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07 Dec 2023 03:36:10
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06 Dec 2023 23:14:36
With all the GK comments I thought I'd chip in.

Ramsdale seemed like a great guy to have in the team and a personality on the pitch, but is everyone's praise of his ability due to him being an all round great keeper, or mainly that he made a lot of spectacular looking saves? I've seen commentary in the past from those with far more gk knowledge than me say he's a great shot stopper but was often out of position in open play and set pieces.

As for Raya, he was great at Brentford although he didn't look obviously lots better than rambo to me. He's clearly under pressure coming in to a tight group and taking a popular players starting position whilst also being backedwhilst making mistakes, but I'm wondering if its linked to Havertz and a plan B, or even just constantly keeping the opposition guessing. Against Lens I don't think he played out from the back at all - all long balls to the wing or straight up top. Maybe arteta thinks (once settled ( he's better positonally and provides better long distribution to Kai and the other forwards?


06 Dec 2023 22:42:59
If we can go to Villa and get 3 points it sends a huge message .

Can we get a keeper in on loan before then, that’s the question 🤣.


06 Dec 2023 22:11:14
What a performance by Villa! Absolutely dominant!


06 Dec 2023 18:19:54
Lots of discussions about Raya but perhaps he decides Arsenal are not for him and he prefers Brentford.

As Wrighty said, at Brentford he plays in front of 40,000 fans but at Arsenal its more like 40m around the world! Perhaps that might not suit him?


06 Dec 2023 21:05:38
How can you get easily out jumped by a striker when you have the ability to use your arms and hands for additional height…. Raya not the answer, Ramsdale’s not the longterm answer. I’d by Emi back as should never let him go and keep Leno is was terrible with his feet. 🤬.


06 Dec 2023 17:34:14
Anyone see the new book Tottenham brought out for Christmas?

It has no title.


06 Dec 2023 20:53:21
I heard Raya couldn’t catch the first addition on release.


06 Dec 2023 15:04:00
32 other countries have a greater life expectancy than the UK.

This is due to obesity, smoking, and supporting Tottenham Hotspur.


{Ed025's Note - i am an overweight smoker sharpey, but feel a lot better after your post mate.. :)


06 Dec 2023 10:34:25
Weather we win the league or not I'm just so happy to be part of a challenge again for the league and with how the team is winning ugly even when we're not at our best.


06 Dec 2023 18:54:58
If we win it Stephen it won’t be snowing ❄️ or cold 🥶there might be a little chill in the air but most likely it will be hot 😁.


06 Dec 2023 20:42:42
Stephen, I hate to break it to you but we didn’t really challenge last year. City had it in the bag and we bottled it / collapsed. Decent journey but like the season before - we crashed when it mattered. No difference between our season and Newcastle’s season except they didn’t throw it away at the business end.

If we do the same - it’s a disaster as that’s 3 in a row.

I don’t think we will bottle it but I didn’t think we would last season. I honestly believe our squad will still come up short unless injuries fall into our lap as we didn’t strengthen enough in much needed positions and are exposed exactly as we were last year. The boss and club haven’t learned. Hopefully they prove me wrong in Jan window. We’ve also had a slightly easier run of games to date so need to go away to Liverpool, City and Spurs before we get too carried away.

I’ve not followed this club for ages to be happy not properly competing and City look a little vulnerable again, less hungry may be due to number of titles in a row or whatever. But we’ve shown faith in Arteta, invested an insane amount of money and are a big club. I’ll be pxssed if we don’t win it or are not competing come the last game of the season. That’s competing not last years bollox, albeit a big improvement but improvements need results and outcomes not consolations and players players trophies….


06 Dec 2023 21:11:42
How sy4 you will be a right laugh on a night out. Let Stephen have his moment in joy. of winning a very hard fought game. At times I was thinking a point may not be a bad thing from that game.

Yes we also made it hard work but Luton were on it they played well their fans gave it well too the pitch and stadium on their side created a really difficult game but we came out on top proud of the team proud of arteta.

Hoping for just as good if not slightly better second half and the league title hoping team stay fit and healthy.

Don’t think we have a strong enough squad to keep on all the stages will need choose which stages we want to risk all and which ones we can use for rotation purpose and get youngsters exposure.


