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17 Sep 2020 10:00:42
Fabrizio Romano tweeted last night that Aouar wants the move to arsenal and he is still our top target. No new bid as yet.
To me this says Arteta is happy with Xhaka, Ceballos and Elneny for CDM. If we can get some sort of instalment deal done I think we might actually get Aouar and Runnarson this window and address CDM next summer.

I'd actually be happy with that based on xhaka, Ceballos towards the end of last season and elneny so far this season.


1.) 17 Sep 2020 16:18:31
With Torreira on the way out, it's time to Partey.

Sorry, couldn't resist. But we'd need him.



09 Aug 2020 13:50:39
A friend of mine who has connections close to the club has told me that, like a lot of people have mentioned, Edu and Kia thingy ma bob are the ones pushing the club towards signing Willian and Gabriel Maghaeles as well as strongly considering Coutinho. Interestingly the way Edu has pitched this to the club is that he believes that Martinelli is Aubameyang's long-term successor and that he wants to surround him with Brazilians to make him feel as settled as possible for the long term. And the board have lapped it up.

Must say I don't mind though. The club are being taken for a bit of a ride but it's not like these are bad players and I always felt nervous when we were playing Chelsea and Willian came on. He's a proper player.


1.) 09 Aug 2020 14:28:55
It's difficult to make sense of anything the club is doing right now but to plan every signing around Martinelli and making him feel comfortable for the future? How likely is that to be true?
At the moment it's difficult to dismiss anything as being beyond the relms of possibility of those running Arsenal but I think this story starts and ends in your friends imagination Anamo.

2.) 09 Aug 2020 16:04:43
Lol perhaps.
I paraphrased what he said a bit but that was the general gist of it. Build the team around martinelli, particularly with his compatriots. Basically make it feel like a home from home.

3.) 09 Aug 2020 20:38:17
Only time will tell if your mate is right Amano mate but between now and then would you please ask him if he is interested in buying a genuine Alien space ship with only 72,000,000,000,000,000 miles on the clock in absolutely mint condition and one careful lady owner who bought the ship brand new in the 31st century :-) .



22 Jul 2019 17:40:00
Ed002 you've been very quiet on the Everton Soares to Arsenal rumours, aside from saying there are those at the club that prefer Malcolm to Soares.

Are you aware if there's any truth in the rumours that a price of €36M has been agreed? And if you're unaware are you doubtful of the authenticity of the rumours that AFC have agreed a price and performed a medical?


{Ed002's Note - I am not very well up on rumours and I am not sure how you expect me to comment on the authenticity of these rumours.

Everton Soares (LW) if there is more than passing interest it will be because of Edu. The player doesn't speak English (which gives Work Permit issues) and is very expensive at around €40M - which could be better spent on one of the players the club are interested in. Given the Arsenal squad have few player who will be able to communicate with him it would simply be asking for trouble, plus it is a RW or a versatile winger (specifically Wilfried Zaha) that the club really want - and they are willing to let Reiss Nelson go to do it. Are Arsenal really that stupid? Yeah, maybe.}

1.) 22 Jul 2019 18:14:08
Just to be clear on your comment Ed, are you saying Arsenal are stupid enough to try to land this Everton fella, or stupid to let Reiss Nelson go (though I’ve heard it’s on loan) . Presumably it’s both. Mostly want to know how highly you rate Nelson.


{Ed002's Note - Everything.}

2.) 22 Jul 2019 18:50:05
Things aren't looking good for the coming season are they, transfers aside even things appear pretty all over the place.
Unless something dramatic happens the next two weeks next season could make last season look good.
As we stand there is absolutely nothing to suggest we can expect to see any improvement at the back at all.

3.) 22 Jul 2019 19:35:10
Bah why be so negative, gunner62? We don’t have a right to titles and trophies. In our history, we haven’t always sat in the top four. This challenge will be good for us, will weed out the fair weather supporters and will give the kids a chance to play.

Chin up!

4.) 22 Jul 2019 20:27:46
Hope your spot on Alex but I'm struggling to see how next season will be any better but if you can good for you mate.
I certainly don't think we have any right to titles but I'd like us to show signs of working towards fighting for them.
I can't do the (were Arsenal so we are brilliantly regardless) thing I never have been able too mate.
We just don't seem to have any real direction right now but opening day at Newcastle will tell us much more than we can guess at now, personally I wouldn't want to call that Newcastle game one way or the other right now mate.

5.) 22 Jul 2019 21:47:09
I very much am with the feeling that Arsenal will not land Zaha or Malcom, forcing them to go with Soares. Reiss will be here to stay with Nketiah going on loan to accommodate Auba/ Laca/ Martinelli and Reiss to play 3 of the 4. Just my guess cause Mikhi and Ozil will not be trusted as much in wide positions and we might have Ceballos and Willock to play central with Xhaka/ Torreira/ Guendouzi.

6.) 22 Jul 2019 22:39:47
Heard Nelsin would be a loan deal.



