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30 Jan 2019 17:38:26
Arsenal have signed "barca outcast" denis suarez, lol some of the media outlets on the web are gutter snipes. Very talented player, the only thing we need to find out is wether he copes with the prem. We have4 months to find out.


{Ed0333's Note - i agree Steve I think the guys a very good player. Really looking forward to seeing provide bullets to Aba and Lacazette. I don’t see anything wrong with this transfer at all.

1.) 30 Jan 2019 17:50:22
Emery knows him really well Ed0333, he knows what he is getting, so i'm hopeful he can blossom but at least we can try before we buy.

{Ed0333's Note - exactly it’s a win win situation for arsenal.

2.) 30 Jan 2019 19:36:46
Alexis wasn’t a first team regular in Barcelona before he came to us. So if Suarez can be anything close to that I would be thrilled. (Yeah yeah, I know Alexis was a better player, with more power to his game)

3.) 30 Jan 2019 20:42:05
The truth is Nor, Barcelona don't have many donkeys in their A or B teams, they can all play football and would get in a hell of a lot of first teams. He probably needs to play regularly to find his true potential. he's no mug that's for sure.

4.) 31 Jan 2019 01:51:15
Alexis was a regular, he was almost always in the team except for a handful of occasions off the bench or left out of the cups.
Personally I'm glad we've picked up Suarez but wondering who will make way in the side as a result.



14 Jan 2019 22:59:15
Ed 02 do you know if it is right we have been offered €10 by juve to let ramsey go. I know you don't like talking money but have you heard anything. Thanks.


{Ed002's Note - It is rather more than €10 but they do want him now and Benatia is another option.}

1.) 15 Jan 2019 13:10:21
I'd take benatia and let Ramsey go now.

2.) 15 Jan 2019 14:44:02
Just realised i missed the million out of first post. Doh!

3.) 15 Jan 2019 17:38:25
Yes, they have doubled their offer by adding a glass of Chianti to the bid Steve.

4.) 15 Jan 2019 14:42:52
Thanks for that Ed 02.

5.) 15 Jan 2019 17:52:49
One of the few fine things to come from Italy Epping . We should bite their hand off.



14 Jan 2019 22:56:02
Since the summer Ozil joined, Arsenal have spent on transfers £378 million. we have recouped £77 million. I think its plain to see why this club has been struggling.


1.) 14 Jan 2019 23:20:40
No question the buying and contract management of players has been woeful to put it mildly and that's why the Sven men have been brought in by the club. Who knows the club might just feel a little less nervous in future if they start seeing the assets they invest increase in value rather than simply vanish into thin air.

2.) 15 Jan 2019 00:14:09
The list of players we have lost money on or like sanchez lost out on when their market value was lost. Ok not now but his market value was £80 big ones, we got way below that in the deal. Gabriel, Lucas etc not big buys as such but bought and sold at a loss in a short time.

3.) 15 Jan 2019 04:10:27
Agree with both Steve and G62. I'd still take a loss on Mustafi if it meant getting rid tomorrow though. We desperately need a CB.

4.) 15 Jan 2019 06:22:31
We have been operating like that for years Steve, constantly letting players go to rivals for below market value and getting shafted when going into the transfer market too late as was the Wenger way.

5.) 15 Jan 2019 08:12:04
It seemed to all start with RVP moving to United a move that hurt Arsene personally, after that we seem to give any player who might just one day be a top player ridicules wages not to leave and of course the players quickly learned how to play the game with Arsene in order to get more than their true value in wages.



14 Jan 2019 20:21:51
This season is about transition and change, if people can't or won't give Dick or Tom or whoever enough time to get right or get wrong ( i don't know anyone who gets everything right and nothing wrong) then we can't expect anyone ever to come to this club and put it back. Dick is a very good manager, a very highly decorated manager, for goodness sake let him get on with it and let him get things wrong. Then maybe when it has been time to digest the level of problems that need to be addressed, then give him time to address it. The squad had ad still has problems of not his doing, he isn't Dynamo. Oh wait!


1.) 14 Jan 2019 21:32:05
Next up Chelsea United Cardiff and City Steve given its Dicks first season what would be acceptable mate, 3pts v Cardiff and free to concentrate on the europa league 100% :-)

2.) 14 Jan 2019 21:54:58
Amen to that Steve 🙏🏻.

3.) 14 Jan 2019 22:23:32
Gunner, our home record is pretty good, if we beat chelski next week, happy days, if we dont, i think pretty much cups all the way and a bit more experimenting with the team for me.

