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11 Jul 2021 19:13:23
The local police have put out an appeal to the local community asking if everyone could please not commit a crime between 8pm and 11pm this evening.

Someone has replied saying
It's a deal and could you lot refraine nicking anyone from 6am to 6pm tomorrow.

Love it 🖒😊😆😆.




30 May 2021 18:57:52
Apparently there is a new bidder for taking over at Arsenal and she is able to offer The Kronkee's something money can't buy in oder to take control of the club.

The lady in question is probably the most famous Arsenal fan on earth and is prepared to offer Stan her extensive and prestigious London home in exchange for full control of Arsenal.

Not only is she a life long gooner also her grandson is too, and it's her grandson she wishes to run the club as he has suddenly found himself at a lose end and she feels running Arsenal will be a positive way of keeping him occupied plus she hopes it might encourage him and his family to return to the UK to live and unite the family which has been going through a bit of a difficult period lately.

No this rumour is not from the usual tabloid media and I didn't read it on twitter or Facebook, it was written in my tealeafs this morning and compared to most media outlets the teanleafs have a pretty good success rate.

Oh and if the deal goes ahead Stan is going to demolish Buck house and build a Walmart.




18 Dec 2019 21:55:50
Apparently City are surprised by the talk of us announcing Artetta as our manager when we haven't even spoken to them and agreed compensation.
Whatever has happened at Arsenal we used to be so prim and proper in how we conducted our business.


1.) 19 Dec 2019 11:17:19
This could be because the way they poached our players in the past. Pay back I guess.

2.) 19 Dec 2019 12:48:18
I doubt it but if so how old is josh 5?
City have well moved on from the Mark Hughes buy Arsenal days and have no interest in any of our players now days.
I'd incompetence was the more likely explanation than pay back.



10 Nov 2019 09:02:59
I'm not sure if Emery can't or won't change his ways but either way it's plainly obvious his ways his methods his tactics just aren't working at premier league level.
What would be the point in continuing with Emery few more games or weeks! What is going to suddenly start working that hasn't worked upto this point in time?
9 points over 26 games isn't impossible to make up but neither will it be a formality for a new manager either.

There are absolutely no guarantees that if we change managers things will suddenly come good but there is a genuine possibility they might under a different manager that simply doesn't exist under Emery.

We have a squad that has the quality in abundance we just need someone who can organise and motivate them into a cohesive team that functions to its full potential.
There is no logical reason to carry on with Emery, I've read people saying the club don't want to pay his compensation money and would rather let him see out his contact to save what a £3 millions pay off?

But that's just people being negative towards the board because I'm sure Josh and Co are more than capable of working out the financial loss of champions league football money v £3 million in compensation without the need to consult the world's greatest mathematic brains first.


1.) 10 Nov 2019 13:24:20
As usual, nothing to disagree with from G62. I have little faith in the board to act decisively. They have a history of dithering and fiddling while the team burns on the pitch. As you said elsewhere, the only language they understand is empty terracing. I would rather listen to us lose on the radio, than freeze my arse off sitting at the Emirates.

I would love to be wrong, but those hoping for a sacking on Monday. I wouldn't hold my breath.

2.) 10 Nov 2019 15:08:24
Hi Urban mate I think you've got it bang on, vote with you bum if your not happy and spend your time doing something that does make you happy until the club team and manager give you reason to feel they are your best way of spending your time and money again.

3.) 10 Nov 2019 19:24:06
I just don’t know how emery is making Managing Arsenal look like a difficult job? This season I honestly couldn’t tell you what system we’re playing. Yes Wenger was dated, but you knew what you was getting. A team trying to play possession football until an opening presented itself. Against Leicester, we couldn’t even string 5 passes together. No one knew where each other are, we got strikers playing like wingers, playing so deep against a team that plays with 1 striker. Emery isn’t connected to his players and he’s not connected to the fans. Sack this tactical fraud, leave Freddie in charge til we can get a manager with a clear vision.

