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18 Dec 2019 21:55:50
Apparently City are surprised by the talk of us announcing Artetta as our manager when we haven't even spoken to them and agreed compensation.
Whatever has happened at Arsenal we used to be so prim and proper in how we conducted our business.


1.) 19 Dec 2019 11:17:19
This could be because the way they poached our players in the past. Pay back I guess.

2.) 19 Dec 2019 12:48:18
I doubt it but if so how old is josh 5?
City have well moved on from the Mark Hughes buy Arsenal days and have no interest in any of our players now days.
I'd incompetence was the more likely explanation than pay back.



10 Nov 2019 09:02:59
I'm not sure if Emery can't or won't change his ways but either way it's plainly obvious his ways his methods his tactics just aren't working at premier league level.
What would be the point in continuing with Emery few more games or weeks! What is going to suddenly start working that hasn't worked upto this point in time?
9 points over 26 games isn't impossible to make up but neither will it be a formality for a new manager either.

There are absolutely no guarantees that if we change managers things will suddenly come good but there is a genuine possibility they might under a different manager that simply doesn't exist under Emery.

We have a squad that has the quality in abundance we just need someone who can organise and motivate them into a cohesive team that functions to its full potential.
There is no logical reason to carry on with Emery, I've read people saying the club don't want to pay his compensation money and would rather let him see out his contact to save what a £3 millions pay off?

But that's just people being negative towards the board because I'm sure Josh and Co are more than capable of working out the financial loss of champions league football money v £3 million in compensation without the need to consult the world's greatest mathematic brains first.


1.) 10 Nov 2019 13:24:20
As usual, nothing to disagree with from G62. I have little faith in the board to act decisively. They have a history of dithering and fiddling while the team burns on the pitch. As you said elsewhere, the only language they understand is empty terracing. I would rather listen to us lose on the radio, than freeze my arse off sitting at the Emirates.

I would love to be wrong, but those hoping for a sacking on Monday. I wouldn't hold my breath.

2.) 10 Nov 2019 15:08:24
Hi Urban mate I think you've got it bang on, vote with you bum if your not happy and spend your time doing something that does make you happy until the club team and manager give you reason to feel they are your best way of spending your time and money again.

3.) 10 Nov 2019 19:24:06
I just don’t know how emery is making Managing Arsenal look like a difficult job? This season I honestly couldn’t tell you what system we’re playing. Yes Wenger was dated, but you knew what you was getting. A team trying to play possession football until an opening presented itself. Against Leicester, we couldn’t even string 5 passes together. No one knew where each other are, we got strikers playing like wingers, playing so deep against a team that plays with 1 striker. Emery isn’t connected to his players and he’s not connected to the fans. Sack this tactical fraud, leave Freddie in charge til we can get a manager with a clear vision.

4.) 10 Nov 2019 19:43:08
It's true ice mate we have no identity no structure no Arsenal way of playing that the players can get they're heads around and become comfortable with and most importantly good at.
Every game a different starting 11 a different game plan a different formation what chance do our players have? And of course they are only human so are naturally becoming deflated and losing interest and motivation to simply indulge yet more nonsense.

5.) 11 Nov 2019 09:58:15
Icy, you are so right. It was embarrassing watching us play what amounted to a back five against a side with a lone striker. And Gunner, spot on about identity, we don't have one at all. We even had one under Graham, albeit based on grinding opponents down and a very flat back four with their hands up every five minutes. I watched Liverpool yesterday afternoon, and even with some (one) lucky breaks, they looked every bit the finished article where we look pedestrian. The worst of it is, our front three/ four are the measure of anything Liverpool have got. But the rest is disorganised, poorly deployed, and yes, lacking any kind of identity.

The papers (I know) are this morning reporting the boards confidence in Emery. If true, I'm not surprised. Of course, we don't want a trigger happy board, but one season, and a third of this one, is enough to know. It could be a long frustrating season.

6.) 11 Nov 2019 10:25:20
In a game that’s about numbers and statistics, I’d be curious to know which one Emery is impressing in, that’s keeping him in that seat.
Ed any inside news on what’s happening? I just can’t accept the board are content with him because under him, Speaking statistically, we won’t challenge top 4 and we don’t want to bank winning Europe when we can’t hold a clean sheet.

{Ed002's Note - It was a mistake brining him in and as I said he was far from first choice. The club has gambled financially on getting in to the top four come the end of the season, and that remains the primary target. It is difficult to see anything happening before the summer when I suspect there might well be a change.}

7.) 11 Nov 2019 10:54:47
The papers are all quoting Ormstein Urban mate so it's a highly credible that is the boards position.
I'm pinning my hopes on the board using Ormstein as a deflection tactic and going to surprise us all as they did when they let the papers run with the "we only had 40 million to spend" story all last summer then bosh! broke our transfer record :-) I know it's not a theory you'd want to put your house on being correct is it :-) ?
Like you said yesterday mate vote with your bum and if your not happy with what's being offered simply don't accept it and find a more enjoyable way of spending your time and money, 20,000 empty seats is an extremely difficult fans message to ignore for long.

