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16 Jul 2019 23:19:30
Am I crazy or was Eboue on tour with the club? Saw a pic with the Kroenkes and I could have sworn he was there. Hopefully they’re finding a role for him after his difficulties.


1.) 17 Jul 2019 08:04:24
Hope so, I always felt for him after the terrible way we fans treated him.
One of the lowest points in the clubs history in my opinion when our own fans reduced one of our own players to tears on the pitch.
We all get carried away sometimes and say and do things we later regret and what we did to Eboue is a horrible memory.
I hope he gets a job with the club and we get a chance to right a wrong and give him a brilliant reception.



17 Dec 2018 17:59:42
Hi Ed,

We were once interested in Reece Oxford. I imagine that ship has sailed.


{Ed001's Note - yes mate I believe it has.}



27 Aug 2018 23:33:06
Hi Ed,

Not to be reactionary, but is there actually any market for Ozil?



{Ed002's Note - The club are not looking to sell him but if they were there would need to be an enormous financial shift unless he were to head to China or perhaps the Middle East. Turkish clubs would want him but that would never be viable. The European clubs who can afford him, and there are few, have no interest and in the US he would need to significantly reduce his financial demands. Arsenal went far, far beyond what should have been offered and with the outrageous payments to PEA drove the club in to a difficult area with FFP wages. The club needs to be smarter moving forward and hope they don’t need to be paying off a manager next summer.}

1.) 28 Aug 2018 07:34:02
On a long term £350,000 a week deal, not a chance. Fully agree with Ed002's comments.
Whoever agreed to the deal should be shot!

2.) 28 Aug 2018 01:16:52
hi ed do you have any insight in to how come the club keeps getting in to the same predicament and unable or unwilling to renew contracts early so players are entering the last year of their contracts holding all the aces.

{Ed002's Note - Players will not want to sign contracts early without a financial incentive. Any clubs running close to the FFP restictions cannot afford to do that.}

3.) 28 Aug 2018 10:38:31
That's worrying that we can't afford to offer early renewals, it's costing much more in the long run, missing out on transfer fees and having to offer even higher wages when it comes to crunch time. Is there a reason we don't normally negotiate 1 year extension options like utd do?

{Ed002's Note - You are worrying unnecessarily about contracts, there has only been an issue in a couple of cases. In terms of affordability at this time, a considerable financial judder was felt with the Oezil contract, HM and PEA earlier this year - regardless of Sanchez leaving.}

4.) 29 Aug 2018 02:55:02
Thanks Ed. My question came a bit out of the blue.



29 Jul 2018 15:16:10
Hi Ed,
Sorry, I have asked this before but time is winding down. What’s the word on Ramsey? We know he’s in demand; will we chance it, give him the armband and hope he stays happy? Is the alternative we had lined up still available, and who might that be?


{Ed002's Note - Is this the "word on the street"? In which case I don't know; but the kids stood smoking their reefer on street corners in north London would be the ones to ask. Else, his agent has been discussing what they can do in terms of a new contract.}

1.) 29 Jul 2018 15:47:15
Thanks Ed. That’s good news. Not that kids are smoking reefer; where are the parents.

{Ed002's Note - In all probability one is in prison and the other on the game (but not reporting on it).}

2.) 29 Jul 2018 18:47:20
And it’s probably the mother in prison and the father on the game lol.

3.) 30 Jul 2018 06:37:24
Give him armband? I still don’t understand that hype around Ramsey. I would be happy to see him go. Same as I was happy to see Wilshere go. Years and years of hope. He is so overrated, I remember one good season from him.

4.) 30 Jul 2018 09:31:31
I'm with you Slovak mate, give him the armband, What like Mertesacker got the arm band for the shining example he set? Look how that worked for us.
I'd really rather Aaron left now because in his younger days when everyone was against him I thought he was much better than people gave him credit for but now we've gone fill circle where he is well over rated by many fans and himself to of course.

5.) 30 Jul 2018 10:02:42
For me Ramsey is a decent player in fact he is a good player when played where ozil plays. He’s just not as good there as ozil. I think he works harder than people give him credit for, my only real criticism is that he lacks possitional awareness at times and is often found out. I agree unless we can get him to sign an improved deal then we have to let him go. We can’t be in the same situation as before when the mood round the club seems buoyant at the moment.

6.) 30 Jul 2018 12:58:50
I agree a positive committed atmosphere is vital to success and absolutely anyone who detracts from that is always going to lesson your chances of success.

