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25 Jan 2019 22:24:16
The majority fans realise we are in transition.

January is a bad time to buy players

Let's get behind Emery and the club and give them a couple of summer Windows.


1.) 26 Jan 2019 11:29:45
Its obvious we are very good with the ball and i can see lots of good things that are being done when we haven't got the ball. It is also obvious we have players letting the system down. I can only see us getting CL football this year through the europa league but we need a lot more luck with injuries in defence than we are getting. They are ripping us apart, socratis and kos are vital to any success this season, if we can't rely on them we are forked.



03 May 2018 20:09:24
Ed001 I am reading live chat and jelfy said I am banned for racially abusing some one
I want you to tell me why I am banned, I have never racially abused any one



{Ed025's Note - ED001 is not around malaga and im not privvy to why your banned, but jelfy said that you racially abused him 4/5 times..

1.) 03 May 2018 20:33:51
Ed, if I was racially abusing anyone why am I allowed to post on the main site.

I find it totally out of order that jelfy is allowed to post total lies.

Talk about a kangaroo court.

{Ed025's Note - i will see if any of the other eds know anything..

2.) 03 May 2018 21:00:03
Malaga you are very offensive on the live chat.

{Ed033's Note - I think Gunnerbod has a point. Calling a certain poster a retard when they post on the live chat is offensive.

3.) 03 May 2018 22:00:08
Ok I hold my hands up ed that was wrong but have i been racist?

{Ed025's Note - just had clarification from another were banned for calling someone a retard on numerous occasions.

4.) 03 May 2018 22:37:08
So no racism ed as I said.

{Ed025's Note - apparently not malaga but im still trying to crack the case mate..

5.) 03 May 2018 22:52:32
Some fans just don't know where to aim there abuse since arsene announced he is stepping down😂. Shouldn't be tolerated by any of us tho.

6.) 03 May 2018 23:10:33
Think he’s learned his lesson now Ed - can we use a sin bin approach and let M back for the last home game?

{Ed001's Note - if it was up to me no, and Jelfy would be banned for life from the sites, so I am probably the wrong person to ask! But then I hate the live chats and would happily get rid of them altogether as they just seem to create abuse when people do not have to think about what they say.}

7.) 04 May 2018 09:10:02
I think that's the problem with live chat people use it to abuse the lack of censorship so it can degenerate into a personal insult forum and simply drives away those who want to talk football, which after all is what the Eds introduced it for in the first place.
People need to respect the fact that one of the Eds or maybe a few of the Eds must have put in a lot of effort (unpaid effort) make live chat possible for everyone to enjoy not for some people swap personal insults between themselves.
I went on live chat last Sunday for the first time this season and it was really good to read the good humoured friendly football chat had returned rather than the insult fest it was the last time I went on there.

It's not for me to say who should or who shouldn't be allowed to us live chat that is for the Eds to decide but maybe if Malaga and anyone else who is banned are given another chance it's up to everyone who uses live chat to regulate not only ourselves but each other and when things are getting disrespectful and personal towards posters to give those involed a reminder they are going to far and if they don't listen then they deserve to be banned.

8.) 04 May 2018 17:28:02
Good post gunner, agree with that.

9.) 04 May 2018 18:19:36
7 and half years i've been coming on here ed, mainly to protest against wenger. My work is all but done.

Cheers Everton ed, your one of the good ones we've had on here over the years.



03 May 2018 10:44:24
Ed002. Good morning

I know you said you were staying away from the information mill at the moment but I have a couple of questions.

1- was wenger pushed

2- how long ago was this decision made



{Ed002's Note - As a special treat, M Wenger was told that the club needed a decision from him well before the end of the season - and that is what his interview referred to. He was forced to give a decision just before (probably two or three days) the time I explained that was what was happening on here. So you need to go back and read the posts and figure it out.}

1.) 03 May 2018 11:25:34
Ed can u give us one more treat and say the names arsenal are looking to interview? Come on one more treat wouldn’t hurt! 😂😂😂.

{Ed002's Note - I only do occasional treats DG. And I have already given you plenty to think about with options.}

2.) 03 May 2018 12:17:37
Thanks Ed though, your information is priceless. literally!



20 Apr 2018 10:15:57
Ed002, with the news wenger is stepping down, have we a new manager lined up.


{Ed002's Note - No.}

1.) 20 Apr 2018 12:09:51
Probably gives the board time now to consider who they want.

