28 Oct 2023 17:47:21
Very comfortable and good for goal difference

Well done lads.

1.) 28 Oct 2023
28 Oct 2023 18:13:44
Watched it Banbury

Eddie got 3 cracking goal.

2.) 28 Oct 2023
28 Oct 2023 18:20:25
Absolutely mate, big games Wednesday and Saturday, be well pleased to go into the Savile game still unbeated in the league ?.

3.) 28 Oct 2023
28 Oct 2023 19:50:03
Very good performance
Congratulations Eddie
Lovely to see ESR starting.

4.) 29 Oct 2023
29 Oct 2023 06:18:59
Pleased for Eddie after the flak he's copped and think he earned the penalty if he wanted it. Interesting how we are basically rotating the duty around.

5.) 29 Oct 2023
29 Oct 2023 08:07:52
From what I saw on motd ESR was outstanding Bill as was Eddie of course.

6.) 29 Oct 2023
29 Oct 2023 09:22:49
So much respect to Eddie for handing over the ball to Viera to take the penalty. Says a lot about the man :)

7.) 29 Oct 2023
29 Oct 2023 09:24:03
They were John
The third goal was some lovely build up and a superb finish from Eddie. Nice to see Elneny back on the park as well.

8.) 29 Oct 2023
29 Oct 2023 10:37:42
Well done Eddie - great hatrick. 3 goals from 3 shots - amazing conversion.

Didnt really see Kai involved much on highlights although helped win corner. For a big lad he looks like he disappears at corners. How did he play against a very weak side and us dominating? Hoped he might of scored even if it was him scraping for a goal in 6 yard box.

Happy we kept a clean sheet, super happy Eddie got a few goals and great for goal difference but they were missing key players, away and poor side that got spanked 8 nil at home by Newcastle so need to take that into account. However - a great second half and plenty of goals. Happy for the boys but also, slightly expected at least a 3 nil spanking if we are to win the league.

Really hoping Kai, Viera, Eddie use these games to build confidence so they are ready for when called upon during the season. Hope Kai gets more game time in easy games like this one so he finds his groove as we need a big fella upfront to play with back to goal and play balls to inside left / right. Would like to see him more aggressive in box to cause disruption, force two players to mark him and fight for the ball. Fingers crossed and more game time in games like this and league cup will only help.

Newcastle game will be an interesting test - COYG let’s stuff em.

9.) 29 Oct 2023
29 Oct 2023 13:16:29
Hi Bill yes it was great to see Elneny back mate. We missed him last season as he's such a committed and capable deputy whether called on in the 90th minute to see a game out or from the kick off to cover injuries. Mo always gives everything for the Arsenal cause mate.

10.) 29 Oct 2023
29 Oct 2023 13:44:45
That 3rd goal was a thing of beauty / confident, instinct and a sweet sweet strike

Yep - lovely seeing Mo get some game time and keep his eye in at epl level so not too rusty when needed.

11.) 29 Oct 2023
29 Oct 2023 13:57:40
Mo is mr Arsenal

Talk of him taking up coaching roll when he retires.

12.) 29 Oct 2023
29 Oct 2023 14:17:24
I did read somewhere that him and Xhaxa had already started their badges?.

13.) 29 Oct 2023
29 Oct 2023 15:11:59
He'd certainly start his coaching career having given himself what he'd be asking from others Mark mate, always advantage.

14.) 29 Oct 2023
29 Oct 2023 17:12:17
He has started his own academy, they're recruiting players and he apparently coaches them: elnenyacademy. com, not quite sure how that works, when he already has commitments!

15.) 29 Oct 2023
29 Oct 2023 17:54:18
He must have a lot of support with running it Eden and I guess while he was injured and unable to train it gave him a focus. Just guessing as I don't actually know anything about it.

16.) 29 Oct 2023
29 Oct 2023 22:06:12
Yeah, I'm sure he has the clubs blessings and support to be able to do it, best of luck to him.

17.) 30 Oct 2023
30 Oct 2023 02:30:25
g62 I don't think ESR played too well, he was very quiet and despite the assist didn't demand the ball much. He played very much within himself.

That said his positioning was quite interesting as he would frequently vacate the space in the middle left and Zinchenko would burst forward into acres ahead of him, so it was probably a tactical decision from Arteta as well to keep United stretched out.

I think he'll feature in the cup midweek.

18.) 30 Oct 2023
30 Oct 2023 07:29:13
Hi Wire I was basing my assessment of ESR purely on motd where I thought he looked excellent. Maybe I just noticed his best bits because i was so pleased to see him playing for us again.

19.) 30 Oct 2023
30 Oct 2023 10:42:10
Yes have to say regardless of the performance I was just chuffed to see him starting a PL game again.

20.) 30 Oct 2023
30 Oct 2023 21:36:26
Hi Wire - how did Kai play? Wasn’t really in any highlights on motd. Was he fighting for scraps in the box at corners / crosses or making life difficult at corners? Did he play any quick balls forward orde sending the ball or was a quiet gentleman at corners and the game kinda drift by him? Did he put a shift in and hold the ball up well? Any green shoots….

21.) 31 Oct 2023
31 Oct 2023 09:43:45
Sy I am probably more prone to give Havertz the benefit of the doubt than others, but he was pretty anonymous. He did well to compete for aerial balls but the entire right side was very quiet. Most of our play went through the left side and Zinchenko with Ødegaard rested.

22.) 31 Oct 2023
31 Oct 2023 20:09:28
Ok - thank you ?.