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23 Sep 2020 15:39:41
Update from Fabrizio Romano:

"Lucas Torreira has agreed personal terms with Atletico Madrid. He wants to join but an agreement with Arsenal hasn't been reached yet. AM need to sell Hector Herrera first to sign Torreira".




19 Sep 2020 11:30:58
Lyons President when asked if Aouar will be joining Arsenal this summer:

"No I don't think so, no offer yet. It seems that Arsenal don't want to, or can't invest the price for Houssem, who is our best player. ".


1.) 19 Sep 2020 11:55:14
He played the same game during the Lacazette transfer saga too.

2.) 19 Sep 2020 12:06:31
Exactly the same with lacazette. I do believe we will get him this window.

3.) 19 Sep 2020 12:28:42
He did indeed, we shall see. It would excite me of course but I still think a holding midfielder of real quality is so much more important right now.
Every team has a player that brings an element of strength, solidity and composure to the midfield and we don't have that yet, not of real class anyway.

4.) 19 Sep 2020 12:46:55
Hope you're right.

5.) 19 Sep 2020 15:02:48
So far Mikel has shown both the awareness and the ambition to tackle our most notorious of weakness, our awful inability to limit the oppositions scoring chances.

Both previous managers preferred to pretty much ignore the problems and concentrate on our strengths by adopting a win 5 3 philosophy.

Mikel has already set about solving the CBs problem and I'm sure he's working on the DM problem too, whether that's getting someone in if possible or trying to resolve with what he already has available to him on a temporary or permanent basis.



17 Sep 2020 09:45:18
Morning Ed002,
Do you know if there is any interest in Ibrahim Sangare at all? There aren't many reports linking us to him but there are a few out there.
Many thanks :)


{Ed002's Note - Ibrahim Sangare (DM/CM) is a player Toulouse want to keep and the prior interest of the likes of Arsenal, Barcelona and Newcastle has not led to any offers. Spurs have turned to him with an enquiry after deciding that Tanguy Ndombele may be available - but he is not their preferred choice. Newcastle consider him as one potential option to Abdeoulaye Doucoure and Southampton made an enquiry as well. So there has been interest from Arsenal in the past - but they would be well down their list of DM if they are looking at him again.}

1.) 17 Sep 2020 11:20:08
Ed said arsenals heart is set on Partey so don’t expect that to change anytime soon. I’m hoping Christmas comes early because he also said that just because we get Auoar doesn’t mean we won’t get Partey.

2.) 17 Sep 2020 11:31:45
He's Tifo Football's favourite, they recommend him for nearly every club. I reckon he's one that stats make appealing, but doing well defensively in a relegated club is not all that rare.

3.) 17 Sep 2020 12:31:11
Thanks Ed, much appreciated 😁.

4.) 20 Sep 2020 23:26:10
Hi Ed, what does the DM list look like now if you don’t mind me asking please

Thank you.

{Ed002's Note - Nothing has changed. If there is a specific player, please ask.}

5.) 21 Sep 2020 09:54:16
No, but thank you for the reply. I just wanted to see who our top 3 or 4 CDM targets were still.

{Ed002's Note - Nothing will have changed.}



02 Sep 2020 09:14:00
Hello Ed002,

SSN are reporting that Napoli want to sign Sokratis but they are expecting that there will not be a transfer fee involved because he's in the last year of his contract? Surely we would demand at least a small fee for him.

Do you know if Arsenal are planning to offload him for nothing as well?

Many thanks.


{Ed002's Note - Arsenal will want a fee but Napoli want to trade the fee against paying his wages and giving him a job.}

1.) 02 Sep 2020 10:45:32
What's Papa realistically worth? 5 million at a push if we were really lucky? When are trying to trim the squad and wage bill so as to make room for others, is it really worth haggling over and seeing the deal fall through?
When you want to sell you create a buyers market and when you are desperate to sell you have to accept your not in a brilliant bargaining position to begin with.

2.) 02 Sep 2020 11:11:43
Good luck with that one then. You could have that trade off with any player that a club wants to sign. I guess it's nearly 5m a year saved on his wages though and he won't get much game time.
Thanks Ed :)

3.) 02 Sep 2020 12:06:42
It's not exactly charity to take an experienced defender off our hands, the idea of letting him go for free seems silly. Something minor like 5m could go a long way for us.