4.) 10 Nov 2019 19:43:08
It's true ice mate we have no identity no structure no Arsenal way of playing that the players can get they're heads around and become comfortable with and most importantly good at.
Every game a different starting 11 a different game plan a different formation what chance do our players have? And of course they are only human so are naturally becoming deflated and losing interest and motivation to simply indulge yet more nonsense.

5.) 11 Nov 2019 09:58:15
Icy, you are so right. It was embarrassing watching us play what amounted to a back five against a side with a lone striker. And Gunner, spot on about identity, we don't have one at all. We even had one under Graham, albeit based on grinding opponents down and a very flat back four with their hands up every five minutes. I watched Liverpool yesterday afternoon, and even with some (one) lucky breaks, they looked every bit the finished article where we look pedestrian. The worst of it is, our front three/ four are the measure of anything Liverpool have got. But the rest is disorganised, poorly deployed, and yes, lacking any kind of identity.

The papers (I know) are this morning reporting the boards confidence in Emery. If true, I'm not surprised. Of course, we don't want a trigger happy board, but one season, and a third of this one, is enough to know. It could be a long frustrating season.

6.) 11 Nov 2019 10:25:20
In a game that’s about numbers and statistics, I’d be curious to know which one Emery is impressing in, that’s keeping him in that seat.
Ed any inside news on what’s happening? I just can’t accept the board are content with him because under him, Speaking statistically, we won’t challenge top 4 and we don’t want to bank winning Europe when we can’t hold a clean sheet.

{Ed002's Note - It was a mistake brining him in and as I said he was far from first choice. The club has gambled financially on getting in to the top four come the end of the season, and that remains the primary target. It is difficult to see anything happening before the summer when I suspect there might well be a change.}

7.) 11 Nov 2019 10:54:47
The papers are all quoting Ormstein Urban mate so it's a highly credible that is the boards position.
I'm pinning my hopes on the board using Ormstein as a deflection tactic and going to surprise us all as they did when they let the papers run with the "we only had 40 million to spend" story all last summer then bosh! broke our transfer record :-) I know it's not a theory you'd want to put your house on being correct is it :-) ?
Like you said yesterday mate vote with your bum and if your not happy with what's being offered simply don't accept it and find a more enjoyable way of spending your time and money, 20,000 empty seats is an extremely difficult fans message to ignore for long.

8.) 12 Nov 2019 06:49:18
I'm with you 62 fingers crossed 🤞.



08 Aug 2019 08:37:02
Arsenal and Chelsea have agreed an 8 million fee for David Luiz and Tierney will complete his 25 million move today also.

Where's Wesley? Could be a very busy day for you Wes mate.





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14 May 2023 10:14:33
Everyone hoping for Everton win or at least a draw today? It would certainly open up possibilities and renew dreams, well as long as we get 3pts v Brighton it would anyway ?

Absolute worse case scenario today would be for both us and City to drop points as this would most definitely reignite the angry dissatisfied Arsenal fans unhappiness, personally I just want us to get 90pts and I'd be deliriously happy totally regardless of anything City do or don't do.

Up the Arsenal ❤❤❤❤.


1.) 14 May 2023 12:21:12
I fear that Everton peaked too soon, but I'm pretty sure that ed25 is behind his sofa praying and hopefully Brazil will turn up again today.

2.) 14 May 2023 12:24:59
What does 90 points get us if City win all there games i don’t see what this 90 point achieves for us.

3.) 14 May 2023 12:30:15
90 points matches our best ever total, and allows the very unlikely possibility for city to slip up. It's the best we can do from here vodka, that's what it achieves.

4.) 14 May 2023 12:45:29
Hello everyone
90 points is great
90 points and prem winners is even better.
What will be will be
Come on Everton
Come on you Gunners

{Ed025's Note - lets hope so bill..

5.) 14 May 2023 12:47:22
I would forget about 90 points and try and go over if city slip up I wouldn’t put figures in players heads I’d say we need every game a win ( I havnt checked what that would get us it might be 90 or over) but I would say we need to win all remaining games and hope city lose or draw a few, and it’s possible as the have 3 difficult games starting today, didn’t the super computer say we win the title by one point hope he’s right lol have a great day everyone.

