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29 Mar 2020 19:59:08
Bob Weighton from Hampshire turned 112 today is believed to be the world's oldest man.
He's lived through 2 world wars and has Survived Spanish Flu Cholera and Smallpox epidemics, he has no secret to long life but says he's always " kept everything simple and simply trusted that everything will work out ok, and so far almost everything has turned out ok " he added.
What a brilliant role model for us all during the most uncertain time most of us have ever known.

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23 Mar 2020 21:36:35
Eds and reds


{Ed018's Note - same to you and everyone else that posts here}

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17 Mar 2020 20:34:12
Ed, do we have a Covid-19 rumours / discussion page yet. Given the lack of football, thought this may allow debate.

{Ed001's Note - no why would we?}

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19 Mar 2020 22:47:26
Hi Ed001 mate, there used to be a talk health page so would it really be a bad idea? And if it included a talk mental health section if possible it might be a fantastic help to people on a subject we all need to talk about much more but find it really difficult to do so, apparently 1 in 4 of us are struggling in some way at any one time.
Just a thought mate.

{Ed001's Note - nobody used it, which is why we got rid of it. I do agree that it would be useful if people were willing to use it as intended.}

20 Mar 2020 09:34:41
Yes mate I totally appreciate that was the case and it might prove to be the same this time too but I think in the current climate it might be a good time to get us all talking to each other more about worries fears concerns rather than keeping things to ourselves and Overthinking what most probably isn't even true in the first place.

When we keep things to ourselves we can build monsters that don't really exist for ourselves in our minds and the more we feed ourselves fear worry concern the bigger the imaginary monster gets but if we share it and get a different perspectives we might just see things differently and more rationally.

A trouble shared is a trouble halfed as they say :-) .
Someone quilt brilliant once said
There are two wolf's a positive Wolf and negative Wolf, which one wins?
The one you feed of course;-)

{Ed033's Note - ok i created Talk Health

20 Mar 2020 16:04:42
Thanks Ed033 and Ed001 that's brilliant and hopefully it will rewlly help anyone who would like time chat about anything they are struggling with.
I am happy to kick things off and will with a post on the talk Health page a little later.
Thank you both again.

{Ed033's Note - Ok thanks, maybe someone on there can help you with your "rewlly" bad speech impediment :)

20 Mar 2020 19:40:48
:-) mate I'm only 57 and still haven't given up all hope of passing the 11 +one day :-)

07 Mar 2020 20:40:22
Got an embarrassing 88% on footballfancast " Name the obscure Arsenal players only loyal fans will remember" with no cheating and at a decent pace. Some real obscure players.

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11 Mar 2020 10:59:03
Not bad mate. I barely managed 72%. Lots of guessing.

11 Mar 2020 17:04:56
Where would one find this Footballfancast?
If I beat Wire I’m happy 😜

Ps Wire that picture has my sides splittin every time I see it 🤣🤣🤣👌🏼.

11 Mar 2020 22:55:06
Search - footballfancast arsenal players only loyal fans will remember

Good luck and post your results!

11 Mar 2020 23:29:38
84% damn that was pretty solid that.
Couple one appearance wonders in there had my mind doing backflips.

Was waiting to clap eyes on big Oleg 😂.

12 Mar 2020 12:08:19
Not sure Eds will post, especially as I bet Ed47 scores under 60% 😂😂

Arsenal trivia quiz

20 Mar 2020 15:40:28
80% 🤷‍♂️😜.

20 Mar 2020 19:05:27
Come on 62, Malaga and 911.

23 Mar 2020 13:33:03
I got 60%

I'm not interested in all those crap Wenger signings.

07 Mar 2020 17:30:25
Hi All

The Gunners have been lucky of late scraping the 3 points. Fair play to them but the last 5 minutes of games isn't good for the heart, they need to kill off games sooner.
Also I would question Artetas team selection. Sokratis is not a right back and looks so uncomfortable out there. Pepe is just a fancy dan who produces far too little considering the skill and price tag he has. our midfield is crying out for a powerful ball winner, with torreira injured we look weak, a better team would have exploited that today. Xhaka is too slow when he loses the ball. Auba should be played down the middle instead of trying to fit every one in.
On the plus side Leno saved us again, the defence kept a clean sheet, ozil played well and saka just gets better.
I would pick the following for a balanced team

Bellerin Mustafi Mari Tierney
Luiz Ceballos
Nelson Ozil Saka

Martinez Maitland Niles Soares Sokratis Xhaka Willock Nketiah Lacazette.

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07 Mar 2020 20:25:48
1973 - I like Saka pushed Into midfield but Mustafi Res me. Would rather papa to be honest.