{Ed047's Note - agree it would be nice wire

4.) 02 Sep 2020 12:21:12
Exactly that wire I agree, anything is better than just letting a player go. 3,4 or even 5m is acceptable when raising funds for other signings or purely just to improve things financially.

5.) 02 Sep 2020 12:22:17
But in reality what's more important 5 million or an unwanted player off the wage bill? If we can get a fee happy days but if not it's still a small win because we free up his wages and lots of small wins here and there can make a huge difference over all. The worst thing that can happen is to go into the new season still having lots of players who either don't want to really be here or who we don't really want to be here. I Just don't think it's positive to have to many either unwanted or unhappy players around.

6.) 02 Sep 2020 12:42:48
No that's very true Gunner but this is Napoli we are dealing with not Exeter City. The same club that were trying to get a deal done for Gabriel. A small transfer fee imo is not going out of the way for a player who does still have a contract regardless of how long is left on it.

7.) 02 Sep 2020 13:25:36
From what I'm seeing it's 3.5 million offered for him I would take it and it can help get a new cm In.



01 Sep 2020 16:10:54
A humble announcement. I like that for a change, was good to see! Gabriel done :)


1.) 01 Sep 2020 16:26:56
Nothing better than salty Man Utd fans.

2.) 01 Sep 2020 16:59:52
Stephen will be pleased! Now he can finally get some sleep, 8 straight days without so much as 40 winks has got to be hard!

3.) 01 Sep 2020 17:22:25
Yes g62 finally I can have a good sleep tonight.

4.) 01 Sep 2020 17:49:53
I'm so pleased for you a Stephen as I wasn't sure how much more you could take mate :-)

5.) 01 Sep 2020 22:59:10
Haha my hair has now all fell out mate.




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21 Sep 2020 15:31:05
Good Afternoon Ed002,

There is a lot of reports today suggesting that Lazio are keen on signing Mustafi and it's rumoured to be for €10-€12m.

Do you know if Lazio are actually interested or are the papers trying to get our hopes up haha.

Many thanks :)


{Ed002's Note - He is being offered around but it will depend how fit he is. Lazio are certainly looking for a CB.}

1.) 21 Sep 2020 17:43:49
Are we finally making progress? It certainly feels like we are if we believe todays rumours;

Apparent interest in Mustafi, Chambers, Saed, Sokratis, Torriera and (at last) Guendouzi. If we managed to get money for all of these guys (maybe 80m in total ) . I could nearly put up with the Ozil situation if we did all of the above.

2.) 21 Sep 2020 16:04:23
Okay, thanks Ed. We'll see then! Has Guendouzi to Villareal died a death?

{Ed002's Note - Arsenal are struggling to offload players - they want to avoid loaning them out.}

3.) 21 Sep 2020 20:56:51
Which makes sense. Fingers crossed they manage to get a few out the door for reasonable sums. Thanks Ed.



19 Sep 2020 23:23:26
Tonight's performance just highlights even more that Aouar is not the answer to our prayers. Spend 40mil on a quality defensive midfielder, not another silky, tricky and creative midfielder 👍🏻 he's good yeah but he's not exactly what we need right now. We need the right balance, we need strength, we need composure and we need solidity. I'm glad we managed to take 3 points but we have to be careful. COYG.


1.) 20 Sep 2020 08:45:37
Early days in a new season without the benefit of a preseason so it's difficult to have firm fixed opinions about anyone or anything just yet.

Last week Gabriel looked like the best thing since sliced bread this week not so hot, last season in our first home game Ceballos looked unbelievably brilliant and people were screaming for Arsenal to give Real anything they wanted to make his loan a permanent move by but by game 10 few people wanted him in our starting 11.

There is still a couple of weeks to go before the window closes but we certainly can't let it close without either off loading and replacing or forgiving Guendozi Torreira and Ozil and bringing them back into the fold.