7.) 31 Jul 2018 02:25:22
IMO Aaron is best played behind Ozil. His best season with us was when he had defensive support from Arteta and played a box-to-box role, ghosting into the 18 with all the attention on Ozil and firing home goal after goal.

Problem is that as mentioned his positional awareness has left us vulnerable. I'd be interested to see how we look with a Torreira/ Ramsey deeper midfield behind Ozil.



14 May 2018 18:48:42
Hi Ed,

You have been generous answering questions since Wenger’s resignation. Any idea when an appointment will be made? I ask only because, as you have said, the new manager will affect transfers, and we’re all desperately waiting for transfer news.


{Ed002's Note - I suspect that unless there is a change of stance then it could be a matter of appointing a coach who will have very little impact on transfers - so coach the players you are given. There are no timescales. Carlo A is still in London most of the time - perhaps a step back is due.}

1.) 14 May 2018 21:44:10
Ed02 in your opinion do you think there is any chance that ancelotti is being considered ( or someone else ) and arteta as no2.

{Ed002's Note - He doesn’t think so.}

2.) 14 May 2018 21:59:56
Do you see Carlo as a manager who can work with given players ed?
Conspiracy theory: board try for Allegri and fail, encourage Arteta rumours and then appoint Ancelotti as a second option, reducing the fans doubts about him compared to a non experienced manager.
I try not to complicate things, but definitely can't.

{Ed002's Note - He can and it would not be an issue but he would prefer some input.}

3.) 14 May 2018 22:20:28
I thought you said we should discount Carlo Ed?
Ed is the arsenal board just not prepared to hire someone because there seems to be much division amongst them? I feel like the fact that they got a decision out of Arsene early would of helped them, but clearly not.

{Ed002's Note - I did, but options are getting slim. ArsenalhS changed the structure and concerns exist amongst the options.}

4.) 14 May 2018 23:07:43
carlo is off to napoli. Being reported heavily in the italian press.

5.) 14 May 2018 23:23:48
Thanks for your opinion Ed02.

6.) 15 May 2018 00:27:06
ED, is Allergi not an option anymore?

{Ed001's Note - Allegri doesn't want the move now.}

7.) 15 May 2018 01:03:48
Thanks Ed, I know u previously said he won’t be considered but do you think Nagelsmann will be considered now?

{Ed002's Note - I would doubt it.}

8.) 15 May 2018 10:30:23
Ed002, can I just say, your input is so incredible. I used to run all over the internet and read every journalist for Arsenal rumours and transfer targets. It was like a drug that I had to keep trying to find a better hit off. The past few years reading your insight has been amazing. I literally ignore 99% of what I see elsewhere these days. I wait for you to pass your knowledge to us grateful goons, and then carry on with my day. Would love to know some of the Ed's backgrounds one day, just out of interest really.

{Ed002's Note - You are very sweet. All I know of the Eds is:
Ed001 - Florist
Ed002 - Rodeo Clown and Gentleman Adventurer
Ed003 - Florist
Ed004 - Trainee Chimney Sweep
Ed007 - Chimney Sweep
Ed018 - Florist
Ed033 - Florist
Ed333 - Florist}

9.) 15 May 2018 10:40:15
hmmmm. I could use a chimney sweep on valentines day.

10.) 15 May 2018 12:50:47
Apparently there's a trainee chimney sweep on this sure who might be . available. 😁.

11.) 15 May 2018 11:59:23
Ha thanks Ed :) . Picturing Dick Van Dyke chimney sweeps singing around the offices!




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15 Jul 2019 19:38:55
Love that Overmars has told us to sign Ziyech.


1.) 15 Jul 2019 21:49:12
But did he say " Simon says sign Ziyech "? :-)

2.) 16 Jul 2019 06:41:39
This intrigues me, as Overmars and Ajax seem to want to move this player on, whilst there appears to be no takers for a player that looks decent. I recall Ed002 mentioning a problem with him that he wouldn’t divulge.

{Ed001's Note - he is well known to be a pain in the arse and a bit of a sulker.}

3.) 16 Jul 2019 09:52:49
Haven't you just described about 90% of professional footballers Ed?



27 Jun 2019 16:15:52
To be honest, I’m enjoying the drama of this summer, our limited budget and the uncertainty of improvement. That sounds absurd, I know, and I want us to challenge for trophies every season. But here are my thoughts, which no one has asked for.

The cash has gotten crazy. Despicably so. Funds suggested for Neymar or Joao Felix or whomever are just bonkers and so drastically removed from what we the fans live and what we know, I am sort of pleased that we're not involved. €20m for Nkunku. Sorry, who?