2.) 20 Apr 2018 15:49:41
My thought is that Luis Enrique must be of serious consideration? Although I hear Chelsea are after him also.

3.) 20 Apr 2018 21:29:10
sunny mate, luis enrique is a terrible manager. Good man manager but tactically lacking, the oppossite of what arsenal need.



29 Mar 2018 15:30:35
Ed002,how's it going

I don't know their names, but the 2 new lads that the club has employed to do transfers. Do you know if their working on anything concrete for summer transfers.


{Ed002's Note - I cannot answer “concrete” as it makes zero sense. I am not sure you understand what their jobs are but there will be options for the summer but right now there remains the issue of the coach.}

1.) 30 Mar 2018 03:24:48
Well let’s hope the coach situation gets sorted soon. Like last summer, there’s some transfers to be had and early deals will be the better ones. Do you know if arsenal are seriously interested in Isco? I’d assume he’s out of our price bracket.

{Ed002's Note - Don’t ask about random players because you will be disappointed every time.}

2.) 31 Mar 2018 05:40:54
The end of the season is difficult, until we know the outcome of the EL. If Wenger wins it and qualifies for the CL, it will be virtually impossible to see him going, unless he decides to go out on a high, which is unlikely.
If he fails to qualify, the board may act and bring in a replacement swiftly, as 6 or so players will need to be brought in, with the possible departures of Wilshere, Ramsey and Welbeck.

3.) 03 Apr 2018 11:43:45
Isco is a random player.? Seems legit to me.




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14 Mar 2019 22:14:28
Good performance

Bit nervous at the end

Well done boys.


1.) 15 Mar 2019 06:00:59
We have games against Leicester, Watford, Palace, Everton, Wolves, Newcastle, Burnley and Brighton.

Games previously in which we’ve slipped up in.

We’ve had results this year against United, Chelsea and Spurs then made a mess of things.

This is where we’ll find out if your man Emery has something about him mate.

2.) 15 Mar 2019 06:09:44
The last 4 matches were crucial and the team came through, up into the top 4, only a single point behind toot in 3rd, and into the last 8 of the EL.
We will go into April with only 3 players injured, those with season ending injuries.
Last night there were many strong performances, Kolasinac stood out in particular.
Well done to Emery and the team.

3.) 15 Mar 2019 13:35:48
Have a little faith stoner.



14 Mar 2019 14:26:11
Big game tonight

I know the boys will be up for it

Laca, pea and ozil front 3, will be to much for them

I'm going for a 5-0 win



1.) 14 Mar 2019 15:07:38
I doubt it will be easy. if I’m honest I don’t think we will get through.

2.) 14 Mar 2019 15:20:37
Love your enthusiasm mate and I hope you predicted well. i'm going for 4-1.

3.) 14 Mar 2019 16:11:15
Brilliant news to have Laca back for this one. we’re gunna need all our big guns to turn this round.

I’m with you Malaga, time to turn up!

4.) 14 Mar 2019 16:17:32
A nervy 3 0 victory for me, and one where we all go from the edge of our seats to behind the settee in equal measure:-)

5.) 14 Mar 2019 22:10:43
Good prediction 62 mate, hope you bet your house on it mate. :)

6.) 14 Mar 2019 22:48:08
A nervy 3-0 victory lol 😂.

7.) 15 Mar 2019 02:31:39
Mo gunners getting on the emery train. Lol.

8.) 15 Mar 2019 07:52:11
I'm on my feet standing at the platform wanting to board Steve mate, but I still need to fully convinced this train is the right tracks even though it's looking extremely fine right now.
Some tough away games against wer prifile teams who will play on the counter attack, if we come through those and make top 4 then it's time for all aboard for betrer or worse time mate.



01 Mar 2019 11:46:50
Big game tomorrow

The toot will be up for it. We need to be bang on form.

This is our biggest game in 2 years. A win I will be confident of a top 4 finish

I'm going for a 1-3 win.


1.) 01 Mar 2019 12:26:54
Huge next 2 league games! Season defining, win both, have a strong grip on 4th, and be breathing down spurs neck, lose both drop down to 6th and have it all to do! Mental season, spurs have seemed to be getting results, while we have been pretty average, they beat dortmund 3 nil then could of gone within 3 points off the top instead after 2 more games if they lose to us they will be 12 points behind and only 1 ahead of us! Spurs doing what they do, I thought when it was labelled a 3 horse race spurs would finish 4th! 😂.

