05 Apr 2022 04:26:56
Well. if ever anyone needed a reason to agree that Lacazette needs to be replaced there it was staring you in the face last night!
Absolutely useless.
Let's forget that we didn't seem capable of getting the ball forward let's not keep making excuses he is just shocking. I believe he's scored just one goal in open play in the last 5 months.
Which brings me on to Tavares.!
God help us with Tierney looking like he's out for the rest of the season and Cedric was a shambles too.
How in the world is this team ever going to progress in the Champions League with back up players like we have? That's if we make it into the top 4 to start with.
Arsenal were a disgrace last night. Let's not pretend they wasn't .
Crystal Palace were all over us from the get go.
I knew after 5 minutes that we were going to get hammered and Crystal Palace did a number on us pure and simple.
Also did you see our bench?

1.) 05 Apr 2022
05 Apr 2022 08:21:59
Cannot argue with anything you said ALLRED. We are a work in progress and with a exceptionally young squad and now picking up injuries at the worst possible time. In my above post you will see what I said about Lacca, but his lack of goals is worrying.
Getting rid of Auba was right IMO but not bringing in a striker was a mistake. Palace gave it to us big time and we couldn't respond.
It wasn't the result we wanted but it's not a disaster and Arteta needs to get them prepared better mentally for the games.
Saturday is a tough test against Brighton but we need to show our resolve and win irrespective of the score and put some pressure on the Spuds who kick off later against Villa
Have a good day mate COYG???.

2.) 05 Apr 2022
05 Apr 2022 10:39:22
I thought Cedric was our only player who played well. Get Tommy back and put Cedric on the left to cover Tierny. Tavares looks completely out of his depth.

3.) 06 Apr 2022
06 Apr 2022 05:40:41
Glenn…There you go you thought that Cedric was was our best player!
That probably says it all.
We seem to be a work in progress at every turn .
This seems to be a very long turning indeed.
Is it ever going to come to an end?