Our midfield is weak and we have 3 midfielders who are being frozen out of the squad, one way or the other this needs addressing by growing up and stop holding infantile grudges against Mesut in particular but Torreira and Guendozi too, that no way to run a successful business or football club.

2.) 20 Sep 2020 09:23:02
Gunner / I agree but not one of those players are a strong beast that adds the strength we need. Granit is a weak spot but he’s staying.

So we must strengthen CDM or it’s plane negligence. That’s the clubs job. We should be able to say that without it still being early season.

I agree about Ozil but if we still have Granit plus Partey - I still think Ozil is a luxury we can’t afford. Elneny, Torreira, Dani etc just aren’t what we need in CM.

Perhaps if we get Partey then Dani pushes up the field but I don’t think he’s good enough but at least it’s better than him playing CDM which is hopeless.

It’s another obvious blind spot that the club and if we don’t address it - Mikel has. He has a blind spot for Granit fir sure.

{Ed047's Note - I think it’s harsh to say Mikel has a blind spot SY as it seems clear what he wants to do.

Sometimes we have to cut our cloth accordingly and even more so now, I’m sure Arteta will well know the benefits of a Fernandinho type player because he was pivotal for City.

It seems to me he’s doing his best to get that type of player, there are at least 2 weeks of the window left.

Torriera, Guendouzi and Ozil are all training with the 1st team but not featuring and that says to me that all are likely to go so let’s be a little more patient.

3.) 20 Sep 2020 09:28:12
John, holding grudges and growing up?
Come on mate, was you hung over, or wouldn’t the mrs not let you have some loving this morning?
Those 3 midfielders you mention are no better than what played in the first 2 games.

4.) 20 Sep 2020 10:50:14
Hi Mark no mate I'm all good :-)
They may not be any better but they are Arsenal players and Partey and Aoura simply aren't Arsenal players, that is the current situation whether people like it or not, that is reality.
During the next two weeks there is time to change that reality should the club wish to or be able to.
But should the window close and all is as it is now then it's just plain crazy to have 3 midfielders sitting on the naughty step while you have a midfield shortage.
If you can't change what is then simply accept it and let the past go, anything else is silly pride and stubbornness which results in a loose loose resolution, to me that's not a very sensible or grown up way to run a business/ football club.

5.) 20 Sep 2020 11:40:24
Hi SY mate, let's wait and see then go from there mate. I never ever expected all of our weaknesses and failings to be addressed and resolved in one summer or one full season under Mikel, unquestionable genuine progress is the name of the game in my opinion, not just progress from where Mikel found us but progress and a more progressive and upto date plan and way of doing things than we've seen in a very long time. It won't happen overnight but it may happen in 2 to 3 seasons if Arteta and very importantly the club get it right.

6.) 20 Sep 2020 11:54:38
I think the issue is we have up to 6 different central midfielders but none offer anything different, so whether you play a, b or c you get the same. At least with AmN and Elneny you get a higher work rate, which in itself is useful.

7.) 20 Sep 2020 12:31:50
Agreed Epping - our midfield is packed with “vanilla” midfielders compromises and no special creative or defensive blend

Until the last five minutes, neither Ceballos nor Xhaka created a single chance.

West Ham dominated shots and we will have a young defence that needs protection. We never needed to solve a problem with Pepe but still bet the house on him, so why can’t I expect a proper CDM.

The other thing - how much better would it have been with Emi dominating the box and helping the young centrebacks out plus a CDM helping the defence out.

Ed - if Mikel really ypthinks that Ceballos and Granit can be our midfield fulcrum and believes as he did last season that Granit is the rock of his midfield then why can it not be questioned that he’s got a blind spot. We all do! I had one for Wenger.

Mikel wanted Granit at City and clearly Pep said no way. He’s slow, can’t tackle, doesn’t cover and isn’t super creative. He doesn’t dominate or dictate the midfield. He doesn’t scare anyone in fact I think he let's opponents think there’s a mistake in him so gives them the upper hand. To not demand a beast in there and get that done is crazy and will stop us having the second season that Gunner wants. It’s been our weak spot for years and if management can’t address it then why are they in management.