2.) 01 Mar 2019 12:41:36
Like it Eden :-)
Big tests both Spurs and United games can't offered to lose either really and losing both would be terrible both for morale and top 4 hopes.
Win both and Dick will have people eating out of the palm of his hand but if we get exposed badly at the back in either then he will need to put his tin hat on and bunker down for the onslaught that will surely follow.
The stakes are high for Ole Poch and Dick alike and there will be no hiding place for any of them should their team get done badly But the rewards will be brilliant for whoever delivers above and beyond fans expectancy levels.

3.) 01 Mar 2019 14:17:08
Even if we win this we're only 3/ 4 of the way through and anything can happen. These next two games are huge but I'm not getting my hopes up - we don't travel well to Spurs very often and United are putting together a good run. It's the hope that kills you!

4.) 01 Mar 2019 14:21:49
Wembley pitch always seems huge and lots of room isn't usually good news for us at the back, if only we could have a wembley size half to attack into and a tennis court size half to defend:-)

5.) 01 Mar 2019 14:57:01
A triangular shaped pitch and no changing ends?

6.) 01 Mar 2019 17:02:15
I'm likeing it mate, seems only right to me too :-)

7.) 01 Mar 2019 20:49:05
I think on the face of it they are important games and they are but win lose or draw, it won't be defining. But two positive results will send out a statement and bring spuds right back in the fight. They will be expecting a home win and anything less would be a mini crisis.

8.) 01 Mar 2019 22:15:02
I like it Steve :-) anything less than a win for Spurs would be a mini crises for but two defeats for us against Spurs and United wouldn't be defining :-)
Talk about positive spin :-) how Arsene could have done with you in his camp, not to mention the labour party Hilary Clinton and the remain campaign :-)

9.) 01 Mar 2019 23:46:31
Gunner, spuds were a few weeks ago in second and we were miles behind in 6th. Now we are into fourth and they expect to expand the gap again at home. If they dont, believe me, it will put them in crisis and in touch of us, utd and chelski, who were all way out of sight three weeks ago. They were challenging for the "title" after Saturday and a draw with utd and chelski having routine game, they will be in the mix for the top six trophy. that's a crisis after what they were aiming for.

10.) 02 Mar 2019 00:06:46
Steve have you been attending spinning classes :-)
When Ole took over United they were 8 points behind us and beaten Chelsea Spurs and Arsenal away from home while we've beaten Huddersfield away and Southampton and Bournemouth at home.
Take your pick positive or negative spin it's spin all the same and what happens tomorrow will say more in reality than what all the spin in the world can twist.

11.) 02 Mar 2019 07:11:39
Steve you’d go nuts if Wenger didn’t beat Spurs and United and I will be if this clown doesn’t!

He’s already on borrowed time.

12.) 02 Mar 2019 09:28:27
That's the thing Stoner, surely the bar is set where we fans set it regardless of the personality.
Leno or Cech we want the same job done regardless of who is in goal and to make excuses for one of the twos mistakes yet hold the other accountable isn't a balanced view but a personality competition.
Losing to both United and Spurs would have been defining under Arsene so the same has to be true of Richard too.

13.) 02 Mar 2019 10:03:23
Stoner, this is the really annoying thing. Not the double standards but the low standards people are happy to accept. We can’t defend because w are crap and no players. Papa, Mav and Licht plus Kos etc. Even if they are poor - surely a half decent coach who’s seen a game of football can install organisation and tactics and a defencive level above crap.

It’s shocking that people aren’t making a bigger deal of his lack of organisation, touchline communication, pressing, working as a unit.

At least players and commentators and fans are beginning to question Emery - not to sack him to to raise the expectation and question some of his dumb ass decisions

So what if we are in Four - it’s what we see for next season and after. How is he coaching the team, setting them up, how boring are they to watch, do we revert to basics of removing creativity to try but fail to sort the defence, do we actually know what our best set up is yet.

The bar can’t get much lower and still Emery is struggling to clear it and yet people are happy.

What has he done to imp over the defence? Our biggest weakness

What’s he done so our biggest weakness doesn’t get exposed in games by others charging forward?