4.) 14 Jan 2019 22:36:55
Glen, I've never thought about being a preacher man. Lol Are they opinionated like me.

5.) 14 Jan 2019 22:53:53
What about United in the cup Steve? Do you think Dick can out smart Ole given he's been in the job slightly longer :-)

6.) 14 Jan 2019 23:55:00
Gunner, why not, we will find out soon enough.

7.) 15 Jan 2019 10:13:20
I guess so Steve mate. All hail Pope Emery.



31 Dec 2018 19:36:20
Anyway, Happy new year to all, eds and arsenal fc.


1.) 01 Jan 2019 11:18:37
Happy new year Steve mate.

2.) 02 Jan 2019 17:23:56
Happy new year, Steve to you and your family.




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09 Feb 2019 19:51:13
Unconvincing win but a win,3 points and that makes it one more away win than last season. Should set us up for a good February, if the illness that is going around the club doesn't turn into an epidemic.


1.) 09 Feb 2019 20:35:46
A brilliant display that ends in a loss isn't worth anything but comfort in disipionment while a poor performance is soon forgotten with 3 points in the bag, especially when your chasing a league position.

2.) 09 Feb 2019 20:39:47
3 Points always welcome but wtf is going on with Ozil!

3.) 09 Feb 2019 20:41:51
First game iv missed all season. Was it as lack lustre as the reports are making it? Glad we came away with three points and scored more than 1 goal away from home for the first time since November I believe. Any insight on Denis Suarez?

4.) 09 Feb 2019 21:57:49
Sparky, i believe ozil was ill, they have a bug going round, so possible that it is true. They didn't miss him, apparently myki was very good.

5.) 09 Feb 2019 22:36:12
seems to be ill a lot lately mate.

6.) 09 Feb 2019 22:50:34
I wonder wether he gets statutory sick pay, while he's off.

7.) 09 Feb 2019 23:04:40
His immune system is genuinely low so he does pick up illnesses easily

3 points are 3 points even if it wasn’t convincing. Fed up playing well, having 70% possession and coming away with zero points. Not sure we’ve figured out playing poorly and getting 3 points as we can’t defend but we just got 3 points! That should give them a boost


8.) 09 Feb 2019 23:10:25
hope it isn't at 40% poor sod.

9.) 09 Feb 2019 22:34:28
I wouldn’t say very good steve.

10.) 09 Feb 2019 23:48:50
Little to be learned from today's performance SY mate as Huddersfield are currently the premier leagues 4th weakest team ever in regards of points at this stage of the season.
Today was all about not slipping up rather sending any kind of statement to our competitors.

11.) 10 Feb 2019 01:31:14
With players out injured and ill, good to secure a much needed away win and end the day 1 point behind 4th placed Man U, who I belive face Liverpool next, while we have a couple of winnable home PL matches in a row. We should get most players back by the end of Feb, except the 3 players with season ending injuries. It would be excellent if we can finish the month in 4th place and in the last 16 of the CL.

12.) 10 Feb 2019 11:45:53
We have a nice breather between Europa league games in which time players can recover from illness and injury plus it gives us a chance to work on our weaknesses in order to give ourselves the best possible chance of the best possible final league position.
Personally I can't see a top 4 finish without improvement at the back but maybe I'm wrong and we will get away with it for the rest of the season as we are.

13.) 10 Feb 2019 12:22:24
IT was a win but to say we were absolute garbage is probably an insult to our local landfill. We barely strung two passes together, couldn't progress down the pitch, and were outnumbered wherever the ball was. I was convinced we either only sent out 9, or Huddersfield were playing with 15. With better finishing Huddersfield should have got more from this game, especially as we constantly gave the ball straight back to them, and frequently in our own half. We couldn't cope with their press, so much so that I actually missed Xhaka, as at least he does seem to be able to pass to a teammate. Someone said Myti had a good game? Yes in that he was involved in a goal, but pathetic for the rest of the time. When looking at why we defend so poorly, Myti summed it up perfectly yesterday. Time and again, he sort of tracks back, but makes no attempt to actually pick anyone up or tackle, so much so that he is a liability, and would be better off staying up the pitch. Anyway, to balance slightly he has just come back from injury, and perhaps ran out of steam. On the positive side Kos had a good game, and if he stays fit for the rest of the season, we may start to see the goals conceded improve.