Good thing - Luiz isn’t in the back 4. However, I just don’t see why we accommodate him out of position ( if he has one ) , I would keep Granit as a natural midfielder. I guess we have no other option but Ceballos in the middle with Torriera injured. I think that leaves us weak so would opt for a further midfielder who can defend. May be we have to pull a Luiz in now!

Think we need to forgo a Ozil away to City

Bellerin Papa Marí Tierney
Ceballos Luiz Granit
Martinelli PEA Saka

A bit more cautious and solid but enough pace to counter with a long ball from Granit Or Luiz.

07 Mar 2020 20:32:34
You dropped pepe and martinelli out of the team.

07 Mar 2020 07:21:43
Reports that this summer Arteta wants to sell: Maitland-Niles, Guendouzi, Sokratis and Ozil.
Of the 4, I would only keep Guendouzi. Of course, if the club can't agree a contract extension with Aubameyang, then he would have to be sold. We also have FB players on loan that could be sold.
Thoughts Gooners.

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07 Mar 2020 09:46:30
Please throw Luiz on that list Mikel - cleArly Natteo has a terrible attitude and lacks discipline. If the boss sees that and it looks obvious on the pitch then sell Matteo. It’s clear he’s got talent but you need attitude. Probably paper talk but I’ll back the boss 100% if he clears those 5.

07 Mar 2020 12:41:06

03 Mar 2020 15:38:00
Sokratis is whinging about not being happy playing out of position or not being selected. Much as I like his attitude on the pitch, I think it would be ideal to sell him this summer, if we can get £10-15m for him. We will still have the following CB options: Luiz, Mari, Mustafi, Holding, Saliba and Chambers when fit. Thoughts?

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04 Mar 2020 12:51:50
I actually like players being unhappy about not playing, knocks spits off those who are simply happy to pick up thier wages whether they play or not and I don't miss the " after you sir " job share mentality under Arsene one bit.
Play your best 11 in each and every league game at least and let the players fight for the right to be in that 11.
I'm not sure I'm a huge fan of if you train well you play either to be honest although of course I understand the thinking behind it, I'm just not totally convinced by it, I'd prefer those who play well keep their place as long as they maintain an acceptable level in training.

04 Mar 2020 20:09:13
Deliver on the pitch and have a positive attitude in training. They probably go hand in hand - sure DB10 was hard working, DB7 practiced free kicks all the time. there’s a correlation between top pros and training hard. May be selfish but train hard.

All about results - so the pitch always trumps training. If Wright scored 5 on a Saturday but Was dropped because Chris Kiwomya trained like a demon. What would you think?

I won’t care if Wright was a plank in training - he plays as long as he scores and best striker we have.

I’m glad Papa is frustrated - now show us why you should start. Firstly, we were short of players so you were the best choice right back. Second - if you can’t dislodge Luiz or Mustafi, then you have problems. Neither would get into a top 10 side.

If you don’t like bad attitude - look at Matteo for a start. He’s the worst and isn’t being a great option in centre midfield. I’d rather have a desire to play than moan and fit with our own players, disrespect Mikel and wave cards around like he’s in nursery.

04 Mar 2020 22:01:27
It's definitely a hair thing isn't it SY? :-)

04 Mar 2020 23:10:29
Loved petit Jennings Sunderland George Seaman although didn’t like Bellerin with long hair 🙀.

05 Mar 2020 12:33:50
Ok it doesn't appear to be merely a hair problem then but more of non British hair problem :-).

my conclusion is you are fine with British people having lots of hair but not keen on non Brits coming over hair and flaunting thier locks everywhere:-)

Also it seems very generational where by those of a similar or older generation to yourself who are now thining on top or even balding are top notch geezers while those young vibrant bucks still yet to hit or still very much in thier prime with their Latin looks intriguing accents and long mane who might catch the eye of a certain Emilia Fox are nothing but scallywags and scoundrels.

My analysis is you fear the locks because of your love for the Fox.

And I prescribe you a trip down to boots the chemist for 5 bottles of fake tan and 15 can of boots instant hair (yes there really is such a thing) then get a teach yourself Esperanto LP and tight black leather trousers and white shirt with thrilly sleeves and simply pop down to pinewood studios and hang about outside until the Fox appears then simple strike your coolest and most moody pose in front of her and simply wait for her reaction.

PLEASE let me know how it goes :-)

05 Mar 2020 21:14:48
Ha ha - fortunately I’ve got a full head of thick hair despite being in my late 40s. Was Petit English? I don’t want to split hairs but some how I find myself in the middle of your scope. I didn’t like Jenson but that wasn’t due to his hair. That’s not the root of my issues. I’m like an ingrowing hair - a pain the the arse.

29 Feb 2020 20:07:31
Just shows what a good side we had and how hard it is to stay unbeaten.

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