Out of all our midfielders - AMN starts fir me. That’s saying something isn’t it. That speaks volumes about our midfield. The fact we ask if luiz is the answer screams we have issues.

I put a rather strong view out there as I want to be challenged as I’m not always right and want to learn from Eds and posters.

We accepted sub standard at end of Wenger reign, at start of Emery and already looking to make excuses for Mikel. It might be tough but at least it sets a better bar.

Once the window closes, we can moan and then get on with supporting all our players but until then we should demand a better midfield or our young defence will get exposed and people will ride them.

{Ed047's Note - oh I’m not saying you can’t question that SY just to give him the window to see if he does or can change personnel.

We all know a DM is what we need and I’m disappointed that Torriera never seems to have been given that chance.

We always question things SY and we ourselves have our blind spots, but let’s just see what we do in the next couple of weeks.

8.) 20 Sep 2020 15:31:23
Agreed Ed. I want the club and manager to put a statement of intent out there. By signing that key DM and even saying what our goal or expectation is like Wenger did in 02.

20 September 2002: “Arsenal can go unbeaten all season. It’s not impossible as Milan once did it but I can’t see why it’s so shocking to say it. Do you think Manchester United, Liverpool or Chelsea don’t dream that as well? They’re exactly the same. They just don’t say it because they’re scared to look ridiculous, but nobody is ridiculous in this job as we know anything can happen. ”

He was mocked and of course no one apologised for their remarks but we had intent, a vision and a goal.

That soon changed to Top 4 is our 3rd goal and trophy but at least we had expectations.

What’s the clubs expectation today

What are our expectations? Give it 3 seasons- why. We have a great squad and expectations should be high. My expectations are high. We’ve invested w lot and pay Mikel a lot and most of all - we are a big club

“If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it—then I can achieve it. "

{Ed047's Note - I think Wenger knew without a doubt to him that he had the squad to do that.

I don’t think Arteta is yet in that position, he, as of now proved nothing, if he smashes back into the top four, which I’m pretty sure he’s said is his aim.

Then I expect him to be confidently saying we want to or we’re going to win the title.

He has almost zero experience of managing at the top, so let him get his feet firmly under the table, the players he i and you know that we need and see where that takes us this season first and foremost.

Yes we are a huge club and 100% 2nd place is the first loser!

9.) 20 Sep 2020 18:33:26
Finding answers to problems isn't usually as straightforward as we'd like it to be, everyone's got an opinion they think is THE solution but the truth is almost always it's a simple case of trial and error and ruling out things that don't work before you stumble across something that does work.

Unfortunately it's a process of illumination and that usaully takes time.

The only thing worse than watching different players, different pairings, different ideas and formations not come good is watching the same old players formations and ideas fail season after season and yet seeing no sign of change anywhere.

Judge Mikel and his team in May 2021 not in September 2020 is my motto.

10.) 21 Sep 2020 09:52:10
Agreed Gunner but it’s difficult to hold someone accountable or judge their success if you don’t

1. Tell them what’s expected
2. Give them the tools to do the job

I don’t want to get to the finish post and we say - bit did ok given the squad. That’s BS. The midfield isn’t good enough, seasons already started, Everton have added the type of midfielder we need - we need to step up. We’ve only get a few weeks of the window left and the games are about to get very difficult very soon. Chelsea have done some nice business, as have Liverpool. we’ve needed a midfielder for years and i'm impatient 😂 😂.

11.) 21 Sep 2020 10:58:18
I understand the impatience mate but so far what Arteta does isn't confusing and what he does and doesn't do isn't baffling so I accept unless we can sell who we wouid like to sell then we won't be able to buy who we would like to buy.
Moving our players for a fee seems really difficult as everyone is looking to loan rather than buy our players at best and because of our players ott wages at Arsenal even loaning out isn't easy for us it seems.



10 Sep 2020 22:18:13
Mikel Arteta has been promoted from head coach to manager of Arsenal.

It was announced on Thursday night the Spaniard would now be first-team manager as opposed to head coach, while Vinai Venkatesham will take the mantle of chief executive having previously operated as managing director.


1.) 10 Sep 2020 22:23:04
Just reading that also - congrats to Mikel. What does it mean in reality?

