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23 Sep 2020 16:03:19
Looks pretty certain Torriera is off to Athletico, let’s just hope it happens in time to get a top quality DM in.


1.) 23 Sep 2020 17:20:10
Hopefully it involves Partey coming in opposit direction 373 mate.

2.) 23 Sep 2020 18:41:03
My crystal ball tells me this is the case 😜.

3.) 23 Sep 2020 19:23:52
Apparently we’ve been told there’s no part exchange, Torriera is a loan and if you want Partey then it’s 45m or nothing. I feel we will put a bid in for £1 to test the nothing side of the argument.

4.) 23 Sep 2020 22:06:31
Latest word is Arsenal won’t loan and Atleti are trying to sell Herrera so they can buy Torreira. If the deal shakes down like that then it’s a clear Aouar is currently the #1 target.

5.) 24 Sep 2020 13:52:53
Apparently Atletico can only spend 25% of any transfer fee they receive on their own transfers, so if we were to offer 25m euro + Torreira for Partey then Atletico would only be able to spend just over 6m of this. However, if we pay the full 50m euros for Partey, because it would be used by him to pay out his release clause (and therefore doesn't count as an official transfer fee) then Atletico would be able to use all of this for transfers should they wish. This is apparently why they wouldn't be willing to accept a player-plus-cash deal for Partey.

This also makes me think that Aouar is now the top priority. If Partey was our top priority, surely we would be happy to meet his release clause first, allowing atletico to then sign Torreira?

I must add the above information was provided by an Atletico fan on twitter, so the reliability isn't the greatest, but it does seem like a very logical reason as to why Atletico are not interested in a Torreira plus cash deal, which on the surface seems logical.

6.) 25 Sep 2020 11:10:26
I had read something similar to Colney Bandit's appraisal of Atletico's current situation. This then begs two questions;

1 - How / Why is this our problem? If they can't pay for Torriera should we not try to sell him elsewhere? Or if the Italian clubs are also only interested in loaning him also, should we not just loan him to Italy and leave Atletico do one? Do we feel that they have been difficult to deal with over Partey and therfore they don't deserve our patience?


2 - Bearing in mind that Edu and Mikel are not totally stupid - Are we resisting the loan offers from Italy (where torriera would love to return to) and persevering with Atletico and all their issues because there is still a way to lessen the impact of this 25% rule and somehow still tie Torriera in to a Partey deal.

Personally I think that option 2 above is still on the table to some extent as otherwise we would have let him go to Italy by now.

I hope I am even partially correct as Mikel obviously does not fancy Lucas and we could really do with Partey.

{Ed002's Note - Atletico Madrid have not been difficult at all. It seems that the arrogance of Arsenal supporters might well be the issue.}

7.) 25 Sep 2020 12:17:22
I think the issue is we need to either sell Torriera or loan him with obligation to buy in order to pursue Partey or Aouar. Atletico are supposedly trying to get him on a loan with option to buy because they don't have the money to buy this season unless they offload another player (I've heard they are looking to sell a different CM to Partey to fund the move) . They apparently also now believe that Partey would be willing to stay even if we were to trigger his release clause.

Surely Torreira would also rather join Atletico over Torino as they regularly get champions league football, and IMO he would fit into their midfield and style of play perfectly.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out - however it would've been nice to have a new CM before the Liverpool game as I think we will be completely overran in midfield now.

8.) 25 Sep 2020 17:48:54
Has Partey ever said he wanted to leave? Amongst the many many rumours I've not seen one where Partey has actually said he wants to leave Athletico. With all the buzz about what clubs want and what clubs are prepared to offer or accept the players feelings and opinions seem to get totally forgotten, which is strange when without their agreement everything else is totally irrelevant.

9.) 26 Sep 2020 21:09:12
This is now taking the biscuit! Which one of you arrogant feckers is responsible for getting involved in the Partey transfer and screwing it up?



24 Jun 2019 22:30:19
Hi all, long time no post!

Have been told by someone very close to edu that he is not exactly sure what his duties will be, he has a real passion for this club and wishes to be involved in transfers / recruitment etc but will not stick around unless he is involved - hope he helps us find some real young talent and is allowed to do a job for us.


1.) 25 Jun 2019 17:17:07
Hi 737 mate how's you?

