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24 Jul 2017 23:42:25
I think it has been said we have to sell to buy, so I wondered if we had any players about to leave or clubs making offers for players right now?

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23 Jul 2017 22:13:40
WIth Mahrez being linked is he actually someone Arsenal are trying to get or is he just someone they looked at? We can't get both him and Lemar can we?

Also with Alexis. Is PSG somewhere he would go or is he wanting to go to City?

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23 Jul 2017 22:25:49
Mahrez looks like a back up option to Lamar. Not both.

{Ed002's Note - But one is a LW and one a RW. I would avoid the overlap.

Also, as a complete aside but thought provoking, Chelsea's interest in Lemar was with a view to turning him in to a real high-end wing back. Worth pondering.}

23 Jul 2017 23:09:54
Ed I don't see us buying both. my thought process is that if we wanted mahrez that much we would have moved in by now and tried to do a deal. He's made noises he wants to leave. I would be very surprised if we got or get both.

{Ed002's Note - Right now, it is awaiting the Sanchez situation I think.}

23 Jul 2017 23:27:51
I agree ed, both players depend on Sanchez. I would be surprised if we went big on Lamar if Sanchez stays.

23 Jul 2017 22:12:59
Are Alexis's demands reasonable or not? Lots of journalists are saying he wants £500k from PSG, £350k from Arsenal, or £200k from Man City.

I suppose the question is if AFC/ PSG can actually negotiate with him or if he is forcing us to sell him to City?

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23 Jul 2017 22:26:48
Or is what you are reading correct.

21 Jul 2017 18:40:04

nee naw nee naw Stand back folks, underpaid doctor who hates all footballers coming through.

So, I was walking to the park earlier today and the sky suddenly went dark, almost like I was in smoggy China. I was disorientated for a few seconds till I saw a shimmering in front of me. I walk up to the apparition and lo and behold, it is a hologram of our beloved manager.

What he says to me will blow all of you away. Now I'm not going to mimic his accent because I'm not THAT guy. Anyway, he says to me, "Sharpie, what is going on over there at ArsenalRumours. co. uk? "

I say to our manager, "Mr. Arsene, you don't need to say . co. uk. "

Anyway he scoffs at me and tells me about a crazy person going about posting about imaginary conversations they've had with him and the squad.

I say to him, "Get a grip Mr Arsene; no one is as far gone to do something like that. "

So, it's nice to know that Wenger doesn't always get things right.

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21 Jul 2017 18:44:38

You are a sandwich short of a picnic Sharpe.

21 Jul 2017 19:03:50

Hey sharpie ye nutter

Did you see Bod in his Porsche.

21 Jul 2017 19:10:42


21 Jul 2017 19:30:22

Sharpie can you self medicate for being a sandwich short of a picnic, if so go large! 😂.

21 Jul 2017 19:37:46

Malaga! Been a while mate, how you doing? Still in Ireland or did you head back to Spain?

Bod's Porsche? Can't say that I have buddy. I'm sure he's coordinated enough to peddle it it properly though.

21 Jul 2017 19:39:57

Stoner, you're assuming that I'm not constantly medicated 😂.

21 Jul 2017 19:44:31

By the way Stoner, you're not getting off telling us the story about Monreal and the chop sticks. I'm bloody intrigued!

21 Jul 2017 19:47:16

Still in Ireland mate, playing bad golf.

21 Jul 2017 20:07:02

I will have to give you a lesson one day Malaga on the old links.

22 Jul 2017 22:33:56
That's really funny!

22 Jul 2017 02:47:26
Hi I doubt this will be posted but I'd like to ask a question of the eds.

I've been around most of the pages and ed002 doesn't seem to be as hostile on other pages as he is with the arsenal page.

I get that there are idiots out there, but they are easily ignored. I get that it's annoying answer g the same questions over and over, but surely that's not just the arsenal page.

From what I can gather I think ed002 is a Chelsea supporter. I'd like to ask whether the reason for the v. Short fuse with the arsenal supporters is based on his support for Chelsea rather than personally at the arsenal posters.

Obviously I don't mean offense by this post, I just want clarification as to why ed002 decides to leave the arsenal page all the time.

I have tried searching back through the archives posts but I can never find the trigger for him leaving.

He's an awesome ed with awesome contacts and info, I just wish he would give us gooners a bit more info.

Cheers to all,

Much love,

{Ed001's Note - are you serious? You mean the editor who is not giving transfer info on Chelsea right now because of the idiots? He is certainly not harsher with any of you. Ed002 is how he is, he puts up with the 'has so and so signed yet' repeat questions 800 times a day, the abuse, the moronic whines on every site and treats people the same way whether they support Arsenal, Liverpool or Chelsea. It is just everyone wants to believe they are the ones who are hard done by. He does this for free, off his own back, if he decides he can't be bothered to put up with fools on your site, you just have to accept it. He owes no one a thing, when he gives his time to edit the sites that is him doing us all a favour and it is up to him when and if he can be bothered with you.}

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23 Jul 2017 07:17:00
Ed01. Why oh why do you bother in replying to that mate seriously. You may as well smash your head up against the wall.

{Ed001's Note - probably.}

20 Jul 2017 10:37:28
Just read something interesting on spurs wage structure, if a player at Totenham is reported to be on 100k a week it is likely that 30% of that is in bonuses.
The question is Theo 140k wage plus or including bonuses? If it's inclusive of bonus how much did his 140k drop last season by our failing to make the Champions league last season?
Answers on a postcard to the usual address please.

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21 Jul 2017 10:54:58
I suppose that failing to put a league challenge in for decades sets a bit of a president for rewarding failings.

21 Jul 2017 16:43:40
What a liberty 140 K a week and they have got the cheek to include his bonuses in it. How is a man supposed to live on that?

20 Jul 2017 10:12:01
Please can everyone stop crying about being thumbed down your grown men for gods sake, the only reason your prob still getting the thumbs down is you keep going on about it.

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21 Jul 2017 22:02:43
Spot on Jelfy.

22 Jul 2017 02:04:06
Looks like your thumbs got cramp Dags.

18 Jul 2017 09:01:04
7.5 million for jack wheelchair I'll drive him to Italy myself. sell, sell, sell.

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17 Jul 2017 20:29:14
Hobs to West Brom 12 million and chambers to Crystal Palace for 20 million good deals there.

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16 Jul 2017 08:49:19
Alright everyone? .
Quick update from cloudy Sydney.
Wenger told me yesterday that Lemar was on the back burner now unless something drastic changes but Mahrez looks hopeful.
He said that he is sick and tired of Alexis and his whinging about Champions League football and has told him so. He also said that Arsenal never bid more than 100 mil for Mbappe. After our lunch together we'll liquid lunch I should say, he stumbled out of the bar and started to sing 'Maybe Its Because I'm A Londoner ' on the hotel PA system which the manager was not too pleased about . We are off to China next week for the Bayern friendly. Speak soon. Have fun.

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