14.) 10 Feb 2019 13:17:12
I think yesterday was in many ways the story of our season, our results depend on both what we do and what the opposing strikes don't do.
We concede so many chances in each and every game that results are always going to be a bit like a lottery for us rather than us ever having any real control over them.
They were under Arsene too of course, we still rely on simply out scoring the opposition rather than controlling a game.

15.) 10 Feb 2019 14:53:09
I think it’s important that we keep this inept and out of his depth manager to ensure that we continue failing to challenge, win nothing, carry on looking weak as pi55 and get our yearly beatings off the big clubs until the end of his waste of time contract.

Just my opinion of course.

16.) 10 Feb 2019 15:21:36
Only saw the highlights but we were clearly as useless as normal in defence and kept giving the bill away /, failed to make simple passes.

We need creativity in midfield to create chances and get a bit of shape in defence. I read that we’ve tinkered with formation every away game - that’s crazy.

I don’t want us to give up creativity in attack because we can’t defend. How about tell the holding midfielders / fullbacks and center backs to hold their F’ing position. That way we can accommodate an Ozil type player who should use 100% of his time supporting the attack not defending.

We’ve dropped him because everyone else including the manager can’t do their job. Result is an imbalanced team that’s frustrating to watch and who leaks goals.

62 - you are right. This game isn’t the yardstick and standards are dropping each season. Frustrating times.

17.) 10 Feb 2019 15:52:11
It's certainly getting easier and easier to play against Arsenal each season SY mate.
Sit back keep it tight at the back and don't worry about creating chances too much because Arsenal will present you with lots of opportunities to score when their entire midfield and both fullbacks go goal chasing without a thought of getting exposed themselves.
If you go toe to toe with Arsenal you are making life hard for your self and turning the game into a lottery as Everton Liverpool Chelsea and Spurs did but if you sit back as United did have done and will do again Arsenal are extremely easy pickings that keeps getting easier and easier and all you have to do is sit back and take the chances you will always get against Arsenal.



07 Feb 2019 22:22:18
Some great news as far as injuries are concerned, mykis back full training, soc back light training, the only downside, xhakas back light training too. Meeeeoooow. Lol.


1.) 07 Feb 2019 22:35:59
Has Xhaka been injured?
I wondered why he'd suddenly disappeared to.

2.) 08 Feb 2019 06:50:36
He disappeared shortly after joining us :)

3.) 08 Feb 2019 07:05:25
That is good news - hopefully Emery gets a full defence back to help him and his standing with the fans as I WANT him to succeed.



05 Feb 2019 21:52:51
Not that it matters but just read a very good article that states and proves Dicks first 24 games in his first season for arsenal are better than maureen, poch and klopp. They didn't start very well then did they? Still hope then! Lol.


1.) 05 Feb 2019 22:26:14
Personally I think the fact the article is relevant says more about what Dick hasn't achieved so far than what he has so far.
It's where we are this time next year that will say most because those 3 managers the article is comparing Dick to all achieved champions league football in thier second season, plus 2 of them got to Europa league finals in year one and if Dick emulates that bit he will get real breathing space.

2.) 05 Feb 2019 22:31:58
Cant argue with that at all.

3.) 06 Feb 2019 07:49:45
Emery has done a fine job after taking over a team in decline and with one of the weakest Arsenal squads in recent memory. With a limited budget he brought in 5 players, of which two have been excellent signings, two are decent signings, whilst one hasn't been great, but was acquired on a free for one season.
Emery has had to contend with 3 season ending injuries to a numerically challenged squad, whilst integrating the new players and methods.

The team are currently 3 points behind 4th placed Chelsea, who are away to Man City, whilst Arsenal play bottom placed Huddersfield.
The January dea for Denis Sanchez may prove in time to be a bargain. The decision not to renew Wilshere's contract was spot on, and he had the courage not to renew Ramsey's deal, as that would have committed us to another player on absurdly high wages.

In addition he decided to send Nelson on loan to gain valuable playing time and now Smith-Rowe has also been loaned out, If reports are correct he wants a new CB and LB in the summer, whilst reports today indicate that Mustafi will be sold in the summer. With limited funds he has done a fine job and I believe as he forms his own squad and moves out players he inherited that are simply not good enough, we will see progress. WE just have to be patient and support him.

4.) 06 Feb 2019 11:59:51
No wonder we got rid of Sven, Dick was having to do Svens job and his own :-)
Hopefully Svens replacement will pull his weight and leave Dick free to organise our defence:-)

5.) 06 Feb 2019 12:23:25
RG61 - you saw Ed’s note that the summer signings had nothing to do with Emery. So I can’t blame him for Lich. His window was the winter window. Just wanted to ensure we weren’t praising or blaming him fir the signings 😉.