6.) 14 May 2023 12:51:44
Gunner 62 the only thing I’m unhappy about is the 2 games we should have won (liverpool I would have taken a draw at the start ) if we had won them we would have won the title I believe, and yes if my auntie had balls she be my uncle, before you come with one of you inspirational quotes, that’s my opinion.

7.) 14 May 2023 13:45:28
90 PTS is our maximum Vodka.

8.) 14 May 2023 13:59:05
That’s what I mean I didn’t check as I wasn’t sure mate.

9.) 14 May 2023 14:41:59
City 2-0, done and dusted.

10.) 14 May 2023 14:51:19
Looks that way SW doesn't it.

11.) 14 May 2023 15:10:52
Who cares about 90 points - we need to win and compete. I don’t care if we win the league with 85 points. Being the best that counts and not choking when it matters.

12.) 14 May 2023 15:15:04
Yep - they won’t throw a 2 nil lead away and instead crack on and score the all important bloody 3rd. True bottle.

13.) 14 May 2023 15:29:20
Exactly sy4 we chocked (bottled it ) what ever word people like to use, as I said if we had won those games we would have won the title.

14.) 14 May 2023 15:41:36
Still living the nightmare I see SY mate, I certainly wouldn't want you to by my boss mate ?????.

15.) 14 May 2023 16:00:20
But I thought you came on here and threw in the towel and conceded the title straight after we lost to Everton VM, surely for you anything that happened after that was totally irrelevant as you'd already given up on the team that night in February?

16.) 14 May 2023 17:20:56
You could say that but also ask how David Dein pushed Wenger and if he had a board or #2 pushing him harder after the Invincibles - could those later years been more successful? I would say yes and wish the board had backed him. With money like Arteta but held him more accountable for results / success…. I want us to keep pushing and learning.

We choked last year when the season heated up and done it again. Arteta needs to be more ruthless and positive like Pep - making better in game decisions. This was a golden chance missed. VAR didn’t help us but we needed thst cutting edge also. Still a good season but could have been great - we will drop lower next season if we don’t keep asking difficult questions of the team, squad, board and especially the boss. I want to win and we won’t with out being ruthless.

17.) 14 May 2023 17:37:00
How can we have bottled the league when we're still potentially on both for our joint record highest points, and to finish 4 points behind a team that took 6 points off us?

I know we were all excited, but be happy with such wonderful progress.

{Ed014's Note - just read this thread and it’s painful?‍♂️

18.) 14 May 2023 18:17:46
The unhappiness and misery we argue for most frequently and we defend our right to feel most passionately, will surely be ours to have forever more.



30 Apr 2023 07:56:08
2 more wins to mathematically secure top 2 finish but in reality we've probably done enough to secure top 2 already.

Not what we were dreaming of a few weeks back but still, an excellent season. Perfection isn't possible by anyone, the best anyone cam realistically aim for is improvement on what was before, and we've most certainly done that.

Up the Arsenal ❤❤❤❤.


1.) 30 Apr 2023 10:30:10
If City win both the league and the FA Cup we will play them in the Community shield 62. ?.

2.) 30 Apr 2023 11:28:22
I hadn't thought about that Sally, good shout. An early chance to see any new signings in a fairly competitive atmosphere against the team everyone has to get past to be PL champions 2023/ 24 ?.

3.) 30 Apr 2023 16:28:07
Good afternoon all Ed’s and fellow gunners. Hope alls well. hi g62 totally agree with post. Massive progress on last season. We’ve just got to dust ourselves off, put the city game firmly behind us. and get back at it, …starting at home Tuesday night against Chelsea. because the way Newcastle and man utd are picking up points at the moment. we’ve definitely got to get those wins needed. as soon as possible. COME ON YOU GUNNERS ?⚪️ ONE TEAM/ ONE❤️ ✌?& ?? fellow guns.

{Ed014's Note - I see City we’re already celebrating winning the league earlier?

