26 Aug 2021 08:51:04
Do we think tripper will come to arsenal of
We can get a deal done.

{Ed002's Note - Kieran Trippier (RB) May be interested in a return to a England but being cover may make him think twice. Asking price is very high at €40M but Manchester United and Arsenal are open to a move if the price can bbe reduced. Everton interest went with CA.}

1.) 26 Aug 2021
26 Aug 2021 10:10:39
Would love Trippier, i'm not sure the club is a big enough draw for him without Champions League mind. RB is a massive problem right now for me. Chambers is nowhere near good enough, so hopefully someone comes in. Aarons maybe?

2.) 26 Aug 2021
26 Aug 2021 10:50:11
Surley he would be bought as our number 1 RB as opposed to cover?

3.) 26 Aug 2021
26 Aug 2021 17:15:07
Question for you Ed regarding this, you may have no idea but what is the relationship like between arsenal and a. Madrid now. After the whole partey incident last summer I remember you said they wasn't too happy with how we acted.

{Ed002's Note - There won't be a good relationship right now.}

4.) 26 Aug 2021
26 Aug 2021 18:42:49
Who would he be covering?

5.) 26 Aug 2021
26 Aug 2021 20:22:10
Didn't think so. Appreciate the reply Ed.

6.) 26 Aug 2021
26 Aug 2021 21:20:33
Thanks for ir the reply Ed.