2.) 26 Jun 2019 23:24:44
I’m good g69, clearly people don’t like this post lol.

3.) 27 Jun 2019 08:32:48
I don't think it's your post 773 mate I think people are sceltical of all rumours especially those that include (a friend who is in the know) Or (my sources ) due to some pretty fanciful claims that have been made by others.
Unfortunately any poster who claims to be offering any form of inside info doesn't get taken seriously anymore mate.
It's nothing to do with you or your posts mate its simply due to an overload of fake claims that's got everyone so sceltical of anything claiming any kind of inside knowledge.
Next time try putting (I think) even if it was Emery or Fredie that told you something in a chance meeting in a lift :-) claiming to know anything or know anyone who does know anything is most definitely not in vogue right now mate :-) .



07 Jan 2016 10:19:34
Looks like gnabry is off to Brighton, hope he gets some playing time, can't believe that brom would sign a player like him and not use him!


1.) 07 Jan 2016 11:03:26
I wish Gnabry luck, as he is an immensely talented young player. Hopefully he will mature and return to the club in a similar fashion to Coquelin.



05 Jan 2016 15:32:38
Looks like the elneny deal is done so another midfielder, maybe Rosicky or flamini are on their way out to free up some wages for a world class striker! Here's hoping.




31 Jan 2015 14:15:18
Some crazy reports coming from France that we are interested in Hugo Lloris.

Could there really be any truth in this?

Firstly spurs would never sell to us would they? If they did the price would be massive. I never understand why we didn't sign him before he went there, from what I remember he was a bit of a bargain price.


1.) 31 Jan 2015 16:49:45
He was begging us to sign him. He was a bargain




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22 Nov 2020 22:00:24
Does anyone know where I can buy an idiot for around £70million?


{Ed033's Note - i'm sure there are plenty of people who will act like an idiot if they are paid £70million

1.) 22 Nov 2020 23:00:06
I'll do it! And I've got loads of experience and with 100s of people who will vouch for my credentials for the job too.
When do I start?

Getting paid that is :-)

2.) 23 Nov 2020 07:22:30
I think the job has gone 62, apparently Arsenal FC have employed one for around £70million called Pepe.



09 Nov 2020 11:50:57
Omg, there is so much doom and gloom today!

MA is trying to get players to do things at a much higher tempo than they have been used to in recent years, this doesn’t come naturally to some of them and will take time

Secondly we were taken apart by a team playing out of their skins atm who also destroyed Liverpool a few weeks back

Chill your beans people fgs.


1.) 09 Nov 2020 13:40:32
Sorry 337, I’m not having that lol

Villa conceded 7 in two games v Leeds and Southampton, you are making excuses “ trying to play at a higher tempo “

We are toothless and aren’t looking like taking a team apart, i posted a couple of weeks ago we won’t be scoring 3,4 or 5 against teams .

I can’t help thinking of PEA had the chances Lacca had it might be different .

Now I wonder why PEA isn’t in those positions?

2.) 09 Nov 2020 15:50:46
Disgree with you. we are not creating anything.

3.) 09 Nov 2020 17:16:09
With who?

We are greeting nothing and the little we do falls to the wrong man.



25 Oct 2020 18:30:43
Wtf just poured a beer to sit down and watched my team on my already £100 per month sky subscription and realised this game is pay per view!


1.) 25 Oct 2020 18:51:36
It's a Joke mate. £1200 a year, is that really not enough!

2.) 25 Oct 2020 19:00:18
Lol that’s brilliant.

3.) 25 Oct 2020 19:48:24
It’s ok paid the £14.95 and managed to hang around in the street corner for a bit to earn it back 😂.

4.) 25 Oct 2020 21:00:07
Not missing much we don’t look like scoring if we played all night.

5.) 25 Oct 2020 21:15:16
Wow 733, at a penny a time that's some going mate. Dedication or what :-) .

6.) 25 Oct 2020 21:29:57
G69 I’m insulted, with inflation I get a shilling a go.

7.) 25 Oct 2020 21:32:38
£1200 a year?!?!


8.) 25 Oct 2020 21:38:38
Better off paying 15 quid for the Television x gunner, at least it will give you some excitement and your heart pumping all night😁.