6.) 06 Feb 2019 13:35:16
RG isn't a huge fan of letting the facts get in the way of what he choses to think SY :-)
For RG his opinion trumps any fact you can throw at him :-) .

We can all say what we want about RG but I still think he'd be a brilliant DM for us, his share tenacity and determination not to be beaten regardless of anything would be a major asset.
Long after the goal had been given triple checked by VAR and the match restarted RG would still be trying to not accept the opposition had scored.

7.) 06 Feb 2019 15:23:13
I am, of course entitled to my opinion and that is the fact that Emery managed both Guendouzi and Suarez, so I imagine his opinion and possibly his assistance would have definitely have come into the equation. I cannot recall Ed's comments on last summer's signings and do not wish to undermine any of the Ed's. However, I do not believe for one moment that Emery is not involved in the process of players that are signed during his management of the team, even if it is just the simple task of giving his approval to potential signings, although my instinct tells me he would be more involved.
G62 - you appear to have a serious problem understanding my posts and have an idiotic concept that I do not wish to be beaten. I am not opposed to changing an opinion, if presented with a sensible well written argument or an idea that makes sense. Today I read that Ian Wright has suggested playing Mustafi at RB and, although it may not work, I thought it was a sensible, thought out suggestion, as Lichtsteiner and Jenkinson are simply not good enough. I suggest that instead of trying to get one on me, as some people that make comments in such regard, you concentrate on making serious, intelleigent comments. If you do not agree with any of my comments then explain why. Do you seriously think there was no input from Emery on any of the 6 signings made during his reign at the club? He may nit have scouted the players or been involved in the negotiations and may have been a simple do you want him or not? Interestingly reports indicate that Emery put an end to offering Ramsey a new deal as he felt the funds could be invested better. That doesn't sound like a manager that is bypassed.

8.) 06 Feb 2019 18:12:43
Well said rg.

9.) 06 Feb 2019 18:21:00
RG, what funny is your info comes from “reports” and they are from the sun or daily mail at best. Your constant and repeatative post are far away from fact and as you are entitled to your opinion you should accept other poster.
And Emery did not manage Gouendouzi at PSG so he had nothing to do with him.

10.) 06 Feb 2019 19:18:31
RG the Eds told us long ago that Arsenal were going to appoint a coach not a manager as we know it in this country, responsible for picking and training the team but not buying new players, a new back room team were brought in to identify and sign new players that would be bought for the coach not chosen by the coach.
This is a system Dick has been used to because it's the norm through out European football and has been for years.
Ed001 once again told us yesterday that Dick did not chose any of our summer signings, not even litch.

I know it doesn't suit you to accept this information but Dick and Guendouzi were not together at the same time at PSG.
I know it's tough for you to hear what you don't want to be true but there you have it, you can continue to post what only you actually think is true that is up to you but don't expect too many people to agree with your single minded view no matter how many times you agree with yourself my old thumb :-)

11.) 06 Feb 2019 19:19:08
Hi Craig :-)



03 Feb 2019 23:51:22
Just to remind people, this time last year we were 10 points behind fourth in 6th.


1.) 04 Feb 2019 02:41:21
And we sacked our manager as a result and expected issues to be addressed.

2.) 04 Feb 2019 04:52:32
Remember what we were expecting - from an article in amay:

“He is flexible and pragmatic, but what will certainly change at Arsenal is the relaxed attitude to positioning that existed under Wenger. That was the sadness of those repeated Champions League exits to Barcelona. It often felt that Arsenal was not so much technically outclassed as just it was not as organized. Emery will work relentlessly on that. He uses videos so much that winger Joaquin, whom Emery coached at Valencia, once observed that he’d run out of popcorn. If you don’t have the resources, discipline and shape are a way of making up the shortfall. ”

Do we need a new VCR?

Do we need a translator?

Somethings not right Steve as we are none of the above.

{Ed001's Note - whoever wrote that knew nothing about Emery. He does use video footage a lot, but the reason players complain is because he uses that instead of work on shape and positioning on the training ground. If he had the players out on the pitch working with them on what they saw, then the videos would be beneficial. As it is, they are just pointless.}

3.) 04 Feb 2019 08:19:20
I'd read about the videos before he came and about some players complaining about the home work he game them to do by watching videos but I didn't know about the not using what they'd learned on the training pitch, but it does explain the total lack of organisation and professional footballers looking like a group of 10 year olds playing organised 11 a side football for the first time.
It's incredibly how we lack the basics of defending and although we obviously need upgrades I refuse to accept that our current players are as bad individually as they look collectively.
People talk about how they are not Dicks players but they are professional footballers and if organised properly wouldn't look as poor as they do, Arsene couldn't do it and so far Dick doesn't look any more capable of doing it than Arsene.