23 Jul 2016 16:55:18
I retired myself from posting anymore rumours on this site because I got a fair bit of abuse last time around. It seems that this site is gradually become less of a rumours site and more of a let's ask the Eds (who have the patience of saints) the same 3 or 4 stupid questions over and over and over until those questions are replaced by 3 or 4 more equally stupid questions.

Anyway I've heard a rumour from my usually reliable source, although he is affiliated with Southampton FC so his Arsenal info isn't always spot on, and I find the prospect quite exciting so I've decided to come out of 'retirement' for one time only.

Apparently the player that we are going to break the bank for because of the long term commercial value is Paulo Dybala. He will be our new guy to link up with Giroud. This should apparently happen once Juve have dusted off the signing of Higuain.

Anyway, whether you chose to believe this or not, I'm sure you can appreciate that it's a rumour and that's what was originally the point of this site.


1.) 23 Jul 2016 17:42:13
Don't stop posting mate. On this site you have to take the rough with the smooth.

It's all good fun mate.

Ps, hope your rumour is correct.

2.) 23 Jul 2016 18:01:41
I would absolutely love him.

3.) 23 Jul 2016 18:39:06
That would be a fantastic signing. But hard to pull of as he is their golden boy.

4.) 23 Jul 2016 18:51:05
What a signing that would be.

5.) 23 Jul 2016 19:04:23
Well if you are right amano, you deserve some credit, if you are wrong, then except for me and a couple of others on here, join the clan mate, most people are wrong. Only joking. let's wait with bated breath.

6.) 23 Jul 2016 19:09:16
We were heavily linked with him when before he joined Juventus. That's exactly the lack of transfer iniciative that we had problems in the recent years. And when we get our player we have to pay a lot more if we didn't slack in the first attempt. We got Alexis for 40 mill or so but we were interested in him before he joined Barcelona, we were interested in Aubameyang, Hazard, Mata, Higuain the list goes on. And when we want to sign those players again it's to pricey but inicially if we paid less we would've gotten them. We need to be more concrete with the offers we make and not hesitate to pay a few mill more.

7.) 23 Jul 2016 19:43:28
Welcome back Amano mate, hopefully your right.

8.) 23 Jul 2016 19:43:50
Bgd as wenger gets older his judgement and bottle diminish. Like everybody does as they approach old age.

9.) 23 Jul 2016 19:44:07
I thought he was on Real's and Barca's shopping list with a value in excess of 80m.

That would be a signing and would be worthy of the #cfmadness rumours!

Great info - thanks Amano


10.) 23 Jul 2016 20:01:03
Don't stop posting mate, bring back the rumours!

I hope your boy is correct, what I signing that would be 😍.

11.) 23 Jul 2016 20:15:01
You have no idea how happy this is making me being.

12.) 23 Jul 2016 20:42:10
Amano now you've got People all excited now. With respect all I would give this rumour is 1out of 10 chance. Kust to put it into a kind of perspective.

13.) 23 Jul 2016 21:39:29
Would love this to be true. Armano, keep posting mate.

14.) 23 Jul 2016 21:51:49
If Dybala ever happens, the fans will go crazy.

15.) 23 Jul 2016 21:52:18
I do hope you're right mate, he'd be ridiculously good for us.

However, whenever we're linked with a player or there's a rumour of a player, I always try to put a logical head on and break it down (that said, there's not always logic in football, see not signing a new striker for the past 3-4 seasons whilst desperately and obviously needing one)

I can't see Juventus selling Dybala, unless it's a crazy fee, a Pogba like fee.
They've just lost Morata and their remaining options (correct me if I miss any! ) up top are Mandzukic, Zaza, Dybala and now Higauin.
Juve play 2 up top and will want to have cover for them.
Mandzukic is like 32/ 33 now and Zaza may leave the club after a season (who'd want him after that penalty?! )
Unless Juve are going to add another forward (I think they had a bit of interest in Domenico Berardi last season, so maybe! ) I can't see any of the above leaving.

That all being said, don't be out of posting on here mate!
As far as I'm concerned, the majority of the community here is pretty chill and apart from some heated debates, stupid comments to Ed's we don't see and the unfortunately frequent bad jokes (you know who you are people) I think everyone's pretty civil to one another (at least in the posts we see! )

16.) 23 Jul 2016 22:01:38
That would be fantastic! But unless Juve are going to hang on to Pogba afterall, why would they sell Dybala to us?

17.) 23 Jul 2016 22:43:28
Even if this rumour is a little crazy at least it's brought a happy chirpy vibe about the place.

More of the same mate 👌🏽.

18.) 24 Jul 2016 04:15:49
No sorry mate.
I was with Wenger today round his house in Totteridge.
He never mentioned a thing about him at all.
Matter of fact Arsene was so drunk you couldn't make out a word he was saying. Slurring and spitting every time he opened his mouth.
Me and Sanchez had to carry him up to bed. He was like a dead weight honestly.
Mind you it was a hot day today and I did warn him about mixing his drinks.
But he doesn't listen.



20 Feb 2015 19:18:15
Good news everyone. Today I've heard from my Southampton source that they are 98% sure that Schniederlin will be signing for Arsenal this summer. Happy days!