His standing on the touchline - why doesn’t he do something. We gave him a wooh for high giving players in preseason ( load of crap ) . If he doesn’t or didn’t know our dteam fenc wnd midfield was broken then he shouldn’t have been hired.

If he doesn’t know Ozil who just signed a huge contract is our best player and needs the team building around him - why is the manager here?

Injuries - yes

Excuses for not coaching or getting people to coach the defence - that’s gross misconduct in most jobs.

14.) 02 Mar 2019 12:23:02
Ha ha gunner the king of spin is telling the apprentice. Lol. I am talking about spuds because we are playing them, i will get to utd later.

15.) 02 Mar 2019 13:21:43
Spot on SY. 👍🏼.



27 Feb 2019 23:57:29
Fantastic performance

4 points behind the toot

In EMERY I trust!


1.) 28 Feb 2019 09:00:19
Excellent performance, Mkhitaryan was outstanding. Hopefully Koscielny's injury is simply a knock and nothing too serious.
Can anyone explain why 60,000 tickets were sold, but only about 40,000 (a guesstimate) turned up?
Looking forward to the weekend match, a win would be awesome. The next 4 matches are so important, successful results and we could solidify a top four place and enter the last 8 of the Europa League.

2.) 28 Feb 2019 09:13:12
We've played a lot of games lately and with traveling expenses it's not a cheap night out plus there is time factor during the week the week too when for many people it's work or football and sometimes needs must.

3.) 28 Feb 2019 11:48:33
Yes Gunner, I would understand the cost etc, if tickets hadn't already been purchased. Once tickets which are extremely expensive are bought, I fail to see why these ticket holders choose not to attend, and fail to sell tickets or give them to friends or family. It isn't simply a few, but as many as 20,000 unused tickets. This practice seems to be fairly common place at the club. Is it apathy in the modern world.

4.) 28 Feb 2019 14:48:36
Is it not quite hard to sell your ticket on? Or even gift it? It should be easy to give to a friend if you can't go and then it should be leave your seat empty too many times and lose it. Plenty of people who want it and would use it.

5.) 28 Feb 2019 15:01:44
It's a expensive business being an Arsenal season ticket holder and a great many season ticket holders live well outside London making midweek matches less easy to attend.
Perhaps they don't know until late whether they can or can't make that night.
When I've traveled down on the train to games lots of fans have children with them so again with school etc mid week can make it difficult if your not getting home till close to midnight.
The thing that does shock me is how many people attend for an hour then no matter what the score winning losing drawing they leave, I appreciate they may have stuff to do places to be etc but wouldn't it be better to watch the whole match at home than just the first hour in the stadium, to each their own but I find the early leavers more difficult to understand than the non attenders.



27 Feb 2019 19:33:11
Very big game for us tonight

I would love a 1 nil win and a third clean sheet on the trot.

I really believe if we win our next 3 games we will get top 4 or better.



1.) 27 Feb 2019 21:04:17
With our defence? Seriously and you only want 1 goal. what happened to your standards bud 😉.




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04 May 2018 18:19:36
7 and half years i've been coming on here ed, mainly to protest against wenger. My work is all but done.

Cheers Everton ed, your one of the good ones we've had on here over the years.




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03 May 2018 22:37:08
So no racism ed as I said.


{Ed025's Note - apparently not malaga but im still trying to crack the case mate..



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03 May 2018 22:00:08
Ok I hold my hands up ed that was wrong but have i been racist?


{Ed025's Note - just had clarification from another were banned for calling someone a retard on numerous occasions.



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03 May 2018 20:33:51
Ed, if I was racially abusing anyone why am I allowed to post on the main site.

I find it totally out of order that jelfy is allowed to post total lies.

Talk about a kangaroo court.


{Ed025's Note - i will see if any of the other eds know anything..



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27 Apr 2018 21:43:34
I got it

Dick would be proud.





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15 Mar 2019 22:56:49
Steve, we are a new Arsenal

I'm very confident we will beat Napoli.




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15 Mar 2019 13:35:48
Have a little faith stoner.




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10 Mar 2019 23:42:10
Fair play to you SY

Just love beating them.




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09 Mar 2019 21:16:02
Unlike SY4, I have total confidence in us getting a result.

3-1 to the Arsenal.




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06 Mar 2019 18:17:40
Oh dear raver. Watch out for all those he/shes, they could have it away with your golf buggy.