8.) 12 Nov 2019 06:49:18
I'm with you 62 fingers crossed 🤞.



08 Aug 2019 08:37:02
Arsenal and Chelsea have agreed an 8 million fee for David Luiz and Tierney will complete his 25 million move today also.

Where's Wesley? Could be a very busy day for you Wes mate.




03 Jul 2019 19:57:15
126 million for a 19 year old who has made 26 first team appearances?
I think we forget about the Lacasette to Athloco rumours now:-)


1.) 04 Jul 2019 09:27:33
Who’s that mate.

2.) 04 Jul 2019 09:29:36
Sell him for 250 mil.

3.) 04 Jul 2019 19:39:16
Felix Welsh mate.



09 May 2019 21:17:34
I know this week has taught us it ain't over until it's over but Valencia now need 4 in the last 30 minutes plus stoppage time, even we can't throw this away, can we :-)





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28 Oct 2020 10:06:31
The previously impenetrable Athletico concede another 2 goals ar home without Partey.
Be brave Mikel, Parteys got you covered.




21 Oct 2020 22:49:03
The notoriously difficult to score past Athletico concede 4 v Bayern
Does Partey make that much difference to a side? Let's hope so.


1.) 22 Oct 2020 09:51:07
No gunner even if partey was playing last night the score would be no different as bayern are on another level to anyone else in Europe now, I could see them winning the champions league every season for the next few years.

2.) 22 Oct 2020 11:32:21
I’d watch them then quaver, at least you’ll be following a potential winning team for once.

3.) 22 Oct 2020 15:10:00
We have more potential than your boys 337, we now have a fantastic squad with Jose with the best front 3 in the league and will cause havoc for a lot of teams this season, yes we were spursy on Sunday but we if we didn't take our foot of the Gas it would have been another man Utd result.

4.) 22 Oct 2020 15:26:12
😂😂 but you did cave in mate, if my aunt had a sex change she’d be my uncle but she didn’t.

5.) 22 Oct 2020 16:15:49
To be fair Raver mate I thought the invincibles wouid dominate for the next 3 or 4 seasons after the 2003/ 4 season but one defeat at old Trafford changed everything.
2 seasons back and City looked set time dominate but along came Liverpool who went on to be English European and World champions andwho themselves suddenly looked set to dominate but now after Vila and Everton suddenly look very beatable.
Things change quickly in football and it's always tough at the top, although I do appreciate with Spurs you don't have any personal experience of being at the top to draw from :-)



18 Oct 2020 21:46:37
Very early days I know but Vila couldn't do a Leicester and win the title the season after narrowly avoiding relegation by the skin of their teeth the season before, could they?


1.) 18 Oct 2020 22:32:36
Nah. They've recruited superbly though, Watkins is a player and Barkley takes lots of the strain off Grealish. Biggest factor for me though is that McGinn is finally fit again, his injury is what killed them last season.

2.) 19 Oct 2020 08:42:53
Bet the bookies don’t make the same mistake twice.



05 Oct 2020 21:04:17
Where is SY? Hope your ok geezer.




04 Oct 2020 16:07:24
What ever happens this season happens on Mikels watch, where ever we finish and how ever we play judge him honestly.
Take nothing away from him and make no excuses for him, it's his gig and if it's a flop or fantastic it's down to him.
We mustn't blame Stan for Arteta team selections, formations, substitutions or playing style, if he's good enough he will compare well in an honest evaluation and if he isn't good enough then Arsene Wenger replacement contestant number 3 please take to the stage for the 21/ 22 season.


1.) 04 Oct 2020 16:24:00
I agree mate

I will also say can someone come on here and tell me how that team selection is helping PEA bloody ridiculous.

2.) 04 Oct 2020 16:36:52
That is well said 62,very true and honest view of the present situation.

3.) 04 Oct 2020 17:14:07
Don't you think the board should take full responsibility for not signing a beast of a CDM.

4.) 04 Oct 2020 17:40:37
Surely it depends on whether any beast of a CDMs wanted to come to Arsenal Moe mate and whether we had the funds to pay the fees their current club wanted.
Take Partey for instance, what if he is he happy living and playing in Spain?
What if he and his family didn't living in London?
What if he didn't fancy swapping champions league for Europa league football?
Perhaps he didn't fancy working under a rookie manager but preferred to stick with the experienced proven Simeone.
There can be countless reasons a player doesn't want to move or doesn't want to join a particular club in a particular city or particular country
If the manager had wanted a CDM from QPR Watford Brentford or Millwall then I'm sure it would have been much easier for the board to accommodate his choices but players already at more successful clubs are not easy to entice away to a less successful club unless you offer absolutely crazy wages they could never get elsewhere and even then they might not even be tempted mate.