Paradoxically, I am also not disappointed because maybe it prompts action or involvement from Arsenal’s billionaire investor owner, who isn’t in sports to win trophies. But what happens if, on his watch, his asset depreciates in value?

I’m also sort of glad to see the club reap what it has sown. We were promised that, after belt-tightening for Ashburton Grove, we would be able to compete with the deepest of pockets. So we made do, and were treated to some beautiful football, some great youth signings and some dubious veteran acquisitions. Now it appears that the structure of management degraded and was maybe only protected from exposure due to Arsene’s brilliance. Or maybe I’ve got that wrong and our problems come from a failure to grow after Arsene’s departure and without his stewardship. In any event, the problems come from our own failures, and we need to live with our mistakes, hopefully fix them and move on. Absurd wage structures, lack of proper management structure, we are reaping what we’ve sown.

But still, it’s our club, and I’ll take the bad with the good. Growth can come from this, and we’ll still have beautiful moments and, hopefully, some great successes not far down the road.


1.) 27 Jun 2019 21:27:54
Just getting back to the forum after a long break. Like your post here: it needed saying. Kroenke's assets could fall quickly in the modern Prem and then it will be twist or stick for hi. Hopefully he will twist and sell out to someone who wants to win. The fundamentals of the club are good. We can come back like Liverpool with just a little investment and a sorted management structure.

2.) 27 Jun 2019 21:51:03
I'm not sure the fundamentals of the club are good anymore yyc mate, since moving to the Emirates everything about the club seems to have changed and it's difficult to name anything that's been for the better.
The old guard that carried the old Arsenal values have all sold they're shares and left the club now and when we left Highbury we seemed to leave our true desire to be the absolute best team in England behind.
Financially we are weak our playing staff are poor our behind the scenes people running the club seems to be lost and our manager seems to lack the ability to organise his team.

Personally I think we are a mess but it's far from an unfixable mess we just need someone to come in and set new standards and demand much much more from everyone involved at the club.

3.) 27 Jun 2019 23:08:58
Very true 62 - I think the club has problems. Big problems from board to back room staff and starting 11 to the squad and from our lack of funds to losing money as a business. Our wages and contract mgt is a disaster. Don’t get me started on the defence and manager. we don’t have an identity or a strategy nor do we have the people or foundation to deliver it. I don’t think the board has the desire or ambition to compete either. Wenger was in a mess and had to go but he also needed a strong board or partner to keep pushing him but he covered over the cracks as we sold jewels and replaced with cheap cut glass or fakes. The board had their dream person until he lost his way and couldn’t get out. So much wrong but a big clear out and reset can get us back to greatness and to be fair Wenger left the talent pool coming through in a good position.

Fingers crossed we change soon.

4.) 28 Jun 2019 05:36:27
You make some good points and I would strongly agree with your idea that it was Arsene shielding us from the worst of the board's mismanagement.

The upside of this is that with the introduction of Freddie and Edu into the club's hierarchy, we may be able to transition into a club that can introduce youth into the system with maximum benefit - as we did during the peak of Wenger's years of leadership. I would gladly return to this setup if we could carefully manage our funds and spend only when we could pinpoint a top player to slot right into the team.

5.) 28 Jun 2019 08:37:07
Impossible I know but I'd gladly return to Highbury, for all the supposed benefits of moving to the Emirates appart from being able to charge a lot more people an awful lot more money to watch a game I don't see a single benefit that has come from the move, in fact less genuinely passionate fans probably get to attend games now than at Highbury and the Emirates atmosphere is far from adrenaline filled even when we are wining.
The club like Arsene himself forgot to pack the footballing ambition and passion when making the move and became property and profit people before football people.
I'm not sure the old guard would have sold up or Stan been interested in Arsenal if it we were still at Highbury and I don't think Arsene would have become distracted from football and engrossed in the business and property side of things either and who knows he might well have never lost his edge as Fergie never did.

6.) 28 Jun 2019 15:19:16
While I understand the sentiments expressed, I hate to break it to you all. Arsene Wenger was part of the problem, not the solution.

He, along with Gazidis have set us back about 5 years with their decision making: Xhaka instead of Kante, Mustafi for £35M, giving Ozil £350K per week, allowing our best players to wind down their contracts and walk away for free.

Now our wage bill is so full of overpaid average players that we may be stuck with them. FFP means we can't ask Kroenke to throw money at the problem.

While I would like another owner, he bought into a self sustaining business model, and if we used our massive revenue's efficiently we wouldn't be in this mess and would have much more money to spend.