4.) 30 Apr 2023 17:10:03
Hi Gabi, Liverpool and Brighton looking good for 5 and 6th place and Europa league places while Vila Spurs and Brentford going to fighting for 7th and the Europa B league plac. I personally think if we haven't already clinched 2nd with 75 points one more win and 78 points will do the job quite nicely.

I'd absolutely love to see us win our last 5 and get 90 points equaling our best ever total, and whose to say a win on Tuesday against Chelsea wouldn't reignite our conference and see us rediscover our winning form ????.

5.) 30 Apr 2023 17:18:38
Really Ed
Has Richard Keyes been informed of this.

{Ed014's Note - not sure Bill but they were all celebrating on the pitch at the end of the game like they for sure had already won it. ?

6.) 30 Apr 2023 17:44:19
I think our last 5 games could all be tricky one way or another. with our remaining 5 opponents all having something to play for. 5 cup finals for us to play… fingers crossed for a decent upturn in form. whatever the outcome I’ve really enjoyed watching the. Young gunners and the huge progress they have made. COME ON YOU GUNNERS ?⚪️❤️.

7.) 30 Apr 2023 18:27:22
I can't take credit Gunner, I read it somewhere lol.

8.) 30 Apr 2023 18:34:37
I would not have owned up Sally??.

9.) 30 Apr 2023 18:35:41
In that case a huge shout out for your honesty Sally ????.



21 Apr 2023 22:40:08
18 teams had the good sense not to bother challenging City and only one team was stupid enough to think they could be finish above them and give it a go.

Why oh why did it have to be Arsenal that dared to take on City this season, so embarrassing,


{Ed025's Note - i cant hear any rotund lady singing just yet G62, its been a great ride but its far from over mate, the CL could be a game changer so dont give me the crocodile tears wont wash.. :)

1.) 21 Apr 2023 23:00:42
What can I say Ed025 mate, knowing our luck this team will only go and get a result at City on Wednesday and prolong our agony, oh to be, oh to be a gooner ????.

{Ed025's Note - i know 18 teams that would gladly take your place G62, my advice to all you gooners would be...just enjoy it, what will be will be but its been one hell of a ride up to now mate..

2.) 21 Apr 2023 23:13:09
Sarcasm at its best but When your trying to win the league title whether it’s been a good season or not, underdogs or not. drawing at home (luckily) to the team that’s bottom of the league and been absolute pish all season is yeah in my opinion “embarrassing” the definition explains itself.
It’s been a great season fo sure, yes it’s gunna be difficult but still not over, overachieved yes I think so but when your so close to being champions once again n just letting it slip away with silly mistakes n dropping points against teams we should be brushing aside let’s be honest it’s disappointing.

Still got a chance n with the pressure off against Citeh you never know. Here’s hoping ??


{Ed025's Note - any team can beat any other team in this league je, even the top teams slip up at times, city to brentford, pool to bournemouth and utd to villa etc, its a bloody tough league mate..

3.) 21 Apr 2023 23:20:05
Ed025 mate, it's been and still is a wonderful ride, the likes of which we've not known for a very long time, I will forgive this team absolutely anything simply because they give us all they've got to give. If they've simply run out of steam them so be it, I couldn't be prouder of them or more grateful to them for this season. ❤❤❤❤❤.

{Ed025's Note - amen to that my friend..

4.) 22 Apr 2023 09:48:23
This has been the first season in a long time I have watched every game I can due to the passion being back.
Anyone who says we have bottled it are entitled to their opinion but really we are still top and 5 points clear and still hold our fate in our own hands if you had said we would be at this point at the start of the season I would have laughed at them.
This is still a young squad and what they have achieved no matter where we finish I am so proud of then and we all need to get behind them for the last few games.
Also is it any wonder there levels drop with all the online abuse they have received after the last couple of performances people need to remember that they are human.

5.) 22 Apr 2023 10:22:16
Meg - 100% agree. We bottled it last year at the business end of the season and the club, manager and players haven’t learned. We need to increase our shots from open play like we were early in the season.