4.) 04 Feb 2019 08:25:29
We were a cup team under Wenger and we’ll never be any more than that under Emery.

We are exactly the same pushovers we’ve been for the previous ten years. Kroenke won’t spend the money to make this club big again, he alone has allowed us to become this weak by continually failing to act and by employing this joker he’s failed again.

Emery has never actually challenged for a title because you don’t challenge with PSG where he even managed to lose the title in his first year. Went a whole year at Sevilla without winning an away game.

You really are dreaming if you think he’s going to even have the money to buy the players we need let alone organise them to do anything.

Add to that the hapless Steve Bould and here we go again.

Then look at Iwobi, Xhaka, Mustafi, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Ramsey, Monreal, Welbeck Kolasinac, Jenkinson, Leno and ageing central defenders. Yep we’re only two players away from challenging. 😂

We are a budget club employing budget managers, budget coaching staff and too many budget players.

And don’t even get me started on Mislintat! 🤬.

5.) 04 Feb 2019 09:12:15
Add to that Gary Neville taking the mick out of how bad we were the whole match in his co-commentary and that City we’re having an easy game using it as a training match.

Zero shots on their goal in the 2nd half! ZERO. Not sure we even got in their half. Abject, weak, poor, spineless, clueless and watching Suárez get shoved off the ball by David Silva summed that all up.

Wenger sure ain’t presiding over this dross.

6.) 04 Feb 2019 09:47:20
Absolutely, and this year we are 3 points, one win, off 4th place. Next week we have a winnable match away to bottom placed Huddersfield, while 4th placed Chelsea are away to Man City.
Don't forget that yesterday the team, due to injury was missing: Bellerin, Sokratis, Holding, Welbeck, Xhaka, Maitland-Niles and Mkhitaryan.

7.) 04 Feb 2019 10:47:57
Stats! Don't you love them :-)
Thw government says Britain has its highest level of working population ever in its history
Yet there are people depending on food banks to help feed their families despite them having full time jobs for the first time ever.

Stats are things people drag out to try and support the argument they wish to support
While the reality is what people see and experience for themselves.
Everyone loves a stat almost as much as they do a terms and conditions statements but the reality is both are designed to hide the nasty bits and make things look different to what they really are.
The proof of the pudding is in the eating and so far Dicks pudding tastes almost identical to Arsene pudding in fact I'd go as far as to describe it as extremely Darsene in texture and taste.

{Ed025's Note - i agree G62, its cloning mate..

8.) 04 Feb 2019 11:04:07
I think if you'd be living in a cave for the past 12 months and got back yesterday you'd be forgiven for thinking how young Arsene was looking these days Ed025 mate and how much height he'd lost too :-) but the team and performance would soon remind you yes this is the Arsenal I remember when I left.

{Ed025's Note - except it looks like arsene turned into a vampire mate.. :)

9.) 04 Feb 2019 11:24:32
Must be why he does so well in the europa league mate, all those night time kickoffs must agree with him :-) certainly explains our opening two defeats of the season in August, those cloudless bright blue sky's and all that sunshine, tough start that for Count Darsene:-)

{Ed025's Note - being like arsene is no reflection on him mate.. :)

10.) 04 Feb 2019 11:52:29
Excellent Ed :-)

11.) 04 Feb 2019 14:10:13
Lads, i'm just saying we are 7 points nearer to top four than last year. No improvement, just seven points nearer and in the mix. that's all.



03 Feb 2019 18:46:50
Leno, koscelney, torreira, Gouendouzi, lacca well done, the rest, levels of not so well done to absolute sh*t.


1.) 03 Feb 2019 19:10:38
Big name premier league players quite often fail as managers at smaller clubs in the championship and league 1 or 2 because they try and get players at those clubs who aren't up to playing at the level the manager is used to working at and who are incapable of achieving the managers ambitions in the style of play the manager would like.
You've simply got to know and accept the players you have at your disposal and find a way of playing they are capable of achieving for you.
Give Dick Spurs Liverpool or City players and he might be able to achieve his ambitions with his ideal style but with what he's inherited at Arsenal you've got to find a style that they can handle.
It's irrelevant now Why he inherited such a poor squad because that's in the past the only thing that mattes between now and the season ending is finding a compromise that works between what Dick wants and what the current players can deliver.