06 Dec 2023 21:17:35
Hi SY, if City had it in the bag how can we have bottled it? Surely its impossible to throw away something yiu never had in the first place?


Liverpool v Fulham - A Quick Liverpool Perspective

06 Dec 2023 07:39:06
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Liverpool v Fulham - A Quick Liverpool Perspective


06 Dec 2023 06:59:35
Reporter: There is a lot of talk about the goalkeeper situation at the moment. Is it fair to say two of goals were gifted to Luton?

Mikel Arteta: I am so happy with the team.



{Ed014's Note - he really is a plum when it comes to the keeper situation.

You’d have to be blind to see that Raya is not an upgrade by any stretch of the imagination.

Villa next against Emi Martinez, that’s going to be interesting.


06 Dec 2023 09:08:29
Hello Ed mate
After last night's performance from Raya, if he doesn't bring back Rambo for the Villa game, I cannot see anyway back for Rambo as No1.
As for the game, what a rollercoaster, we seem so much better mentally to cope with the pressure.
Hope the missus and you are safe and well. Best wishes to you both as always.


{Ed014's Note - Hi Bill, I’d like to think he’d be man enough to drop Raya, I don’t even think Raya is under half the pressure that Rambo is either which make the mistakes even more of a concern.

It’s nice that I always think we have it in us to comeback into games too.

We’re both good thanks and all the best to you and yours too Bill.

Be nice to see us still top after the Christmas and New Year games. 👍🏻💪🏼


06 Dec 2023 12:25:23
Cheers Ed mate
That would be Awesome👍👍.


{Ed014's Note - it really would be Bill


06 Dec 2023 12:33:35
G’day Gooners
Arteta should 100% now swap Raya out and Rambo back in…what more would it take for Rambo to get a chance n like Billyboy says if he doesn’t now then he never will. Honestly I actually can’t see him doing it though…he’s made his choice and I think he’s naive enough to stick by it.

#BringbackRambo ❤️🤍

Ps. Live chat was funny as fook last night 😂👍.


06 Dec 2023 05:55:11
I can’t believe we intend on signing Raya, we aren’t winning the PL with him in goal.

What is Arteta thinking?

I just hope his arrogance doesn’t get in the way and prevent him from admitting he is wrong

Good mental strength to keep going and gran the winner

What a signing Rice was……looks like a bargain at 100+ million as well.


06 Dec 2023 11:21:01
Souness needs to eat his words….

Rice Rice Baby is a super star and signing - great attitude, level headed and should be captain. Looks like he’s loving it here also

Team showed some backbone last night and loved it. We really played faster and determined to score. 💪.


06 Dec 2023 11:26:47
“ Kai arguably had his best game of the season against Luton. During Arsenal’s away triumph, Havertz created four chances for his teammates and took five shots himself. ”

Decent stats and bit more dangerous in the box winning headers and good runs.


06 Dec 2023 13:23:36
Kai is learning role and confidence now there. A player if he builds on it. Kante scored once I think when Leicester won title. I’ll take Rice thank you not much between them at Kante’s Peak can’t say higher than that, and Rice improving each game too. As you say Oxon/ Banbury/ Oxfordshire a bargain at £100 mill - no one mentions his price - some player COYG.


05 Dec 2023 22:38:49
Credit to Luton for fighting incredibly hard. For a long time they were deservedly level, but couldn't just quite sustain it until the end.

Why was VAR checking the Saka penalty appeal? Ref on the pitch was perfectly placed to make the call himself. It looks as if sometimes it's VAR that's the main referee as the ones on the pitch rather let play go on and leave the hard calls for Stockley park officials.

Front five starting to find their groove. Odegaard getting more involved in play seems to balance Havertz's style nicely. This unit will only keep getting better.

I was surprised neither Zinchenko nor Jorginho started. In my opinion we needed a bit more quality on the ball to control the game. Luton got hold of the ball way too frequently.

The gk situation seems to be just as Ed001 said. Are we really going to sign Raya on a permanent? I'd prefer if we saved that money for someone else entirely.

Overall not a perfect performance but i think it was also trickier than the table suggests. Next game will be massive and we need to be better.


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