7.) 28 Jun 2019 16:19:51
Yes "fundamentals" - I wasn't clear Gunner 62. I agree with you 100%. It all seems a bit plastic compared to Highbury days and the he management of the club at the moment is a shambles. Those fundamentals are terrible. The fundamentals I meant were the size of the fanbase, its historic place as a big club - the big club - in London. And at the moment it still has huge revenue. I'm hoping that'll see us through until Kroenke decides he's had enough and real football leadership comes in. God willing that is sooner, not later.



29 May 2019 13:13:52
Thoughts and prayers.




14 May 2019 12:23:32
Hi Ed,

I don’t want to get speculative, but learnt about the potential sanctioning of City for breach of FFP. What happens to their champions league spot, if they are actually kept from the tournament?



{Ed002's Note - This is getting very tedious.}

1.) 14 May 2019 14:01:45
Sorry Ed, I must have missed something. Not around as much as I used to be. I’ll use the search function.


2.) 14 May 2019 14:02:48
My lancinées knows no bounds: three posts down. Sorry Ed.



27 Mar 2019 12:21:08
Hi Ed,

What are the chances of us offloading Ozil and/ or Mkhitaryan?



{Ed002's Note - I have no way of quantifying such things Alex. I could guess and say 14 if that helps.}

1.) 27 Mar 2019 17:27:28
Arsenal alex - I believe the combination of both players being over 30, on huge salaries and no doubtreasonably high transfer fees, will make the pair extremely difficult to sell.
The interesting thing is that the following players are going or likely to go:
Cech, Ospina, Lichtsteiner, Jenkinson, Mustafi, Monreal, Elneny, Ramsey, Welbeck, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Suarez and Chambers.

2.) 29 Mar 2019 04:14:37
Sorry Ed. You’re right it was an absurd question. I guess I was asking if there is a market for these players, if so, where? China?

{Ed002's Note - It depends on how the finances are resolved. Ozil's salary will be an issue.}




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14 Jul 2019 16:07:44
Thanks Ed.




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10 Jul 2019 05:12:32
Dags maybe time to take a break.




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09 Jul 2019 09:53:26
If this is true, it’s not bad business. Curious to get a player like Boateng, in the interim.




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30 Jun 2019 16:19:01
I think this is a good summer if we can clear some questionable contracts and bring in some pieces for the future. With Mavropanos and Holding in getting direction from Kos or Sokratis, Mustafi sold for a bag of socks and Bellerin, it is the beginning of something positive.




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28 Jun 2019 18:39:53
Ozil on £350k, PEA £200k, Mhkit. £180k, £100k for Kolasinac, Mustafi at £90k, Chambers and Elneny at £50k, Jenkinson at £45k.

There is a lot of waste.





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16 Jul 2019 20:46:07
In fairness Ben, Stan sat in America and watched the value of his NFL franchise double to $3b US. So at least you know he’s sitting comfortably.




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16 Jul 2019 17:29:08
I think so much of our success 15-20 years ago was about balance. Balance in spending and development. Age and youth. Offence and defence. Sound financial management and knowing when and how to spend.

Yes, ownership is tight-fisted, but this isn’t anything new. It’s been like this since. 2002? Yes, it’s frustrating that we were promised to be financially competitive following our move to the Grove (and it hurts to see Spurs buying flashy new furnishing for their flashy new stadium) , but you don’t need to spend the most to compete (again, Spurs, Sevilla, Ajax) .

What I want is balance. And balance requires structure, which there doesn’t seem to be. Solid plans for recruitment, player development. I want to be proven wrong. I want to be shown that Freddie will develop players, that we’re going to be able to clear atrocious wages off the books, that we’ll employ systems that maximize our talents and play to our strengths. I want to believe that Calum chambers can still be the player he looked to be when we bought him (and I thought, “Finally, a CB we can trust. ” . those days seem long gone) . I want to see us buying Van Dijk from Celtic, not Southampton, Dembele from Celtic, not Lyon, Tierney from. Celtic. but just to know that we can have a system that identifies developing talent, purchases reasonably and then compliments with flash. Balanced acquisitions stemming from a solid structure at the club that develops its players and cultivates finances to compliment what we have.

I don’t see that right now. So I don’t care about Stan spending. I care about the sloppiness, the laziness, the apparent lack of direction. I care about neglect.

But hope springs eternal.




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14 Jul 2019 22:52:55
Thanks mate.




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14 Jul 2019 16:50:47
SY4, where was this article? Can you post the link?




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11 Jul 2019 21:14:07
Maitland-Niles is a DM. He should be played in his preferred position.