I agree 62 and I appreciate the season but at present I’m too annoyed and frustrated at them not addressing the obvious in the winter window, bottling it by playing within themselves, not learning, not sticking to what we are good at and potentially throwing the trophy away which could be our best chance this decade. No one knows but what we did know was we were top at Christmas and had choices to make. Once it’s gone ( if it’s gone) - I will appreciate we’ve over achieved and played some great football and have an awesome young team with a strong young manager who loves our club as much as we do.

We are all in different places mentally but think we will all love our club and appreciate the season come June either way ❤️?❤️?.

6.) 22 Apr 2023 11:29:46
I'm with you 100% Beefy ?

I agree we all have different mentalities SY, I have never been someone to demand results but I do demand everyone gives all they have to give for the club they represent and I personally believe every player, the manager and the club have done all that could be reasonably expected of them this season and there for i am proud of and extremely happy with them all.

The club tried to sign some players but refused to get involved in crazy bidding wars and I respect and am happy with that, the manager has picked his best 11 whenever possible and the rewards of that have been there for all to see, the players/ team have played and consistently achieved above their pay grade up until the last couple of weeks when it's become clear that the over achieving for 8 months has mentally and physical caught up with them, if a marathon runner is leading the race and their legs go and they become disorientated after 24 miles do we berate them and call them bottlers, demanding they get back up and fulfil our dreams and expectations of them, or do we accept they have given their all and be proud of them for doing what they've done and support and encourage them knowing there will be other marathons to run in the future.

In my opinion once you start blaming someone and calling them bottlers for not having the ability to give what you want them to have to give at this moment in time you run the very genuine risk of either destroying their confidence or their desire to even bother trying to please you in future.

I have no time for those who have in the past walked around the pitch in an Arsenal shirt but for those who give all they've got to give for the club fans and shirt week in week out i have total respect and will forgive them anything.

7.) 22 Apr 2023 16:21:45
I wish I thought that way 62 but I can’t and for me sport is winning not taking part, I will look back and think the team did well but refuse to be proud throwing 2 goal leads away etc and feel that we did bottle it. The team needs to be strong enough to handle criticism and the truth, they were good enough to get there and took the applause and have been very poor at the business end again. They are at a huge club and paid a lot. Expectations are high. Still love the club etc and hope we beat City.

8.) 22 Apr 2023 17:35:59
Fair enough SY, for me I accept only one team can win the title each year and 3 teams must be relegated each year no matter how well they play, no fan has the right to demand their team are champions each and every season but every fan has the right to expect their teams players to give everything they have for the club, fans and shirt they wear. Life is always going to be tough and full of disappointment for anyone and everyone who struggles to accept anything but perfection from themselves and those around them 100% of the time, in the words of Abraham Lincoln " most people are about as happy as they allow themselves to be "



20 Apr 2023 14:04:42
Is Eddie the real slim Dide?


{Ed014's Note - you’ve totally lost me 62 ?‍♂️?

1.) 20 Apr 2023 18:22:55
Fans Convinced Masked Rapper Dide Is Arsenal Striker Eddie Nketiah.

2.) 20 Apr 2023 18:47:12
Hi Ed014 mate, as Davy explain above lots of speculation that Eddie is the secret PL masked rapper known as Dide. Apparently Dide being an anagram of Edie and voice analysis expects saying they are 80% convinced it's Eddie's voice plus the lyrics of the song make Our Eddie runaway favourite to eventually unmasked as Dide ????.

{Ed014's Note - I’ll have to Google him now! ?

3.) 20 Apr 2023 21:58:24
I am with you Ed. This entire post could be written in Latin and I would probably understand it more!

4.) 21 Apr 2023 01:23:39
Here you go Epping:
Hi Ed014 mate, ut Davy supra multas speculationis explicant quod Eddie est arcanum PL personatus rapper notus sicut Dide. Videtur Dide anagramma Eddie esse et vox analysin expectat dicens se 80% persuasum esse vocem Eddie plus e carminibus cantionis facere Nostram Eddie ventus fugitivorum ut tandem detegatur sicut Dide.

{Ed014's Note - ?? very good mate

5.) 21 Apr 2023 13:42:42
Romani Ite Domum - Epping’s been a very naughty boy COYLOB.