5.) 04 Oct 2020 18:34:08
The market didn't stop at either partey or aouar mate. If we have 30 mil to shop with why looking at 50 it doesn't make sense.

6.) 04 Oct 2020 18:45:29
I don't honestly know Moe mate, I used Partey because of the rumours but yes there are others we could have gone for, did Mikel not fancy others? I don't know.
All I do know is people love to blame the club board and Stan for everything, including our very various managers strange decisions team selections and formations.

7.) 04 Oct 2020 20:16:57
Hi guys ain't been posting for a while but reading a lot. As for Mikel yeah its his selections, but the past what 5 years have been a joke on players brought in and he can't be blamed for that.

This mess will take a season or 2. We've got players to shift out that cost far to much and couldn't hack the PL. The blame for that lays firmly with the Kroenke family for not managing the club properly.

As Ed 2 has been saying the backroom was a mess we can see just how much now.

But keep the faith guys onward and upwards.


8.) 04 Oct 2020 20:06:00
Good result.

9.) 04 Oct 2020 20:37:08
G mate, I'm not saying MA shouldn't be blamed if results didn't go well for his team selection and formation but we are crying out loud for a strong CDM and a creative player, so how can you put all the blame on him if he hasn't got the resources.

10.) 04 Oct 2020 21:13:03
Hi Saga so pleased to hear from you mate, how's life on sunny Cyprus? Keep safe mate.




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05 Oct 2020 18:32:00
This is all new to me but I'd have thought someone somewhere would have to inform Athletico or do they just have to put 2 and 2 together when they receive a mystery 45 million out of the blue at the exact same time one of their best players just disappears without explanation ;-) .
I don't understand how release clauses work but surely there is some kind of organised structure to the whole thing.




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05 Oct 2020 18:32:00
This is all new to me but I'd have thought someone somewhere would have to inform Athletico or do they just have to put 2 and 2 together when they receive a mystery 45 million out of the blue at the exact same time one of their best players just disappears without explanation ;-) .
I don't understand how release clauses work but surely there is some kind of organised structure to the whole thing.




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04 Oct 2020 00:11:21
So we fight for this super kid CB all last summer and celebrate when he turns down Tottenham for the Arsenal, we then loan him back to the selling club for a season but refuse to extend his loan so he can play in the French cup final, then he finally arrives at the Arsenal only to find he's not wanted by the new manager so is sent out on loan again! Wow what a gripping novel this would make, it makes the Clive Allen joining the Arsenal in June and being sold to Palace in August look ordinary.




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25 Sep 2020 21:44:25
Wow that's weird, everyone in the petrol station were saying exactly that earlier this evening mate!




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25 Sep 2020 17:48:54
Has Partey ever said he wanted to leave? Amongst the many many rumours I've not seen one where Partey has actually said he wants to leave Athletico. With all the buzz about what clubs want and what clubs are prepared to offer or accept the players feelings and opinions seem to get totally forgotten, which is strange when without their agreement everything else is totally irrelevant.





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27 Oct 2020 21:36:02
The problem is the managers would simply dodge interviews with the Paxman or Andrew Marrs type questioners we all want to see, they prefer the chat show type questioners that allow then to promote themselves.




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27 Oct 2020 20:24:45
Love it 737 your mind of boss mate :-)
As I told someone yesterday
" Don't keep putting yourself down all the time, give me a call and I will do it for you "




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27 Oct 2020 19:18:31
6 premier league games this season, which of those games were an enjoyable watch?
We beat Fulham Sheffield United and West Ham but didn't anyone feel really buzzed by any of these games?


{Ed047's Note - absolutely none! we’re a painful watch that is for sure.

The Leicester game the worst of the lot. Pitiful



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27 Oct 2020 17:34:02
I actually took the not very bright comment as a compliment due to my Mediterranean complexion and Latin looks, or did miss something?




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27 Oct 2020 10:50:53
No one understands it Banbury mate, like you say the only thing that makes sense is its where he wishes to play. He was in a very strong position in the summer so I'm sure he would have confronted the issue if he was unhappy with it.
Personally I couldn't care less if Pea plays in goal and Leno plays DM as long as it works and produces good performances and results but obviously niether of those things are happening with what Mikels doing so it's his problem to sort, if he's capable and if he isn't? Taxi for Mr Arteta please.