2.) 10 Sep 2020 23:46:33
It means he has more control in matters which is good to me.

On a good note the person who keeps telling me partey is coming 100% did also tell me about 5pm about this announcement. So fingers crossed as he does seem to know some inside knowledge.



09 Sep 2020 21:36:13
1st game of the new season, Arsenal's 1st game of the new season, Arsenal's 1st win, 3-0 away winners 👊🏻 2 days until game day! COYG!


1.) 09 Sep 2020 22:01:32
Got to get off to a good start Glen, it's imperative we get an excited positive atmosphere going from day one, get some positivity in the bank then when a rainy day comes along there is plenty of credit to fall back on if needed.

2.) 10 Sep 2020 06:50:51
Yeah precisely mate that's it. We need to continue building on the confidence we've gained over the last few months and an away win on the opening weekend with a clean sheet would be absolutely perfect. We got this 👌🏻.



09 Sep 2020 10:02:20
You can't fault Xhaka's commitment since Arteta has come in. He's improved ten-fold on the pitch and has arguably been one of Arsenal's most consistent players with Aubameyang in terms of his performances.

He's also apparently still reported for training despite Arteta giving him a day off due to the international matches. He's clearly working hard and this season is a big one for him!

In other news, it's been confirmed that Luiz has a minor injury and is likely to miss this weekends game. With Mustafi and Mari out too it could well be Saliba and Gabriel alongside Holding!


1.) 09 Sep 2020 10:53:53
I like xhaka I hope he does great this season.

2.) 09 Sep 2020 11:17:31
He has all the qualities you want from a player Stephen but unfortunately his inconsistency and tendency to make a mistake has made him an easy target for criticism. It's evident every time he doesn't play that we miss him but some people can't see it. It's been 4 tough years for him and I agree that he hasn't been good enough but I think that he'll be vitally important for us this season. Arteta is unlocking something with him and he might just surprise us.

3.) 09 Sep 2020 12:42:46
Absolutely Glenn. What I notice now for the first time in Xhaka's entire career with us is that he has been getting the protection he needs in order to show his quality. It's a big part of his resurgence. Hope he continues to kick on for us next season.

4.) 09 Sep 2020 13:16:46
Yeah I agree wire. I think his attitude has been superb as well after everything that went on under Emery. He was close to leaving and if the reports are to be believed then Arteta convinced him to stay. I'd say it's paying off but we'll see what happens this season :)

5.) 09 Sep 2020 13:26:10
I have liked him the only thing I didn't was the Palace game but he has since moved on I hope he dies well and scores a few more as he has a great left foot on him.

6.) 09 Sep 2020 17:29:56
Hope he dies well. Bit harsh that one Stephen 😂.

7.) 09 Sep 2020 18:24:20
Meant does.

8.) 09 Sep 2020 18:26:33
I'm not a Xhaka fan but even I thought that was harsh wire D16 mate :-) .
To be fair Xhaka did do much better after lock down than he had done in his previous 4 years with us, but let's face it he'd set himself a pretty low bar to get over in order to say " look how much I've improved everyone ". I'm still far from convinced by him myself.

9.) 09 Sep 2020 20:12:59
Agree with g62 there. He's good but nowhere near what we would require for a starter in a top 4 EPL/ CL - Semis team.
Its a clear reason as mentioned by Eds here time and again as to why he other big teams weren't breaking down our door to sign him during his tough period here.
That said - cannot fault his commitment, He's been good for us since Arteta. But honestly shouldn't be a starter in our project restart/ rebuild.

10.) 09 Sep 2020 20:15:12
Did anyone see his incredible pass during the Switzerland- Germany game the other day. Absolute worldie.

11.) 09 Sep 2020 20:17:49
Don’t like him never have, he’s had 4 years here and yet to look anything but average.

12.) 09 Sep 2020 20:19:33
Evening! I thought originally that we left him exposed and all his flaws were there to be seen. He’s bounced back well but ultimately, he’s just not quite good enough. He falls asleep at the wheel, wants too much time on the ball and does get us moving quick enough. For all his improving - he’s another compromise in our midfield packed with compromise. Get a proper CDM and a proper CAM or let Ozil be CAM but only if you build the defensive core in midfield otherwise we need Ozil to defend which isn’t why we pick him.

