17 Apr 2022 18:39:44
I don't do social media unless you class this as, so I wouldn't know what has been said.
We have been poor our last 3 games and the manager and team have to take responsibility. Yesterday we had 1 clear chance, after that it's was a lot of possession doing a lot of nothing with it. We have got a young squad but they are experienced young squad and quite frankly should be able to cope with the pressure. The last 3 games we have had injuries but imo on all 3 occasions the team that Arteta picked was capable of winning the game.
On the striker issue the blame lies squarely on the shoulders off management who spent the entire transfer window chasing a striker who was never going to sign for us.

1.) 17 Apr 2022
17 Apr 2022 19:08:12
Very true Bill, not sure what the club were thinking with regards a striker ……well they weren’t thinking were they? It’s a poorly run club and no one is saying “ what if “.

2.) 18 Apr 2022
18 Apr 2022 07:55:20
Guiameres would of been a good addition we well short with partey out….

3.) 19 Apr 2022
19 Apr 2022 04:33:12
We have had a striker issue for nearly 2 searches now.
It’s nothing new . we have scraped through games.
AUBA was les then useless and Lacazette worse worse still . Our real problem how I see it is that TOP strikers do not have any reason to play for us and it’s being going on for years don’t kid yourselves.
We are too unpredictable.
How long do you think it will be before the likes of Saka will be off to the likes of Man City, Bayern, Real Madrid etc … on about £250k a week wages and transferred for around £120million getting a cut of that too.
It could be sooner than you all think.