1.) 20 Feb 2015 22:54:24
Hope so.

Another piece to the puzzle.

2.) 21 Feb 2015 00:52:50
Anyone who saw my previous post regarding southampton dealings will know that I have a very strong source. Believe what you want but I will be placing a bet.

3.) 21 Feb 2015 06:48:33
would be a good signing if it happens

4.) 22 Feb 2015 01:05:35
13 May 2014 08:14:03
By the end of next week we will have agreed a deal for Morgan Schneiderlin. I'm not sure whether or not it will be announced straight away but the fee will be higher than you'd expect.


Did you accidently hit copy / paste mate? May 13th 2014 you said the same thing

don't get me wrong I'd love to believe you

5.) 22 Feb 2015 09:54:17
The fee was agreed. The sale just didn't go through. It happens in football at the time. Lots of people know this and that's why it's widely expected that he will sign for arsenal this summer.

I guess that's why my source is only 98% sure. The were spot on about chambers and have told me about other deals well in advance such as Shaw to Manchester United and Lallana to LFC. I think I actually commented about that too.

6.) 22 Feb 2015 19:49:30
Come on Geez, 98% sure? You're just pulling my leg, the evolution of the transfer mill has been as follows; first it was choosing a random club that a player wanted to go to, then it was a random player, then a random fee plucked from thin air, now it's a random % chance of how your source feels. Everyone knew about shaw, lallana and chambers ages before they were completed. Easy transfers to call. Think you're taking the mick a bit to be honest

7.) 23 Feb 2015 00:32:28
Can any of the eds confirm or deny my previous claim that a deal had been agreed to take Morgan Schniederlin to arsenal last summer, only for the deal to fall through? If so please do, so that you can put Saint Arsenal's mind at ease? The poor fella seems terribly upset by my rumour.

{Ed001's Note - there was a deal in place yes.}

8.) 23 Feb 2015 20:00:01
Ed001, you sir are a schooler and a gentleman. Thank you very much for clearing one that up.

{Ed001's Note - you are welcome.}

9.) 24 Feb 2015 04:22:47
Love it Amano, looking forward to it. He and Ramsey together would be spectacular.

10.) 24 Feb 2015 11:09:59
eds, you say there was a deal in place, could you tell us the fee and why it fell through if possible? and if its likely that he will join in the summer coming? thanks again.

{Ed001's Note - I don't know the fee, but it fell through because Southampton refused to complete the deal. Koeman made it clear that no one else was to leave or he would walk. It depends on where Southampton finish as to what happens in the summer.}




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21 Jan 2016 13:51:13
Granit Xhaka has been quoted in an interview stating that he's already spoken to Coquelin about wanting the No 34 kit number should he join Arsenal. Seems promising to me.


1.) 21 Jan 2016 15:55:15
And Bender too apparently :-)
Oh wouldn't it be luverly.

2.) 21 Jan 2016 18:40:42
Top top player.
Possible signing to replace Cazorla, although he might be classed as a defensive Midfielder.



02 Jan 2016 18:25:00
I've heard that the Arsenal scouts assigned to Napoli games recently have been more interested in Jorginho than Insigne.

Can any of the Ed's verify this at all?


{Ed002's Note - Try the search function.}



25 Jan 2015 20:06:55
Not a transfer rumour, just something interesting that I found out today. Arsenal U14's played against Southampton U14's today. Brooklyn Beckham played at right back for us and more importantly. Thierry Henry was the Assisstant Manager


1.) 25 Jan 2015 22:12:16
thanks mate, that is interesting

2.) My girlfriends son played with little becks at Arsenal, he has left and was much better than Becks jr - he's not bad but will never make it on merit



26 Jul 2014 21:24:34
anybody know where I can stream the match tonight for free?


1.) Try wiziwig mate



20 Jul 2014 11:52:54
Any of the eds know what the plan is for Joel Campbell for this season?


{Ed027's Note - decision will be made once he returns for pre season, another loan is looking like, maybe to PL side




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04 Oct 2020 12:18:01
Arsenalex when did Romano say Aouar was done mate?
I’ve been following him quite closely and I didn’t see anything like that.




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30 Sep 2020 07:43:46
That is good but it leaves us a little short. Unless we’re going to loan someone in.
Ed002 do you know if anything has changed target-wise?
Are we looking at a back up LB option?


{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of Arsenal looking for a LB.}



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06 Sep 2020 09:51:47
Ed is that a typo and you mean FB for Florian Balogun or is that LB for one of our left backs?

I seriously hope we wouldn’t consider selling Tierney. Kids got potential to become world class.


{Ed002's Note - It was thanks. Florian Balogun.}



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09 Aug 2020 16:04:43
Lol perhaps.
I paraphrased what he said a bit but that was the general gist of it. Build the team around martinelli, particularly with his compatriots. Basically make it feel like a home from home.




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14 Jul 2019 16:00:51
Reports from where?





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Cheers mate, should hopefully be able to shed some light on the Schneiderlin situation in the next couple of days. However for the moment its not looking like good news.