13.) 09 Sep 2020 20:52:57
The single most divisive subject for Arsenal fans; Mr Granit Xhaka. I do agree that he has improved greatly this season, and his attitude is good, but show me how many careers you would be allowed to produce 3 or 4 years of total dross before picking your ideas up just before redundancies come along. Sadly even if he turned into Messi and Ronald combined for the remainder of his time with us I still don’t think it would make up for all that’s gone before. However, we seem stuck together, as Arteta likes him, so I do wish him all the best and hope he continues to prove us doubters wrong. However, if I see him fail to track his opposite midfielder one more time, and then do the flap the arms in frustration move with the how did that happen face, when said midfielder slots the ball unmarked into our goal, I will personally purchase a drone that I can specifically use to drop a massive dump on his head.

14.) 09 Sep 2020 21:45:29
Good post Epping, GX seems to have more lives than a cat . Mediocrity is his middle name, but as you say we are stuck with him it seems, I can’t believe we are even talking about one pass in an international.

15.) 09 Sep 2020 22:42:32
Xhaka has averaged a goal every 16 games since arriving, poor return IMO.

16.) 09 Sep 2020 22:58:38
That's sums Xhaka up, one excellent pass or one excellent tackle or one one rocket shot on or off target and all else is immaterial.




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19 Sep 2020 12:28:42
He did indeed, we shall see. It would excite me of course but I still think a holding midfielder of real quality is so much more important right now.
Every team has a player that brings an element of strength, solidity and composure to the midfield and we don't have that yet, not of real class anyway.




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17 Sep 2020 12:31:11
Thanks Ed, much appreciated 😁.




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11 Sep 2020 20:53:51
We should seriously start to consider putting Arthur Okonkwo in the squad 💯%.




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10 Sep 2020 09:23:45
To be honest, I've had my fair share of blows with Ed002 over the years but that doesn't mean for a second that I don't appreciate what all of the Eds do on here, especially Ed002 for his insights on transfers.

I think that comment from Stiv was purely just to get a reaction and I don't recall seeing that name on here either Ed001.
The situation of Marc Roca has already been clarified on here so it's a justified response.

I jump on this page a few times a day and enjoy the conversations that we all have so it would be a shame if it was ruined by a small minority of people.

Thanks to everyone on here for what they bring to the page, Ed's and Arsenal fans included :)


{Ed047's Note - he was on the United page a few days ago about C.V., I wasn’t as polite as ed01 though. 🤦‍♂️



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08 Sep 2020 13:17:32
Why Aouar? Partey! We have to make him our priority signing or someone similar. Aouar would be nice don't get me wrong but we don't need more flair/ silky players. If we sign Aouar over anyone that brings us stability to the midfield then we deserve to fail. Sorry but it has to be said.





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23 Sep 2020 15:35:23
Flash streams on twitter is normally where I get my streams. Never had an issue with any match or PPV for any sport. Occasionally it gets shut done but a new ones comes up almost immediately. Totalsportek is my back up though for sure 👍🏻.




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22 Sep 2020 08:41:40
Nah we're good. Chelsea can keep him 👍🏻.




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21 Sep 2020 20:56:51
Which makes sense. Fingers crossed they manage to get a few out the door for reasonable sums. Thanks Ed.




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21 Sep 2020 16:04:23
Okay, thanks Ed. We'll see then! Has Guendouzi to Villareal died a death?


{Ed002's Note - Arsenal are struggling to offload players - they want to avoid loaning them out.}



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17 Sep 2020 18:13:32
Arteta said the other day that we aren't done in the market but didn't allude to whether it was for incomings or outgoings. I thought with DC playing higher up that we would target a defensive midfielder/ box to box but we'll see. As for funding it, it's very much down to outgoings and there will be some for sure. I think we'll see around 4-5 players leave in total with 1 more player coming in after Runarsson. We have to be careful with the amount of non-homegrown players we have though too. I think we have 18 now which is 1 over the 17 maximum? I might be wrong.