{Ed014's Note - par for the course then! ?



03 Apr 2023 22:19:46
IF, we were to win at Anfield on Sunday and IF, Spurs fail to beat Brighton on Saturday, then St Totteringhams Day and our long awaited return to the champions league would be achieved with an incredible 8 games to go.

An awful lot of IF's there admittedly, but it would be an incredible achievement, IF it was happen.


1.) 04 Apr 2023 02:22:46
Ooh I do love a st totteringhams day fiesta!

If we were to win at anfield, and despite their poor form and midweek Chelsea fixture I do think it's still a big if, I might just finally start to believe!

2.) 04 Apr 2023 05:54:30
9 games to go. 9 cup finals to ge through. Its been 19 years since i saw the invincibles. The ride and the grind has been sometimes more tiring than anything. The club has risen above all expectations this season. i'm buzzing. I love it. COYG!




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01 Dec 2023 20:15:06
But if the manager has promoted someone above you and clearly prefers him to you, how can you possibly fight for a place?

It certainly appears that MA wants Raya as his number one.




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31 Jul 2023 10:50:51
Surely the role of number 2 keeper is for an up and coming young keeper or a past their best experienced keeper. It's such a specialised position where no matter how brilliant both keepers might be there is no formation or system within the game that can accommodate both at the same time.

The absolute worse case scenario would be taking it in turns to play as with Peter Shilton and Ray Clemence for England under Ron Greenwood.




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26 Jul 2023 17:25:01
Well for its own reasons FiFA gave the go ahead to make the Qatar world cup possible, it can hardly complain if for the very sane reasons it said yes to Qatar brings about and end to its ability to control footfall in the future. You can't put money above people's human rights and the good of the game one minute then complain when that same money brings about your own downfall, well you can complain all you like but few will have much sympathy for you.




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26 Jun 2023 19:52:06
Hi Jeg, if the fans who buy into every social media, tabloid and Sky story had a mate or work colleague who lied to them repeatedly all day every day, after a while they'd stop taking any notice of anything their friend or work mate told them, yet for some strange reason some fans willingly and gleefully seek out and lap up every story the papers, sky, Facebook and Twitter feed them, It makes no sense other than that for some people even fake news is still better than no news at all, I sort of get that, but why they allow themselves to get really angry and upset by it and then repeat it as if it was actually fact and genuinely about to happen is totally beyond my comprehension and understanding.

Personally I'm perfectly happy to stick with what the Eds tell us, as they have absolutely no problem with saying " I don't know ' to anything they don't actually know, and I'd take that honesty every day of the week over fantasy and fairytale world of social media and the like.




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26 Jun 2023 17:08:39
Hi Jeg, the add ons might not involve us winning the league, they could easily be linked to number of appearances or something much less off putting for West Ham, I've read about things like number of appearances with other transfers in the past. As always it's a matter of wait and see, but social media and the tabloids are always going to invent the most sensational stories they can think of to get attention from fans, it's how they make a living mate.





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06 Dec 2023 21:17:35
Hi SY, if City had it in the bag how can we have bottled it? Surely its impossible to throw away something yiu never had in the first place?




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06 Dec 2023 16:56:09
Fair play Northamts we agree to disagree, which is in itself lucky for Arteta ?.




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06 Dec 2023 07:49:50
I didn't mean the team was lucky but Arteta was lucky his player's bailed him out, again, despite himself and his own inability to accept his made a huge mistake in ditching Ramsdale for Raya.

Its the same with playing Partey at RB, the team had to find a way of compensating for and overcoming the managers egotistical craziness.




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05 Dec 2023 22:27:45
Rice to the rescue in Arteta time, we are so lucky to have a manager who is sooooooo lucky ????.




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29 Nov 2023 23:22:02
Personally Ramsdale number one and Gea number two would be fine by me unless a top 5 keeper in the world became available to replace Ramsdale as number one. I've no problem with signing an obviously better keeper than Ramsdale but they've got to be obviously and clearly better rather than arguably better ad Raya is at best.