10 Apr 2022 05:13:47
Calmed down a bit since yesterday and having seen the var decision again Martinell was offside but apparently they were originally looking at a possible foul on a Brighton defender. That bit out of the way, we come to our display which was quite frankly clueless. I have been a big critic of Arteta but was warming to him, but the doubt remains in my mind of his ability to get us mentally prepared for this games. We were so far off the mark in the last 2 games against good teams who are out to prove a point against teams like us who are challenging for European places. I know some of us think we have over performed to get into a situation where Champions league is a possibility and that is true in some ways but to spend 150 mill in the summer surely that was the target. The lack of goals is becoming a real problem, don't have to be a football expert to work that one out. I have been very vocal in my support for Lacca who hasn't hidden or come out with any excuses fir his goal drought but surely Arteta has to now drop him and put Martinell down the middle or even Pepe. I read somewhere in the week that letting Auba go wasn't wrong but not replacing him was. We play Southampton next who will want to bounce back after that result yesterday so I can see another game where the opponents will be out to prove a point and Arteta will not prepare us mentally for it and we will be bullied and beat. Sorry for the long rant but I am so p. ed off to get ourselves in a great position and throw it away. Carry on like this and we won't even have Europa league and unless we toughen up mentally and start scoring goals the wheels will definitely come off
To all the posters and Eds have a great Sunday.

1.) 10 Apr 2022
10 Apr 2022 07:41:31
Wouldn’t disagree with any of that Bill, I was also warning to Arteta but I’m fast believing he can’t take us to the next level.

2.) 10 Apr 2022
10 Apr 2022 07:43:25
These last 2 games were crucially MUST WIN games. Should have been a nailed on 6 points.
Now! we have Southampton ( which in normal circumstances) we should brush aside but then
Chelsea, West Ham and Man United .
Top 4? ! We need a small miracle now.
With a team harbouring the likes of
Cedric, Lacazette, Lokonga hardly top draw CL players or even top premiership quality.
Our bench looks like a comedy.
Pepe on the other hand should use this time to prove himself as I have always thought he gives
100 %… Saka I believe will be off to a new club probably the next year or so great footballer but he’s going nowhere in this set up.
Arteta . Well I think Neville was right. How much can he do with what he’s inherited.? He will
Be off aswell I think. Another shocking dismal performance.

3.) 10 Apr 2022
10 Apr 2022 09:36:33
Pepe for me ALLRED has never really been given a chance.

4.) 10 Apr 2022
10 Apr 2022 10:15:39
I think Arteta is aware of what he's inherited and he's been part of clearing out the dead wood. The last 2 games showed the inexperience of our players and manager. Against Palace they seemed to think they could just turn up and win (it was a similar performance against Forest in the cup) , and yesterday there was some poor decisions by the manager- why start Xhaka and LB when we'd already lost our other best CM? Surely White could go to the right, Holding in the middle and Cedric on the left?
I think Champions League is a big ask but doable still- and that's not a position I thought we'd be in at the beginning of the season.
I'm trying to stay postive- this might not be the season for us but we are improving and the more experience our amazing young players get the better they will become, and Arteta has a vision I can get behind.

5.) 10 Apr 2022
10 Apr 2022 10:17:48
Love your positivity Glenn