02 Nov 2019 17:17:48
Wolves have 25 shots at our goal, there is so much wrong with the set up it’s untrue, his ( Emery) substitutions are bewildering, I just don’t understand anything any more.

{Ed047's Note - I think it’s more than clear whoever he has to chose from he can’t organise them.

1.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 17:24:15
£72m winger sat on the bench and he bring on 2 kids. Not the first time this season his substitutions have cost is 3 points.

{Ed047's Note - Torriera off was certainly not what I was expecting

2.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 17:24:52
Very true, it would help if he knew his strongest starting xi.

{Ed047's Note - he truly doesn’t no a lot in my opinion

3.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 17:26:07
I don’t think Emery knows himself what he’s doing. Someone needs to step in and sack the useless t**t.

4.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 17:25:44
Ed are arsenal finally considering parting with emery?

{Ed002's Note - Nothing has changed.}

5.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 17:36:33
I saw an article today saying Arsenal already have a replacement lined up for next summer (not Mourinho) how true I've no idea but it would make sense of why the club isn't acting quickly and decisively right now.
Although there is nothing to lose by having a caretaker instead of Emery for the rest of this season.

6.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 17:37:29
Something needs to Ed 🤣. I don’t know how they can justify his continued employment.

Torreira had a brilliant game, as soon as he went off and the formation changed we looked poor. Can’t wait to play Leicester next week 🤦🏻‍♂️.

7.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 17:42:48
4 wins in 11 in the premier league and could be 6 points off top 4 by the end of this weekend. Surely the board can see he can't turn this around.

{Ed047's Note - I’m not sure he could turn his car around

8.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 17:56:15
This was ed02’s comments about Emery;

{Ed002's Note - Very quickly:
- Unai Emery - a mistake, way down the list of coaches wanted by Arsenal. Depending where they end up this season, he could be gone in the summer - potentially before with the club having taken a signifiucant financial risk which may backfire.

It’s not a moan (Malaga note) but he clearly is way way out of his depth and needs to go as soon as possible.

9.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 18:12:38
We need to hold on to our lead and he take of a defensive midfielder and bring in saka them we are 1-1 and we need to score to win and he brings in kola.
What is he smoking? This guy really can’t get it right. And he must be sacked, oh hold on that's wenger’s fault as ozil was playing. What a useless sh**t.

10.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 18:17:21
The players we have are the best squad we've had in years yet we look at our worse since the 70s, it doesn't take a genius work out where the problem is.

11.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 18:29:43
I agree 62 the squad and a excellent but it’s wasting away each week.

12.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 18:37:58
If we don't act soon the players will naturally give up and think what's the point then simply start going through the motions in order to get paid and suddenly we will have a brand new cosy club Banbury mate.

{Ed047's Note - fingers crossed they do it soonest.

13.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 18:46:33
Absolutely, our season can still be turned around if we act now.

14.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 19:33:45
I was under the impression this is his last year, but the club has an option to extend? If that's the case, get rid now, 'cos this guy ain't getting his deal extended.

15.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 19:55:14
If the club extend his contract we could ground share with Haringey fc and still have trouble selling out.

16.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 21:50:29
This time next week we could be 9 points off 4th going in to the international break.

{Ed047's Note - yep, I doubt we’ll get anything from the Leicester game and that’ll be 2 from 12.

17.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 22:34:58
And it's our favourite month too.

{Ed047's Note - ahh heck I’d forgotten that! 😩

18.) 02 Nov 2019
02 Nov 2019 23:47:27
2 points from 3 games and not a City Liverpool or Chelsea fixture in sight?
Relegation form what looked like a run of winnable games at the start of the season, what more will it take to open the boards eyes to what's happening or more accurately what's not happening.