23 Dec 2021 12:20:36
A little ditty in honour of 62:

? ? ? ?

Dashing down the pitch, our young guns have their say
Over the fields they go, laughing all the way
Boots are all on fire, making spirits sing
Oh what fun it is to have Martinelli on the wing.

Oh jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way
Oh what joy it is with Saka in our side
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way
Emile is on fire and can't wait for Boxing Day

? ? ? ?

Wishing all the Eds and posters a very merry Christmas and a peaceful and healthy New Year ?.

{Ed014's Note - haha love it! and Merry Christmas to you too Sally and hopefully you’ll have a great new year following the Arsenal! ?

1.) 23 Dec 2021
23 Dec 2021 13:47:08
Merry Christmas sally and ed14, have a good one and keep safe.

{Ed014's Note - and you Mal have a great one!

2.) 23 Dec 2021
23 Dec 2021 14:41:57
Brilliantly Sally, you've definitely upped the level several notches there ????

I personally think we should have a poster of the year award and you are most definitely my nomination Sally.

You are by far the most positive person on the site, even when things have been really bleak you've always found something positive, you've even tried to be positive about Josh and the board despite their attempt to form a breakaway league, you forgive and forget easy and always try to find the best in everything Arsenal and people in general.

I may not always agree with your opinions and optimism Sally but I most definitely admire you for it ?????.

3.) 23 Dec 2021
23 Dec 2021 16:42:33
Thanks 62, this is a great site and I really enjoy being part of the Gooner family :)
2022 is going to be a good year for our boys :)

4.) 23 Dec 2021
23 Dec 2021 17:13:33
I thought I was the most positive poster.

5.) 23 Dec 2021
23 Dec 2021 18:22:49

6.) 23 Dec 2021
23 Dec 2021 18:30:10
By the looks of things tonight, its looking positive for things finally returning to normal for everyone in 2022 Sally ????.

7.) 23 Dec 2021
23 Dec 2021 19:01:49
Sy4, how’s your dad? Wish him merry Christmas from me.

8.) 24 Dec 2021
23 Dec 2021 23:13:42
Thanks Mal. He’s good - so much quieter now and get confused easily but looking good. He loves his Arsenal - that’s for sure

Hope you and family have a great Christmas.