20 Oct 2020 19:52:37
Omg what’s more shocking than us leaving our highest paid player out of our squad is that Chelsea have named petr Czech as a player
Bring back Bergkamp and wrighty I say 😂.




06 Oct 2020 13:54:26
Just my two penneth for what it’s worth

Partey must have AM aware he wanted to leave, Arsenal have been in a similar situation many times before and been forced to let our players go. In my opinion AM must have realised this could have happened and maybe should of negotiated with us in time to be able to replace their player

Just my thoughts.


{Ed002's Note - No, the club is an utter disgrace. This is not how to do business at all.}

1.) 06 Oct 2020 15:20:57
Sorry Ed bit unsure how we are a disgrace. They didn't want to negotiate how to sell which I understand so we've paid the release clause. Or is it that we didn't inform them we was going to be doing this.

{Ed002's Note - Clubs simply do not work in such a manner where they do not work with the clubs the players are contracted to are left in the dark about the intentions regarding the release clause. Really puts those involved in the gutter as far as many will be involved.}

2.) 06 Oct 2020 15:37:08
Wasn’t we too nice with Wenger though Ed?

{Ed002's Note - In the gutter now.}

3.) 06 Oct 2020 16:46:47
That’s how it works ed that’s the rules and we don’t it the right way I’m not arguing with you so don’t think that I am, but that’s the rules I didn’t understand it until I looked into it and we did it correct maybe a little late but it was all above board.

{Ed002's Note - Sure you support a club that has no respect for others - Liverpool have similar issues and show a lack of respect to others. As a club they are now beyond contempt.}

4.) 06 Oct 2020 18:13:19
Hi Ed’s do you know which club caused the loan back to st Ettiene for William Saliba to collapse ie was it us or St Ettiene? COYG.

{Ed002's Note - That would be Arsenal.}

5.) 06 Oct 2020 19:42:42
Why didn't we let Athletico know out of courtesy? Why didn't we ask City for permission to approach Arteta out of courtesy? If followed etiquette and been respectful it wouldn't have changed the outcome, Arteta would still be our manager Partey would still be our DM and we would still have the reputation as a club that does our business in the right way.
The current regime obviously have no respect for etiquette courtesy or good manners or doing things in the right way, they do what they want when they want to who they want, be it the 55 former employees, mascot, Mesut, City or Athletico.
Obviously those running the club are free to behave as they choose and treat whoever they deal with how they choose but they can't honestly expect anything better in return from others when the time comes.

6.) 06 Oct 2020 19:57:57
As long as we get our man I don’t care how we get them, they say they won’t deal with us again but we all know money talks.




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30 Sep 2020 07:52:00
Shame he’s not taking his mate Ozil with him, how will Mezut be able to go out on his own now without his minder 😂.




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23 Sep 2020 18:41:03
My crystal ball tells me this is the case 😜.




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09 Sep 2020 18:08:14
Agreed 69 they’re top quality clubs if he goes it has to be for top money which we use wisely.




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04 Aug 2019 21:24:29
Do any of you actually know if emery is in charge of transfers? I’m not sure he is.




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03 Aug 2019 19:58:56
Ed that’s very precise detail re the injuries to Tierney

Maybe we could suggest you got out a bit more 😂.


{Ed047's Note - I get out regularly, with my carer! 🥴




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24 Nov 2020 12:09:44
Geeeeez being a “ fan” means you support your club through thick and thin what is all this praise for our enemy?




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24 Nov 2020 12:07:45
He is 100% to blame, the guys supposed to be a world class “ professional “ footballer, the extortionate amount of money he gets paid to be at the top of his profession dictates that he should know what he can and can’t do, even 5 year olds are taught you cannot head butt another player.
Before anyone says it wasn’t a head butt he also knows that you cannot thrust your head towards a player like that, it’s an instant red.




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23 Nov 2020 07:22:30
I think the job has gone 62, apparently Arsenal FC have employed one for around £70million called Pepe.




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13 Nov 2020 17:01:12
Well said Sussex, ignore G69 it’s Friday and his high heels always hurt him so he gets a bit touchy 👠 👠.




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05 Nov 2020 19:39:20
Yep, strange how it takes you to be left out to find out how valuable you are lol.

New boy up front according to sky sports apparently his name is “Noketiah” 😂