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11 Dec 2019 03:52:33
Reports that we have a list of around 10 candidates for the managers job worry me. Surely the club know the top 2 or 3 outstanding candidates?
For me: Pochettino and Ancelotti are the top two 'available' managers. After the W Ham win, there is an argument to see how Freddie gets on over the next 2 matches and then reassess his chances of taking over permanently.
Allegri has ruled himself out until next season and English may still be a problem.
Arteta or Vieira would be a huge gamble.

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11 Dec 2019 08:32:32
If Artetta and Vieira weren't explayers they wouldn't get a mention and personally I think that tells us all we need to know.
If Eddie Howe or Sean Dyche were ex Arsenal players would they suddenly become better managers than they are now and more suitable for our job.
Vieira hasn't exactly taken French football by storm and Artetta is only mentioned because of Pep and his Arsenal past whicb surely means Brian Kidd is Just as qualified for the job as Artetta himself.
I will back whoever we get but I'm not a huge fan of using sentiment as a guide to someone's abilty.

11 Dec 2019 11:07:41
G62?who do you want?

11 Dec 2019 12:46:13
Ancelotti RG, other than him there is no one available i know enough about who inspires me, but obviously there are loads I know nothing about who are probably very capable.
I knew nothing about a certain bloke called Wenger back in 1996 :-)

14 Dec 2019 22:53:01
Zidane and Keown as a partnership - that would work

Pochettino and Ancelott Seem like two decent options

No to Paddy or Arteta - rather stick with Freddie

No to Rafa

Not sure about Allegri either

DB10 - no need to worry about foreign travel.

10 Dec 2019 17:21:03
We only ever seem to talk about our shambles of a mid and defence lately whenever I talk with anyone about arsenal so want to try a more positive topic for once So after seeing martinelli again work his arse off and get a goal for his trouble I feel he deserves a decent run in the side, I get he's young and you don't want to put too much on his shoulders but surely he deserves the chance, problem being it obviously reduces either laca or pepe for game time, auba has to play every game no matter what. I just wonder if anyone else thinks this kid can go all the way to the top or will he be yet another bright star who fades and burns out under Arsenal's regime? Thoughts.

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10 Dec 2019 19:55:14
If he's good enough (which he certainly looks to me) play him.

Rashford has been around since he was how old? Raheem Sterling too.

Watching him play would certainly be a positive reason to watch.

11 Dec 2019 03:43:25
Martinelli is absolute excellent. His attitude is inspirational. Freddie looks to have restored Pepe’s confidence. I am hoping that the win, will be followed by a good result on Thursday, could set up a spirited performance v Man City.

10 Dec 2019 05:08:52
Finally a win! The players needed that more than us! Torreira and leno were excellent. the way freddie hugged torreira shows it! Coyg! Ya gunners ya.

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10 Dec 2019 02:52:19
My favourite part of the win today was our reactions to our goals. Loved that Martinelli pulled the ball out of the net. Loved that Martinelli was screaming in Pepe’s face after his goal. Loved that Auba immediately celebrated Pepe on thé assist for the third.

Our “defensive midfield” was not, and it left waaaay too much space in front of our defenders, but still. I’m happy for a moments reprieve.

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09 Dec 2019 19:12:07
Surprising line up with Luis abd Lacca dropped
Leno? obvious
Belerin Chambers Papa Tierney? Brave
Torreira Xhaka? As expected
Pepe Ozil Auba Martinelli? Ambitious.

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09 Dec 2019 17:20:47
Massive game tonight for both teams im looking forward to watching it
Could be a make or break game for arsenal with European ambitions ans West ham with there manager under pressure good luck to both.

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09 Dec 2019 21:04:50
Who wants to come and watch Arsenal vs Luton Town next season? 🤦🏻‍♂️😬.

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09 Dec 2019 21:00:59
Another pathetic attempt at a challenge by xhaka for their goal.

{Ed025's Note - hes not the only one though wilf..

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