29 Nov 2021
29 Nov 2021 21:00:45
I’m really not sure about Martinelli- I just can’t see him as a 20 goal a season man

Whereas an inform PEA you could see scoring a hatful, but he’s been miles off the pace since he signed that tiny contract.

{Ed014's Note - well as he never gets more than a game or part of a game in one go it’s impossible to know to be fair.

4.) 29 Nov 2021
29 Nov 2021 21:25:58
I agree Ed014, some gave Ramsdale a mighty ? without giving him a chance, most now would give Ramsdale ??????????

Why the change of heart?
He was given an opportunity and proved himself ????.

{Ed014's Note - perfect example mate, now give Martinelli a decent run of games and let’s see what he’s made of.

5.) 29 Nov 2021
29 Nov 2021 22:06:45
The trouble for me is that when we did play Martinelli up front his movement as a number 9 was poor. I saw nothing to suggest he knew when and where to hit the front post, rear post or hold back etc. Don’t know how much of being a CF is learned and how much should be instinct, but even if learned surely it happens early. I saw no movement from him that would suggest he will be a 20+ goal scorer a season, but then again if he can finish like he did at the weekend maybe where he stands is irrelevant!

6.) 29 Nov 2021
29 Nov 2021 23:11:54
We've given ERS Saka Ramsdale a a fair chance and mot regretted it, so why not Martinelli?

We've given Auba and Ode lots of opportunities with very mixed results, again why not Martinelli?

Maybe he will, Maybe he won't join Saka and Co given the chance but if we don't try we'll never know.

Well not unless another club offers him the opportunity before we do of course and he has to prove himself elsewhere.

7.) 29 Nov 2021
29 Nov 2021 23:15:35
If he doesn't drop PEA after last week, nothing will make him drop him, he has to make that call now.

8.) 29 Nov 2021
29 Nov 2021 23:34:17
Very true BUT I just don’t see him scaring top top defenders, yes of course give him a go .

9.) 30 Nov 2021
30 Nov 2021 00:26:35
I’m glad we’re having this conversation now even though I’m sometimes late to the show. PEA has been off it and found out by any good defender from last season. He was poor in preseason but improved on his pressing and tracking back from the first int’l break and now dipped again.

Martinelli might not get twenty goals in a season but his pace and movements will create chances for those running on in the middle where we lack goals badly to be a top team.

However, I have a gut feeling MA thinks Martinelli is not developed enough to lead the line week in week out. That’s why I feel he buy a striker when Lacca goes rather than promote from within.

10.) 01 Dec 2021
01 Dec 2021 07:31:20
I think you’ve hit the nail on the head Yardy, MA doesn’t think Martinelli has developed enough, he’s clearly got the ability but not quite ready for the PL.