2.) 03 Feb 2019 19:10:52
With fixtures like these, it wrong that I mostly just ask myself, by how much wire will lose. I feel like we’re a world away.

3.) 03 Feb 2019 19:26:18
Agree Alex we are a long long way away but every journey begins with first step, it's a difficult but not impossible job, we need to find a way for these players to play.

4.) 03 Feb 2019 20:09:50
Arsenalex, don't try and judge us against citeh, they are the current champions, have the best manager in the world and are three years into their project. We are no even out of the blocks in comparison.

5.) 03 Feb 2019 21:53:16
G62, is it not better for dick to continue to play his way in order to see what players to keep and who to let go. If he is to change now then makes him look weak and his philosophy he's been trying to install into the team has to begin again in August . Players are still learning how to play his way and dick is still learning about this group of players. Some have improved. Dick needs a season to access what he has and what he hasn't.

6.) 03 Feb 2019 22:51:12
Hi Paddy
When Pep took over city he brought in players to play his style so although it was a difficult first season the benefits were seen a year later when he only had to add here and there to perfect his plans.
Our players are not 50 million plus players and we won't be bringing in 50 million plus players either to play Dicks preferred way.
Horses for courses in my opinion mate and it's no good asking people to do what they simply aren't upto doing, some people are decent backing singers but just not upto being lead vocalists is the easiest way I see it.
This pretty playing out from the back isn't brilliant if you have the players to do it but if you don't your always going to come undone as often as not.

7.) 03 Feb 2019 23:22:19
Pep continued to play his way the first year he went to city even though he hadn't the players. It wasn't until his 2nd season he brought in the 50m fullbacks and a keeper. The difficulty for dick is he has less to work with than pep had when he first arrived to city.
My point is dick needs time and he needs players to suit his style but for now he has to make do with what he has.

8.) 03 Feb 2019 23:39:47
I agree paddy, its dicks way or get out because you aren't capable. Its obvious that in the summer, there are players in this squad who Dick will wave bye bye because of what he has seen this season. The fly in the ointment will be Ozil, the biggest scar from the previous regime. How we/ he deals with him is any ones guess. Ozil, mustaffi, xhaka and iwobi for different reasons are a massive problem to our future. The defence will get a massive overhaul, just because monreal, jenko and lich will need replacing just for starters. But ozil is strangling us going forward.




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11 Feb 2019 20:21:07
I think we will get at least 3 new defenders next summer, a left back, a center back and a right back.




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04 Feb 2019 21:47:37
Am i right, monchi worked with Dick in the past. There may be legs, it may be people putting two and two together. Overmars is in the frame as well, i think.




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30 Jan 2019 22:18:04
Great move for him and arsenal.




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30 Jan 2019 20:42:05
The truth is Nor, Barcelona don't have many donkeys in their A or B teams, they can all play football and would get in a hell of a lot of first teams. He probably needs to play regularly to find his true potential. he's no mug that's for sure.




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30 Jan 2019 17:50:22
Emery knows him really well Ed0333, he knows what he is getting, so i'm hopeful he can blossom but at least we can try before we buy.


{Ed0333's Note - exactly it’s a win win situation for arsenal.




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11 Feb 2019 20:23:56
In the words of Sir Bruce, didn't he do well.




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11 Feb 2019 20:07:08
Gunner, that is something i don't agree on at all. On the contrary, wether he is getting improvement or not, within his limits and constraints, he is actually trying all sorts. that's something you can't throw at him.




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11 Feb 2019 20:03:37
More fools juve, that's what i say. I doubt he will pay his way with value. that's if he manages to improve his availability.




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11 Feb 2019 17:10:50
Ive got to say, from what i have seen, Chelsea, us and even the newly rejuvenated united, have had problems and still don't look too solid. I wouldn't trust any of the defences of those three at all. that's probably why at the moment all three teams are fighting for fourth. Spuds were mightily lucky at home to Leicester the other day and looked very shakey. The top two teams in the league have had settled managers and both started with shakey defences but bit by bit and season by season put it right. Nobody sorts it in a few months.




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10 Feb 2019 23:14:34
Gunner defence, attack, dick, ole, 22 game very lucky run, 9 games transformed by ole, poor defence (which must be bad, we've let in 2 more than utd to date) chelski letting in 6 at citeh, good form, bad form, ultimately adds up in the end to a total number of points at the end of the season.